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Global Network Structure

In general, the global network includes the communication subnet to which computers and terminals are connected (data entry and display only). The global network can include both local and regional network components (see Figure 6.1). The combination of global, regional and local computer networks allows you to create multi-network hierarchical structures. They provide powerful, economically feasible means of processing huge information arrays and access to unlimited information resources. It is this structure that is adopted in the most popular and now popular worldwide superglobal information network - the Internet. The subnet of the communication space consists of data transmission channels and communication nodes.

The computers that the client users work with are called workstations . Computers that are sources of network resources provided to users are called servers. User workstations connect to global networks most often through network access providers - providers .

Communication subnetwork communication nodes are designed to quickly transfer information over a network, to select the optimal information transmission path and to switch packets of transmitted information. Communication node is either a hardware device or a computer that performs the specified functions using the appropriate software. These nodes ensure the efficiency of the network as a whole. The considered network structure is called a node structure and is used primarily in global networks.

Internet Services

The online service is built around the client-server model. The server is a program that supports a specific network service. The access of users of other Internet nodes to this service is realized through the client program. Most client programs provide the user with a graphical interface that makes accessing the service simple and convenient. The service server allows you to organize information in a standard way, as well as accept customer requests, process them and send a response to the client.

Consider the most famous services provided by the servers of the global Internet.


One of the means of user interaction in networks is e-mail (e-mail). From e-mail, the Internet began to be created, and it remains the most popular activity in it.

In general, the email Is a multi-valued term used to define the process of transferring messages between computers. There are e-mails used in local and global networks. Next, we'll talk about global e-mail systems.

File Transfer

If you find the right information on the network, it is often most convenient to work with its copy on your computer. To obtain a copy of the file, we use the FTP protocol, which derives its name from the corresponding protocol ( from English File Transfer Protocol - FTP).

The FTP protocol is part of the TCP/IP network protocol family used to copy files from one computer to another via the Internet. It allows you to access FTP servers that are connected to the Internet) 'and containing files that are accessible to any user.

Obtaining network services through a remote computer

Obtain Internet services, using the resources of the remote computer, allows Telnet - the protocol of remote terminal access to the network. Using Telnet, the user's computer connects to a remote computer connected to the Internet, and then the user can work on his computer as if he were sitting at the terminal of a remote system. All commands entered on the computer are executed on the remote computer.

Working on a remote computer using Telnet, you can run any client programs on it that will allow you to get the desired service. With Telnet, you can also transfer files, but the FTP protocol is more efficient and also loads the processor less. The Telnet program has many versions.

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