Goals and Targets of Systems Examination and Design


Q1. Describe what Systems Research and design is. What are the major goals and objectives?


Definition: Information System Analysis and Design is method to develop and keep maintaining the system that perform basic business functions. The research and design are mainly bottom on understanding business goals and processes.

Goal: The overall goal of System Evaluation is to review procedural components and modules. The goal of System Designis to create entire software, which fulfils all certain requirements of customer. This causes improve organizational systems, by applying software, which helps employees to execute business, tasks more effectively.

Example: 'Banking'- Before days and nights all the techniques of banks used to done personally or through newspaper work which was time-consuming. While nowadays with the help of new technology and proper evaluation and design, everyone can do bank ventures easily and faster.

Objectives: 1) To determine specific needs of system.

2) Discuss techniques and responsibilities of system.

3) Evaluate tools and techniques.

4) Use appropriate methods and techniques to design software.

Q2. Choose three resources of software. Describe the options and describe why a task might use each source.

Answer: The three resources of software are
  1. Information Technology Services Companies,
  2. Cloud Processing,
  3. Open-Source Software.
  1. Information Technology Services Businesses:
  • When a corporation needs information system but does not have enough resources or expertise to develop system alone and not ideal for off-the-shelf system, IT Service Firms help develop personalized information system.
  • IT service businesses helps in growing, hosting and running applications.
  • Firm consultants use lots of the same processes, methods, tools and techniques that companies use to develop in-house systems.
  • The examples of such IT firms are IBM, HP, Accenture, Wipro, Infosys and much more. . .

REASONS TO CHOOSE Information Technology service Organizations:

  • Latest technology can be use through outsourcing company to IT service businesses.
  • Internal staff of company may have limited resources available with them while IT service personnel can have many multiple resources available which increases Productivity as well as Flexibility.
  1. Cloud Processing:
  • Cloud Computing refers to provision of applications where software is permit and maintain by alternative party.
  • Customers may use software through online private networks or Internet.
  • Most popular exemplory case of cloud processing is Google Apps and Microsoft.
  • Helps in preserving hardware and software systems better.
  • Data can be retrieve easily through just arranging associations to Internet.

REASONS TO CHOOSE Cloud Processing:

  • Cost structure of cloud processing is more flexible than traditional methods.
  • Accessing velocity of software can be increase.
  • Once storing data/information on cloud server, we can access data from anywhere and at any time.
  1. Open-Source Software:
  • The software in which source code is widely available is likely to be termed as OPEN-SOURCE software.
  • Source code of open-source software can be easily adjust by anyone.
  • Such software's are developed and maintain by group.

REASONS TO SELECT Open-Source Software:

  • Open source software can be easily personalize as per end user requirement.
  • When company faces costs issues in arranging software, Open-Source Software is best option to adopt.
  • Best example of open up source software is Linux and Firewall.

Q3. Explain in your own words how you would convince your client to taking on custom software development vs. consider purchasing an off-the-shelf software solution.


Custom Software Development: The software, which is design and develop for a few specific purpose for customer or company.

Off-the-shelf Software: They will be the software, which can be purchase and will be ready to use for people.

E. g. Microsoft Office.

  • Basically, it is just a Build or Buy choice for organization (whether to develop custom software or to get off-the shelf software). No doubt, Off-the-shelf software are at first good in cutting down time and money but later on they are very difficult to manage and customize because they are bound with their rigid features while on other hands Custom Software Development requires high cost for the development but at exactly the same time they are simply more versatile in compare to off-the-shelf software's as Custom Software's can be change as per changing requirements of business or customer.
  • Many times, it happens that people have to pay for the features, that are useless to customer or firm in Off-the-shelf software, so instead of paying money for unwanted features it is best to get that amount in growing Custom Software.
  • Hence, Custom Software is long-term advantage while Off-The-Shelf is short-term profit.

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