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After studying the material in this chapter, the student must:


• The history of the development of Microsoft Paint ;

• the program interface;

• The functionality, advantages and disadvantages of Microsoft: Paint ;

be able to

• Use the Microsoft program Paint ;

• perform various operations with image files;

• Manage program functions;

• apply tools (pencil, various brushes, eraser, straight and curved lines, creating shapes, text);

• work with color (tool palette);


• methods of creating images, constructing various shapes and adding text;

• Image editing skills - selecting and converting objects (selecting, cropping, rotating, resizing an image or its fragment, changing the canvas size, tilting an object, etc.);

• means of organizing a user-friendly environment for working with graphics files.

Microsoft Paint Graphic Editor: History and New Features

Paint History

Microsoft Paint is a multifunctional, but at the same time rather easy-to-use raster graphic editor for Microsoft, is included in all operating systems Windows, from the first versions (Figure 16.1).

Paint program icon

Fig. 16.1. Program Icon Paint

The first version of Paint appeared in Windows 1.0. In Windows 3.0, the program was renamed to Paint Brush . But then it was again renamed in Windows 95 and later versions Windows Paint (however, the program can also be called with a short pbrush command, which is an abbreviation of Paint Brush) . In the Windows version 3.x and earlier versions, only MSP image file formats were supported , BMP, PCX and RLE. In subsequent versions of these formats, only one support remained - BMP format.

Windows 95 introduced a new version of Paint. The same interface continued to be used in future versions of Windows. In Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows ME images could be saved in GIF and JPEG formats if necessary graphic filters from Microsoft were installed (usually they were installed together with other applications from Microsoft , such as Microsoft Office or Microsoft PhotoDraw) . Starting with Windows XP, the filters became preinstalled and support for PNG and TIFF formats was added. In Windows Vista and Windows 7 icons are completely changed.

On a computer running Windows 8.1 or Windows RT 8.1, drawing applications can be used in a variety of ways.

Fresh Paint is an application for Windows, that can be downloaded from the Store Windows. It is optimized for touch input, but also works perfectly with the keyboard and mouse. With Fresh Paint, you can create realistic images in the style of oil or watercolor painting, and edit photos. You can also download other drawing applications from the Windows Store

In Windows , the Paint editor 7 was completely redesigned for the first time, and got a simple and user-friendly interface. So, new additional figures were added to it, similar to the Microsoft library Office . Digital brushes with watercolor effects, texture pencil and calligraphy will help create expressive and spectacular images. Instead of the menu at the top of the window, there is now a ribbon that displays all available functions (Figure 16.2).

New Paint Interface

Fig. 16.2. New interface Paint

The updated image editor Paint supports touch technologies, so you can even draw with your finger on a touch screen computer. For example, to quickly draw two lines, swipe across the screen with two fingers.

Brief introduction to Paint

In the updated Paint , nine varieties of the brush are added ( Biush ) :

• the usual brush (now - smoothed);

• calligraphic brush 1 (a brush with a slope of 45 ° to the left);

• calligraphic brush 2 (a brush with a slope of 45 ° to the right);

• balloon (remained unchanged);

• oil brush (smeared with a thick stroke);

• Pastel brush (similar to colored chalk);

• marker (half color);

• an ordinary pencil (a thin brush for simulating a hard pencil);

• watercolor (translucent flowing gradually disappearing brush).

The library of figures has also been updated: to the standard ellipse, rectangle, vector, curve, polyhedron and rounded rectangle, 17 more figures were added, among them: triangle isosceles, triangle rectangular, rhombus, five- and hexagon, arrows to the right, left, up and down; stars (four-, five- and hexagonal); rectangular, round and thinking bubbles for comics, heart and lightning. Drawing a shape, you can also adjust its parameters: rotate, stretch, change the color and texture.

The new version has seven types of fill (contour):

• None (None);

• Solid color;

• Pastel;

• Marker;

• Oil;

• Pencil;

• Watercolor.

Also, a new ruler and a preview mode are added to the View menu.

Updated Paint interacts with the scanners and receives the material for editing directly from the scanner.

It was possible to use different styles for each piece of text within the same frame.

The scale scale is now applied not only in the direction of increasing, but also decreasing.

Disadvantages of Paint

Updates improved Paint , but the program retained many of the previous flaws, for example:

1) there is no possibility, when creating an image, specify its size (as in other graphic editors). You can specify the desired size in pixels (already created or opened image) in Paint, only from the new version under Windows 7. To do this, select the menu item Resize Size, where then in the pop-up context menu for determining the size, either percentages or pixels are indicated;

2) no gradient fill;

3) the image can be rotated only by an angle that is a multiple of 90.

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