IDE for Dish ODL

An Integrated Development Environment for Satellite tv Operations Description Language

  • Rachana M C
  • Sajiv Kumar

Abstract- The satellite tv system has to be maintained in proper businesses conditions for maximum throughput and satisfying the objective requirements. That is achievable by monitoring the satellite television health parameters, analyse the behavioural characteristics and control the guidelines accordingly based on the behavioural habits. The subsystem experts explain the behavioural style in a domains specific language for this function. A environment must aid the experts from various engineering and knowledge disciplines to properly specify the monitoring, analysis and control guidelines. This newspaper proposes a method to develop an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which helps this is of monitoring, evaluation, control and reporting logics using the Satellite television Operations Definition Words, necessary for the satellite procedures.

Keywords- DSL (Domain name Specific Terms), Macintosh (Monitoring Evaluation and Control), IDE (Integrated Development Environment).


The health of the satellite has to be maintained to work with the spacecraft for its supposed purposes effectively. This calls for monitoring, examination, control and reporting of health guidelines. Health parameters are analogue and position beliefs of different subsystem variables telemetered from satellite tv to ground stations at regular intervals. The duty of monitoring and analysis this guidelines is quite sophisticated with the increasing quantity of space-crafts to be maintained. The satellite television control system is actually designed to keep an eye on the many health parameters and start corrective activities whenever and wherever required. Satellite tv health monitoring evaluation and control businesses involves acquiring health data, process it, analyse and perform appropriate handling businesses as required as well concerning present them in appropriate format. Since these Mac pc (Monitoring Analysis and Control) procedures count on various domains specific tools and incongruence may lead to error.

Space Operations Classification Vocabulary is a domain specific terms developed in ISRO for defining the logics for dish health monitoring, examination and reporting. A standard language brings about congruence in meaning of monitoring and evaluation logics for the multiple dish systems. The data received from the spacecraft's will have parameters to be given to various sub-systems and this data is named Telemetry data. The Apple pc operations is performed using the Space Operations Definition Terms that is integrated and developed in ISRO also to automate these Macintosh procedures we use the dialect specified by professionals. We use the vocabulary defined by professionals because professionals define the many logics used for monitoring the satellites.

For example, in thermal systems there exists various properties like claims property or active trend behaviour however the experts maybe thinking about the slope variations that occur and these modifications is determined by if the heat range is increasing or reducing with the slope. The state of hawaii behavior can be empowered means on or impaired means off and these properties can be dynamic or continuous. The nature of the system can be of several types like discrete, analogue and hybrid.

The lexical analyser will take the tuning variables and passes them to the parser where in fact the syntax analysis and semantic evaluation is performed i. e. the language specification is performed in syntax research.

This approach helps in refining the addressing of certain requirements of spacecraft subsystem functions, by properly converging the expert's views within a language platform. An Integrated Development Environment is required to facilitate the health of the system that may be displayed in a custom-made IDE.


The health of some satellites is watched and manipulated by professionals with help of software. They receive telemetry data from each spacecraft. The telemetry data is refined, analysed and presented. For each day-to-day procedure, nominal operations of the satellites are pre-planned and a routine is defined well in advance by specialists. It could sometimes happen that during the procedure of the pre-planned plan, the spacecraft may display some unexpected behaviour. Subsystem and Quest experts must establish logics in a domain name specific language to handle these scenarios. An IDE for this domain specific satellite operations language, where the logics for automating the satellite television health monitorin