Implement an Information System for SMARTS

1 - Introduction

  1. Purpose of Document

The purpose of this document is the format the specification to apply an Information System for SMARTS. This doc details the process of moving from the existing system to the proposed system that originated in addition to migrating data, also to arrange for the implementation of your Help Desk to be available to staff through something Level Agreement.

  1. Scope

In Scope

Out of Scope

Plan Installing FROSTIE and SCIMITAR

Integration with Surbiton Workshop

Installation of FROSTIE and SCIMITAR

Recruiting Staff for Help Desk

Data Migration

Analysis, Design and Coding of the System

Staff Training

Installing and Configuring the Networks

End User support for FROSTIE and SCIMITAR

Installation of Network Servers

End Customer support all other Information Systems

Software installation and settings of Web Browser (Internet Explorer)

2 - Installation

2. 1 Deployment Plan

We are planning to do a blend of Phased Geographic Deployment plan and Phased Modules arrange for SCIMITAR and FROSTIE systems, this course of action permits the deployment of the new system into different stages for each workshop, the 1st workshop being the Bow in east London, then Stanmore in north London then finally will be Streatham in south London and Modules can be installed on an incremental methodology. SCIMITAR and FROSTIE will be installed on the application form Server and each workstation will be configured to gain access to them by way of a Web Browser, each machine in the network will demand the exact same browser to minimize the chance of user confusion. THE TOP office would be the first point of unit installation and then the other two workshops will come in after.

2. 2 Data Migration

Data must be migrated from various forms, almost all of which is from Directories from the current digital systems and some data is from current paper based system databases. All stocked items must be checked and confirmed by the personnel before the data is Migrated to ensure correct entry of data into the new system. The data that is area of the digital directories can be converted to the new system by using a computer software that is specialized in ETL (Removal, Transformation, Loading) to the new system. Personnel will also be selected to possess authority over picked data to be migrated to the new system. Data that will be processed is really as follows;

























Stock Kitty.



Stock Qty

Manual / ETL








The Data Migration will commence three weeks to fourteen days prior to the new systems going live.

2. 3 Training


What to Train On

How to Train

Where to Train

Senior Users

DFD's Complete Overview

Classroom Training

Head office

NISS Staff

Complete Overview

On the work Training

Head office


Complete Overview

Train the Trainers

Head office



One using one Training

Head office

Training is prepared to take place one week prior to the new system should go live.

2. 4 Business Change Issues

Issues will happen if the business enterprise continuity is affected. SMARTS business time cannot be halted to perform unit installation, if this happens, this can result in loss of Business, loss of Customers, Loss of goodwill and Lack of Cash Flow. Directories may become corrupt and data may become unreadable, causing the business significant losses. Issues can come up internally by employees fearing that their habits of work may change and may feel that their careers may be in danger, employees may feel that they may have additional duties and roles to satisfy and may well not get salary settlement for the excess tasks. Employees can get intimidated by the new system which will be used and therefore lead them to have an increased risk of making mistakes and entering errors. Staff may deny the need to get training for their normal work schedules. The brand new system is not perfect and a flaw in the system that was not initially detected can have a fatal result after installation.

3 - Support

3. 1 Support Needs

All users of the SCIMITAR and FROSTIE systems at SMARTS will get access to the Support Services, the service will be scheduled to have full working time at exactly the same time of SMARTS business time which is between your hours of 9:00 and 18:00 Mon to Fri, 9:30 to 17:30 on Saturdays, sealed on Sundays and UK Loan provider Holidays.

3. 2 The NISS Help Desk

The model which will be used for the NISS help office would be the Touch and Carry Support Model, and use the Three Level Structure where in fact the First Level is the Front-Line personnel, this is where your calls will be in the beginning answered and settled, the Second Level is the Back-End Staff, this is when the issue requires special competence within the issue. Lately, the 3rd Level is Draper Consulting Limited (DCL), there an individual can get specialist help on the problem and can provide responses on any insects in the system of give ideas about improving the system further. The NISS help table office office will be placed in the Head office, so the normal working hours of the Head Office will dictate the time of the NISS personnel.

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