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Informatics - Theory of Information Processes

Processes are sequences of operations over time in the design, production, in the economy - business processes, in management - organizational and technological procedures (OTP) for the preparation and implementation of management decisions on the organization of production, service, trade, etc.

Information processes are processes related to the registration, storage, transmission, processing, search, presentation and use of information, the performance of operations during its passage and accompanying in time the work on design, production, in the preparation and implementation of management decisions.

In the technical disciplines (technical informatics), the processes of transfer of information, in the implementation of which source and receiver information (receiver) and the transmission channel information - communication channel, is a set of technical devices that provide signal transmission from the source to the receiver.

In social and economic systems, information processes are defined by computer technology, which involves the sequential execution of certain stages of work with information: input, storage, processing, search, presentation.

At the preparatory stages, a meaningful and formalized analysis of the solved problem is carried out, the choice of the method and the mathematical model of its solution, the sequence of operations and the order of the solution, its algorithmic description are determined, programs are compiled on some computer-accessible language. Then the programs are entered into the computer, debugged, edited and written for storage on external media.

The content of the executive stages depends on the nature of the task and the type of computer used. The process is reduced to automatic execution of the program. Programs can be performed with human participation, i.e. in the interactive mode. The final etan is analysis, evaluation of the results obtained for their practical use and improvement of the developed algorithms and programs. Preparatory stages are performed by a person, executive - computers or computers with human participation (interactive or interactive modes of operation).

To study information processes in the design of organizational structures and automated information systems of enterprises (organizations) in the 1970s. in the theory of systems, a functional-technological approach was proposed. However, at that time, it was practically not realized because of the limited possibilities of computer technology.

For the presentation and research of processes in the design of information systems in the 1990s. The methodology of SADT and the family of IDEF-technologies are developed, which serve as a useful tool for analyzing processes in information systems, which allows developing a functional-technological approach, usually called process.

The study of IDEF-technologies and other automated tools for implementation of SADT methodology is provided by special disciplines - Information Systems and Technologies, Information Systems Design, Business Process Modeling.

In addition, information processes are not only a reflection of the actual material processes in enterprises. There are processes for collecting, processing and disseminating scientific and technical information. In the theory of scientific and technical information on such processes, it is customary to speak of "information flows" and to study the laws and patterns of their structuring (laws G. Zipf, S. Bradford, B. Vickery, the regularity of the scattering-concentration VI Gorkova ) [6].

For the development of the enterprise, the formation of the core business, the research of information flows of scientific and technical, monitoring information is a very important task, which is beginning to pay more attention, including in the materials presented on the Internet. The patterns of informetry and the possibility of their application in the study of information flows, processes of information origin and dissemination are discussed in Ch. 4.

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