Information Technologies in the Workplace of a Banking Specialist...

Information technology in the workplace of a bank specialist

The principles of building automated banking systems

Automated banking system (ABS) is a form of organizational management of a bank based on a wide application of new information technologies.

Currently, ABS covers virtually all aspects of the bank's activities, including daily intrabank operations, bookkeeping and compilation of summary reports; communication with branches and out-of-town branches; interaction with customers (so-called Bank-Client systems); analysis of the bank's activities and selection of optimal solutions; retail operations related to the use of ATMs and plastic cards; interbank settlements; work of the bank on the securities market; information services.

Very strict requirements are imposed on modern ABS not only on the part of user banks, but also on the part of state and supervisory bodies. Manufacturers of ABS must dynamically adjust their products and changing standards and reporting requirements for the conduct of banking business. Among the basic requirements for ABS, the following can be distinguished.

Functional completeness is one of the main characteristics of ABS. Complex ABS can contain tens of thousands of different automated functions and banking operations. The requirement of functional completeness characterizes the software product from the point of view of including in it all software components necessary for performing the specified functions, and the ability of the system to correspond to the information needs of the bank most fully, covering all types of banking activities. When developing the list of functions that the acquired (developed) ABS should automate, one should proceed not only from the needs of the present day, but also to the perspective within the framework of the bank's development strategy, so as not to find itself in a situation when it is necessary to adapt the strategy to the existing ABS.

> Integrated approach. Only a comprehensive information banking system integrating various areas of the bank's activities is able to fully automate and integrate business processes of a financial institution into a single whole. Work with clients, participation in exchange trades, etc. should be linked with the internal economic activities of the bank, with accounting.

Scalability of the system is the ability of the system to adapt to the expansion of the requirements and the increase in the volume of tasks to be solved, specifically, the number of serviced workstations and the number of documents processed, response and overall performance, as well as meet the functional requirements when adding to the system of computing resources, etc.

Customizable systems - it's its mobility, dynamism, lability. Customization assumes that these or other significant parameters are not set rigidly and can be adapted to the needs and specifics of a specific bank.

Centralized management system. The adjustment of the technology of its functioning in accordance with the bank's operating technology was not performed from the end user's workstations, but from one specific module. All the basic settings can be performed by a qualified bank technologist, and bank employees can immediately start working with the program. ABS with this architecture can be prepared for operation as quickly and as qualitatively as possible. In addition, it is possible to quickly change the conditions for performing any operation, and this is a very positive moment when creating new banking products.

Single database , which provides multi-user work. It is recommended to use distributed databases based on industrial DBMS (MS SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, DB2). These databases include a transaction mechanism, access control, means of maintaining referential integrity and consistency of data. The use of distributed databases makes it possible to provide the necessary level of data security, and programmers of the bank make it possible

focus on optimizing the content of applications.