Information Technology for Business Development, Synchronization...

Information Technology for Business Development

In the conditions of aggravation of competition, there is a requirement to produce products in accordance with current orders of buyers. The requirements to the promptness of making managerial decisions are growing, there is a need to strengthen the ties between suppliers, producers and buyers. In the 1990's. a new direction in management arose - Management by Collaboration ("МВС) - partnership of business partners."

The basic provisions of AIM:

• the organization of effectively working teams for solving problems aimed at achieving these goals;

• maintaining the spirit of cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis (at the level of individual performers, departments and even companies);

• Creation of motivation for work and professional growth of professionalism of employees.

Support is required for the on-demand business-to-business adaptability (Business on Demand), responsive to changes in the needs of customers, partners and suppliers based on the flexibility of business processes, readiness for change.

Synchronizing Resource Planning with End User Requirements (CSRP)

The concept of Customer Synchronized Resource Planning (CSRP) is to synchronize production planning with the needs of the buyer, planning production in real time. The effectiveness of applying the CSRP method depends on the integration of information about the customer and his requirements (availability of subsystems Sales & quot ;, Marketing & quot ;, Service & quot ;, Research & Development ). Customer orders are dynamically configurable & quot ;, their execution is monitored in real time. As a result, there is an increase in the quality of goods and services, a decrease in the lead time for the order, an increase in customer loyalty.

Advanced Planning (APS)

Advanced Planning & amp; Scheduling (APS) provides the development of scenarios for optimizing the loading of resources, taking into account available resources and production constraints (the ability to change equipment, the availability of equipment, etc.).

Information technologies APS provide:

1. Operational forecast of sales and demand of customers (Sales and Demand Forecasting).

2. Formation of the main production plan of output, agreed with the production facilities (Master Production Scheduling & Rough-Cut Capacity Planning).

3. Detailed planning of loading of capacities (Finite Capacity Scheduling).

Information technologies APS, which are part of ERP-systems with the support of the synchronous scheduling function, raise the increased requirements for the completeness and reliability of the initial information, obtaining real-time information from the information management system of the workshop of the Manufacturing Execution System class (MES).

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR)

Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR) - strategic partnership with counterparties

provides a reduction in the cost of inventory and their transportation through the planning of joint actions of suppliers and manufacturers to meet the demand of the end user. For the operation of CPFR systems, the integration of information systems for operational management of warehouses - Workshop Management System (WMS), APS and ERP is necessary. Implementation of CPFR implies the existence of business objectives for cooperation, outline the scope of joint activities, the distribution of business roles of participants, the development of management procedures: forecasting the volume and timing of sales, scheduling orders, determining the requirements for the supply of goods, the regulatory level of inventory; management of fulfillment of orders (coordinated processes of production, shipment, delivery and storage of goods for orders); evaluation and analysis of the effectiveness of processes using key performance indicators and efficiency of business processes (Key Performance Indicators -


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