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Informatization as a process

Information is the initial and final product of the informatization process. The term Informatization in computer science is understood quite narrowly - as the spread of the use of computers and computer processing technologies.

According to some authors, the process of informatization includes three interrelated components :

Mediation (from Latin medianus - located in the middle, middle, central, ie acting as an intermediary) - the process of improving the means collection, storage and dissemination of information;

Computerization - the process of improving the means of searching and processing information;

intellectualization - the process of developing the ability to perceive and generate information, i.e. increase the intellectual potential of society, including the use of artificial intelligence.

Informatization lies at the heart of the whole life activity of modern society. Therefore, the informatization of society can be interpreted as a qualitative improvement with the help of modern information and technical means of all cognitive social structures and processes. Thus, one of the generally accepted definitions of informatization is as follows.

Informatization of society - the organized socio-economic and scientific-technical process of creating optimal conditions for satisfying information needs and realizing the rights of citizens, state authorities, local governments, organizations, public associations on the basis of formation and use of information resources.

Currently, ahead of all countries in the field of informatization are the United States, where the full informatization of the country is projected for the second decade of this century. Approximately the level with the United States is Japan, and then countries like Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, France, Spain, Germany, Australia are already lagging behind. In the past years, various expensive research and development programs in the field of informatization (the ten-year "Elvi Program" in the UK, the "Strategic Computer Initiative" in the US with emphasis on artificial intelligence developments, etc.) have been adopted in these countries. A considerable amount of money was also allocated to the implementation of the program of the Common Market countries and the development of information technology ("The European Strategic Program for Research in Information Technology" - European Strategic Program for Research and Development in Information Technologies) . This program should prepare a major breakthrough in the field of information technology for Western Europe. It is complemented by the "Program of Research and Development in the field of advanced communication technology in Europe", also designed for 10 years. It provides for the phased introduction of a multifunctional broadband communications network, the formation of a regional market for modern means of communication and related services. All this speaks in favor of the fact that in case of success of the conceived programs, Western Europe can take strong positions in the field of information technology, not inferior to the USA and Japan.

In Japan, the program of informatization of the society was adopted back in 1972. The seriousness of this program can be judged at least by the fact that only in the period from 1982 to 1985, $ 65 billion was spent on its implementation. Thanks to the activity of transnational corporations, competition and many other circumstances, informatization is spreading to other countries of the world, and in recent years to individual countries of the Arab world and East Asia.

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