Integration of mobile devices with corporate IT infrastructure...

Chapter 4. Integration of mobile devices with corporate IT infrastructure

Mobile digital devices iPad, iPhone, Black-Berry, netbooks and laptops are used in everyday business life by employees of enterprises. Many CIOs responsible for access to corporate information resources provide the opportunity to integrate personal mobile devices of workers into the infrastructure of the enterprise. Modern software allows you to integrate smartphones and tablets into the corporate IT infrastructure of enterprises and work with them in the same way as on a desktop computer.

This technology is called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device - the use of personal mobile devices for business purposes). However, when they are integrated in the enterprise, the administrator faces serious problems, because employees have devices with different operating systems and security functions.

4.1. Cortado Corporate Server Solution

The Cortado Corporate Server solution enables workers to securely access corporate data with their smartphones, tablets and laptops in accordance with enterprise security policies, both at the workplace and outside the office.

One of the last such solutions is Cortado Corporate Server 5.5. It allows you to interact with the corporate information infrastructure for mobile devices Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with OS 4.1 or higher operating system, BlackBerry smartphones 5.0 or higher, Android devices running Android 2.0 or higher, as well as all devices whose browser supports working with HTML5.

The ability to work with laptops or PCs running Windows or MAC, whose browser supports HTML5, appeared only in Cortado Corporate Server 5.5. The advantages of this solution are:

- ease of use of the usual functionality of the desktop PC and corporate resources in a web browser;

- flexible access to centrally stored corporate data and convenient management on any device;

- Full control and management of mobile devices with Mobile Device Management and support for specific device security settings;

- using the Backend (database server) and local resources of smartphones and tablets;

- lower costs for hardware devices and IT administration.

The version of Cortado Corporate Server 6.0 is a solution for various platforms, supplemented by secure and convenient access to the enterprise corporate network. At the same time, the user can work with enterprise information resources unlimitedly, receive and send documents stored in corporate file storages, exchange them by e-mail, view them, change, print, etc. Cortado's solution not only provides security for corporations

Managing Enterprise Mobility Using Enterprise Server Cortado Corporate Server 5.5

Fig. 4.1. Managing enterprise mobility using the corporate Cortado Corporate Server 5.5

of the data, but also meets all the requirements of corporate mobility. The features of this software are shown in Fig. 4.1.

Cortado Corporate Servers 5.5 and 6.0 support the functions of previous solutions.

4.1.1. Cortado Solution Architecture

The Cortado Corporate Server 5.5 system uses an open architecture that supports all types of available files, means of storing and sending electronic messages of various programs. It consists of a corporate Cortado server, located behind the company's firewall, and a client component on smartphones and tablets. On BlackBerry devices with BIS (Business Information System - commercial information system) and smartphones with Android operating system version 2 and higher, the Cortrado Explorer software is installed, on the iPod, iPad, iPhone - Cortrado App.

Deploying a corporate Cortado server in environments with the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices is independent of the email service. BlackBerry environments require one of the following e-mail systems: Microsoft

Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes, or Novell Group Wise. Communication between clients and the corporate server is carried out directly through a secure SSL connection. In environments with BlackBerry Enterprise Server, BlackBerrys uses a connection through a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) server. Communication between clients and the corporate server is carried out via a secure MDS channel.

The corporate Cortado server uses Active Directory (AD) or Novell cDircctory to access the file system without reallocating user rights. The Active Directory product of Microsoft is designed to develop, manage, protect, and access network components. In particular, Active Directory helps to authenticate users.

The Cortado solution can be used in a wide variety of industries:

- Logistics, when drivers and transport workers are able to print shipping documents on the way;

- retail trade where traders can send and update price lists, hold presentations, print documents, sign contracts directly on the site;

- banking and financial sector, where employees, while out of the office, get access to important documents stored in the corporate network, etc.

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