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4.1.2. The main functions of the Cortado system

With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure technology that organizes remote workstation work in a secure, centralized and isolated virtual desktop infrastructure from any type of client device, the Cortado corporate server equips mobile devices with a set of features that are required for flexible work in transit. The main advantages of the system include the following.

• Access to files and databases of the corporate network from smartphones and tablets.

• Improved performance:

- the processing time is shortened and it becomes possible to react quickly both to their modification and to letters that require information from the corporate network to respond to;

- travel time is more efficient because employees can work remotely with accessible corporate information in the same way as in a traditional office;

- joint work of mobile workers on projects with access to group files and project folders is optimized.

• Create flexible database queries due to the mobile access to Microsoft Access databases that appeared in Cortado Corporate Server version 5.3, as a result of which BlackBerry users and Android devices can create dynamic queries and reports:

- generate sales reports for specific customers, customer numbers, time periods, or areas;

- enter current data, such as daily values ​​or meter readings, until the final report is output;

- create a mobile account at any time;

- Preview documents on your mobile device

- receive reports from the corporate database;

- View images.

• Manage files by organizing folders and files with the implementation of the "Cut", "Copy", "Insert", "Rename", "Delete and others

• Uploading documents to other applications installed on your mobile device in order to view or change them, by using the Open in ... function.

• Export files in PDF, ZIP, etc. formats, resulting in Cortado users gain access to the enterprise file system and centrally stored documents, convert them to PDF format or archive to ZIP, print and fax documents .

• Print documents, e-mail, websites, calendar entries using a Wi-Fi network and network printers or via Bluetooth.

• Sending documents stored on the corporate network, on a fax machine using a smartphone or tablet, and also by e-mail with the Send by email function.

• Encrypt local documents using the Encrypt in the Cortado application.

• Remote administration from any desktop. The corporate Cortado server is easy to manage from any desktop using the Microsoft Management Console (Microsoft Management Consol & eCommt ;, MMC). And it's no longer necessary to connect Remote Display Protocol (RDP) for remote displays, designed by Microsoft for thin clients.

• Integration with MS Access. Linking the data bank to it opens new horizons of work. On a smartphone or tablet, you can get a report from the database according to the desired parameters. For example, a seller can filter data on a customer's personal ID number, by time period, by product, and obtain accurate sales statistics as a result. In addition, you can enter new data without sitting at the corporate PC, update the meter's value and, if desired, make the necessary calculations.

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