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11.12.1. MDM Sybase Afaria

Afaria's mobile platform Sybase ( is designed to create a secure management system for mobile devices in the enterprise. It supports the management of mobile devices based on the operating systems Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, Palm, Java, as well as almost all types of smartphones and tablets on the market with operating systems Apple iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows Mobie 6x, Blackberry, starting from version Afaria 6.5. Installed behind the enterprise firewall.

The solution ensures that only authorized mobile users will be allowed access to internal applications and data. The system registers users. Each enrolled user is given access rights, an access denied, and additional access parameters controlled by the key. The Sybase Afaria system allows:

- perform remote synchronization of documents by exchanging user files on the server and the client device;

- set up alerts by tracking required events and responding to them;

- receive reports on the costs of employees for telecommunications.

Managing mobile devices in the enterprise using the SAP Sybase Afaria MDM system provides for the installation of software on the server and on the client that implements the application programming interface (API). The Afaria server manages using a single management Web console and integration with the AD service. The Afaria client can be installed from the Appstore and Play Market (Android Market) online stores, from the corporate network using a special utility containing the required settings.

The advantages of the platform include:

- providing comprehensive security;

- centralized device management

- the ability of the IT service to fully control the entire range of devices and applications deployed on them and view information from a single console

- minimization of the idle time of remote devices due to optimization of the communication channel.

The platform components are listed below.

11.12.2. Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Information Security Tool

The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility client software provides secure network access to corporate users of Apple iOS 4.1 hardware devices, including iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

When using it, all communications are protected using 256-bit AES encryption with SSL or DTLS tunnels.

In this case, the IT administrator of the enterprise can regulate access to corporate resources for each user or user group, and also quickly close access to devices that have been lost, stolen or withdrawn from business. For this, the Cisco® ASA 5500 family (Adaptive Security Appliance) is used. With their help, without involving end users, the policies and connection profiles are automatically installed and updated.

This application supports the full range of Cisco ASA authentication functions, including multifactor authentication and digital certificates created with the Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol. Cisco AnyConnect for Apple iOS devices initially supports DTLS VPN tunneling, providing optimal performance for delay-sensitive services such as voice and video. The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Solution can be purchased from the Store Store for iPhone and iPod devices with the preinstalled iOS 4.1 operating system. In addition, it will be sold at an online store at This application supports iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 devices, as well as all iPod Touch devices of the second and subsequent generations.

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