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4.4. Mobile Application Development Tools

With the development tools for mobile devices, applications designed for implementation are created:

- interactive analytics and reporting;

- corporate systems (in particular, for shopping) and services (for example, for mobile mail, calendar, corporate address book);

- Workflow;

- project management, teamwork, operational teams and employees and their support;

- file sharing.

4.4.1. The decision of Metismo Ltd.

Metismo Ltd., included in Software AG, offers an easy-to-use platform for developing mobile applications. It provides design and development of applications, as well as their automatic conversion to various formats of mobile devices.

This application platform converts the Java source code to native source code of various mobile devices, which makes it easy to generate business applications, which can then be used under all major mobile OS. As a result, the development time of mobile applications is significantly reduced.

4.4.2. Development of applications for devices based on Android OS

To develop applications for mobile devices, the Eclipse platform can be used, supplemented by various modules. Based on the Eclipse Platform, various Eclipse IDEs (IDE, Integrated development environment, or integrated debugging environment) are created for writing software in a variety of languages, for example on a very popular Java ID.

One of these modules is Android Development: Tools (ADT) - a plug-in for Eclipse IDE, designed to develop Android-applications. ADT extends the capabilities of Eclipse and allows you to quickly create new projects for devices based on Android. Along with everything else, the user interface of the application is created, the components based on the Android Framework API are added, debugging of the applications is performed using the Android SDK tools. This development kit (Software Development Kit, SDK) allows you to create applications for a specific software package, software for basic development tools, hardware platform, computer system, game consoles, operating systems and other platforms. With it, you can develop lightweight applications without programming.

4.4.3. Sybase Unwired Platform

Sybase, included in SAP, created Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP) for the development of enterprise solutions. It allows you to create applications for mobile devices using code generation and manage them, as well as create an interface using the Android SDK tools by generating the code MBO API. These applications provide reliable connection of server data sources to all major types of mobile devices. According to the results of the research of the analytical company Jupiter Research, the organizations and enterprises using this solution only spend 20% of their time programming, and 80% spend on adaptation of the application to various mobile OS, networks and data sources.

In addition, this platform makes it possible to create lightweight solutions that are user-friendly, fairly high-performance and secure, using HTML5 and without having to place them on various mobile devices.

4.4.4. Oracle's solution

The Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) Mobile, launched in late 2011, allows developers to quickly create applications for many mobile platforms like iOS. Business applications, obtained with the ADF Mobile tool, provide extensive opportunities for mobile devices, optimization of the user interface using HTML5 and integration of services. The ADF Mobile solution is used to include support for mobile devices in Oracle Application business applications.

4.4.5. IBM Mobile Platform

The IBM Worklight platform is designed to develop and manage applications for smartphones, tablets and devices that support the HTML5 markup language. It is a cross-platform integrated development environment (IDE). This software system is used for software development.

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