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8.9. Mobile payment system Mobile wallet

A payment system is a collection of hardware, software, organizational structure, rules and procedures, through which payments can be made. Electronic payment system Mobile wallet Is a special program installed on a tablet, communicator, smartphone or mobile phone, working in the GSM standard with the connected GPRS service. It allows you to make payments for services and money transfers. To work with it you need to register. This service is provided by the main domestic cellular operators - "MegaFon" and Beeline & quot ;. It is also promoted by the company "Mobile Wallet". in the e-port payment system on the momentalno website. com (service Mobile payment, Internet ).

8.9.1. Payment system Telepat

The Telepat system is an addition to the electronic payment system (EDP) of WebMoney Transfer. This payment system allows you to make payments from mobile phones. As a payment tool, it uses digital money, which is placed in the digital wallets WebMoney Keeper. The mobile phone must support the technology of cellular networks GPRS and work with Java-applications. The Telepat system, which has been in operation since 2004, makes it possible to make mobile payments using electronic money, manage your electronic wallet using a mobile phone, including:

• receive transfers from other users and transfer virtual money into cash;

• transfer money to other users;

• pay for goods and services;

• Replenish electronic wallets .

The Telepat system works in one of two modes: the voice menu, which allows a dialogue with the auto operator, or in the electronic wallet mode of GSM Keeper, which is a Java application that is installed in the phone. It allows you to perform transactions with WebMoney purses without resorting to a computer or the Internet. And you can use ruble purses WMR, dollar purses WMZ and Euro purses WME.

8.9.2. Mobile Purse WebMoney Keeper Mobile

WebMoney Keeper Mobile wallet allows you to:

• check the balance on your e-wallets;

• receive a history of wallet transactions;

• transfer funds to a WebMoney user or mobile phone owner;

• pay for services;

• billing for invoices or paying bills;

• Send and receive messages using secure mail;

• check and replenish the balance of your debit card;

• participate in the affiliate program.

8.9.3. Mobile QIWI Wallet

QIWI Wallet Is a payment system that allows payments for services and money transfers from a mobile phone operating in the GSM standard. Q & A. QIWI Wallet developed and promoted by a Moscow company with the same name - LLC "Mobile Wallet". Its strategic partner is Integrated Instant Payment System (OSMP). Thanks to the cooperation between the two payment systems, the QIWI Wallet can make payments in favor of the largest mobile operators, IP-telephony and Internet providers. For calculations in the system, the electronic currency Mobile Wallet RUB is used. Its abbreviated name is MWRUB, code is 130. It is the equivalent of United States rubles. QIWI Wallet is available on the United States site, the international website, as well as through applications for mobile phones, smartphones and tablets (iPhone, iPacl, Android, Bada, Java, Blackberry).

QIWI Wallet it is convenient for any forms and types of Internet business. It can apply not only payers, but also recipients of payments - individual entrepreneurs, charitable institutions, online stores. In addition, it provides a quick money transfer. With its help, you can pay for more than 3000 types of services from various providers and in online stores, housing services, repayment of loans, the purchase of rail and air tickets, fines GI BDD, etc.

QIWI Visa Plastic Card (QIWI Visa Plastic, QVP) allows you to use the QIWI Wallet to pay for goods and services in any stores and on Internet sites that accept Visa cards, as well as withdraw from the account "QIWI Wallet" cash in ATMs. Plastic card QIWI Visa is accepted in the same place as Visa. The card account is combined with the account "QIWI Wallet". The amount available for the operation on the carg is equal to the account "QI WI Wallet" the user. The card is valid for one year. At any time, the user of the QIWI Wallet can independently change the PIN-code or close the card. With the QIWI Wallet You can transfer money to other users, as well as transfer to any Visa card. With one click QIWI Wallet turns into a QIWI Visa Card, which allows you to make purchases around the world.

8.9.4. Mobile Wallet RBK-Money

Mobile Wallet RBK-Money is a single payment platform that operates in real time. It allows you to link all the necessary methods of Internet payment - electronic money, bank cards, as well as online banking and mobile payments.

RBK Money Mobile is a purse RBK Money, installed on a mobile phone, smartphone or PDA. Payment for services from a mobile phone can be made at any time and in any place where there is a mobile connection. Mobile purse RBK Money Mobile allows:

• carry out transactions, through which instant payment of services and payment for goods from a mobile phone, smartphone, PDA;

• Transfer funds to other electronic wallets:

• check the balance of your electronic wallet and view a detailed statement of the account.

To work with it, you need to configure GPRS-Internet on your mobile terminal, and then download and run the RBK Money Mobile Java application on your phone or smartphone.

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