Mobile solution Guided Selling, Automated mobile trading management...

6.3. Guided Selling Mobile Solution

This solution provides high-quality service to a non-food store. It helps to optimize the customer service in the trading floor and minimize the lost sale. And to increase the level of service allows mobile solutions Guided Selling for sales consultants.

This is provided by:

- shortening the time for checking the availability of goods in the store, in the warehouse, in the entire retail network;

- increasing the awareness of sales consultants about the availability of goods throughout the range;

- the ability to print checks directly in the trading floor, in the warehouse and transfer the order to the cashier, without referring to a stationary workstation.

The system works in Wi-Fi using the terminals of the Motorola data collection and check printers.

6.4. Automated mobile trading management system "Optimum"

Automated mobile trading management system (ACSMT) "Optimum" was created by CDC (Center for Corporate Development, It is designed to manage activities such as pre selling, direct selling (van selling) and merchandising, GPS monitoring of transport and mobile employees (GIS). The system is focused primarily on manufacturers and distributors of consumer goods, banking and insurance companies.

It is a software solution for automating the work of mobile sales representatives and other participants of the FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) market. The system is used at enterprises of all levels - from small retailers to large wholesale companies. Information system based on Optimum integrates with all corporate systems in such sectors as transport and logistics, oil and gas sector, banks and insurance, utilities, wholesale (mobile commerce), etc.

This solution allows you to:

• Increase the level of individual work with clients, ensure high quality of service, accuracy of execution of orders, realize an effective bonus trading system;

• Optimize costs, increase the speed of obtaining data on the market and competitors;

• organize effective merchandising to help outlets;

• Increase the labor productivity of sales representatives and strengthen control over their activities, time of visiting the outlet, implementation of the sales plan;

• provide sales representatives with operational access to real stock balances and customer information;

• Ensure that the head organization can quickly access information at any level, including through web services;

• increase the investment attractiveness of the company and its capitalization;

• effectively plan and create a route for visiting personnel, carry out GPS-monitoring of vehicles, monitor the activities of mobile employees, perform optimization of transport logistics based on GPS/GLONSLSS technologies;

• collect marketing information from merchants in sales outlets using smartphones, and transfer these data remotely and quickly (online) to the office, providing the company management with a powerful tool for managing distribution;

• effectively use the system for geographically distributed companies, for companies with a developed network of branches with a large number of mobile employees.

Optimal consists of server and mobile parts. The server provides communication functions (Mobile Application Server, MAS) and management of a team of sales representatives (ARM Manager ). Mobile is designed to automate the work of sales representatives engaged in direct sales of goods in sales outlets (van selling - trade from the wheels) and to automate the collection of orders (pre selling) and merchandising. The system supports such platforms of mobile terminals, as Windows Mobile, Palm, Android. Complete synchronization of the mobile and server parts is provided for all wired and wireless connections using GPRS, GSM, LAN, WLAN, Bluetooth, cradle/cable, including low-speed cellular communication lines on-line in large areas.

Optimal easy to integrate with the customer's accounting system, including with 1C: Enterprise 7.7 or 1C: Enterprise 8.1 & quot ;. It is used by many domestic companies operating in the FMCG market, for example UPECO, engaged in the distribution of household chemicals in distributed trade networks. In June 2011, UPECO's IT department, with the assistance of CDC technical support, upgraded the fleet of mobile devices and retrained employees. For the work of merchandisers selected smartphones LG Optimus One (P500). Some UPECO merchandisers have migrated to the mobile version of the Mobile Automation System "Optimum", running on smartphones running the Android operating system.

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