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8.6. Mobile trading

Transactions with securities are carried out in the stock market, transactions with currency - on the currency market. Mobile traders can deal with both physical and legal persons. A trader is a natural or legal person who trades on a stock or currency exchange. The sales transactions carried out by the trailer are speculative. The trader's task is to obtain profit as a result of buying chain securities or currency cheaper, and sales are more expensive, and vice versa. To do this, he needs to track changes in the exchange rate of securities or currencies and use financial instruments, which is convenient to carry out using mobile terminals.

Traders are both professionals and amateurs. A professional trader (broker) receives the basic income as a result of working on the stock exchange, and for an amateur this type of activity is an auxiliary means of generating income. A professional trader manages the attracted funds of investors-individuals who provide money to manage them on stock or currency exchanges in order to make a profit. The trader makes a decision about the transaction by using several methods of analysis, logically integrating them with his own trading strategy.

The main tool of the trader is a computer or other digital device equipped with specialized software. With its help, the trader receives real-time exchange rates and quotes of securities in the form of time series or tables. The software allows him to analyze the information received, build forecasts, test his own methods of analysis and forecasting, trade strategies, apply for a transaction or suspend it. Various indicators are used for this: volume indicators, simple and weighted moving average, exponentially moving average, torque indicator, relative strength index, MCAD indicator (Moving Convergence Average Divergence), statistical indicator. They serve as tools for the trader to work with.

Most of the stock exchanges have recently moved away from the usual pattern of sales in favor of Internet trading. In the financial markets, this is the name of the process of making trade transactions by means of a special program working through the Internet. Internet-trading can be carried out both with the use of stationary computers, and with the help of mobile terminals. Mobile trading is the most promising type of Internet trading.

Mobile trading (Mobile trading, m-trading) is the remote execution of a transaction for the purchase or sale of securities or currency using mobile digital devices. As mobile digital devices, traders use smart phones, tablet computers, cell phones, PDAs, communicators, netbooks, laptops. These devices allow the trader to keep abreast of developments on the market, analyze trading transactions, make transactions.

For mobile devices, domestic and foreign manufacturers have developed specialized software that allows to automate the work of traders. Mobile digital devices make it possible to make transactions at any time and in any place where there is a cellular connection to the Internet, using a cellular phone, smartphone or other devices. Some devices allow you to make transactions in domestic and world financial markets, others - only on domestic ones: MICEX (Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange), RTS (United States Trading System), MSE (Moscow Stock Exchange), Forex (Forex), etc. Mobile trading is carried out using the trading account - the place of storage of the trader's money in the trading system for the performance of transactions. To open it, you need to go to the site of the trading system, fill out the form and register.

Domestic developers have created the following specialized software products for mobile trading.

• PFG FX Trade Mobile for Pocket PC application for cell phones running Windows Pocket PC 2002 and higher, developed by the financial group PFG FX (Pro Finance Group Inc.);

• Mobile forex-application for cell phones, developed by Forex EuroClub;

• Netinvestor Pocket - the platform created by the company "MFD-InfoCenter";

• "AlfaDirect", "Atone Line", Z-Trade, MetaTrader 4 Mobile, MetaTrader 5 - programs for the implementation of mobile commerce.

ZAO FINAM has developed several applications for mobile trading: TRANSAQ HANDY - for performing transactions with securities using PDA, TRANSAQ Mobile, Pocket QUIK, and also "Mobile Trader" which allows:

- connect to trading and conduct transactions with securities;

- view current quotes;

- to put out limited and market orders;

- read the latest news;

- get real-time information about the main indexes, including raw materials;

- to receive information about market leaders;

- use a training account;

- apply a basic tool for technical analysis that helps to display prospective securities for acquisition.

For the work of mobile brokers trading on financial exchanges, a number of programs have been developed, including:

- QUIK - a program complex for access to exchange trading systems in real time, which allows you to trade using all available financial instruments on any trading platforms;

- WebQuik - the version of the QUIK software complex, designed to work with an Internet browser;

- KIT-Broker -program designed to work with an Internet browser. It does not require installation, and it contains only the most necessary functions for performing transactions in the stock market.

One of the major foreign systems for mobile trading is the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platform, developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp. It provides its clients with brokerage services in the Forex and CFD markets (Contract for difference for the difference, an agreement between the two parties to exchange the difference of the contract between the price of its opening and closing, when it is completed). It is an effective and convenient speculative mechanism for trading stocks, indexes, futures and commodities.

This system works on a secure protocol and guarantees the confidentiality of information. It allows you to use a lot of indicators and MTS (mobile trading systems) written by other traders, to work with a computer, laptop, PDA, smartphone or tablet. At the same time, Android and Windows operating systems are used. Developed special versions of the trading platform MetaTrader for iPhone and BlackBerry. Through the MultiTerminal program, you can manage all your own or your investment accounts simultaneously.

The trading platform includes the MetaTrader Server4 information and trading platform to which users send trading orders via various terminals (MT4 for Windows, MT4 Mobile, iTrader, WebTrader AM). On MT4 Server they are processed in accordance with quotes coming from Data Feeds. It also stores all information about trading results, the status of customer accounts, the history of quotations of financial instruments, as well as a detailed log of all transactions performed by users and programs.

The MetaTrader4 platform for the iPhone is very powerful. It allows the trader to use the tools necessary for technical analysis. Platform MctaTradcr4 for Android provides a full set of trading orders, trading history, interactive graphics for devices based on Android OS.

The MetaTrader4 client terminal has an intuitive environment and user-friendly interface. In real time, customers can track open positions, monitor changes in the forex balance of the trading account, follow the news from the global financial markets (RoboForex broadcasts the Dowjones newsline to the terminal), receive quotations for currencies, shares, futures, give orders for trading operations , analyze charts on trading instruments, use trading robots.

For smartphones running MS Windows Mobile, MetaTradcr4 Mobile Smartphonc Edition is used. It allows the trader access to financial markets, provides the use of embedded charts and technical indicators, access to financial news (quotations of securities, exchange rates, etc.), make a decision to close or open a trading position.

For devices based on the Android operating system, iTrader Android and iTradcr8 Mobile programs are also used.

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