Mythological analysis and design of BMD., Datalogical...

Mythological analysis and design of PM.

Mythological design is performed in the basis of conceptual components and takes into account the possibilities and limitations of the data model of the implementation of the PM. For infologic design, the following operations are typical:

- extension of the interfaces for the description of abstractions conceptually not classified properties (for example, addition to the definition of the mathematical scheme of the property - note for writing arbitrary additional information about the model of the system 5); the attributive values ​​of such properties are of the nature of the accompanying information and can not be used as a criterion for accessing information before carrying out their conceptual modeling; for the relational approach, the implementation of such operations determines the procedures for the infologic design of the relationships of consistency of the properties of objects, i.e., prototypes of tables; >

- the construction of infologic structures for the implementation of the conceptual model, as structures, any structures for the definition of structural abstractions can be used [2, 16, 25]; for the relational approach, the execution of such operations determines the procedures for the infologic design of the correspondence of correspondence, i.e., the prototypes of inter-table relations.

Info logical model , as an interpretation of the conceptual model, expands the contents of the universe. The mythological model takes into account the specifics of the projected database (for example, various modeling algorithms for the implementation of O-schemes with the use of statistical modeling), preserving the conceptual homogeneity of a family of similar PMs (for example, a unified notation for typical mathematical schemes - see Ch. 2). The mythological model is the basis for identifying sources, stores and recipients of information and determining information flows. And if modeling of entity-relationships is an original analogue of elements of conceptual design in existing SL5-technologies, then simulations of the processes of applied domains can be considered analogous to infographic design in C4-technologies [2, 26,

The set of rules for constructing an infologic model forms the infologic semantics of the projected database, consisting of definitions of compatibility and consistency links. Mythological semantics completely determines the ways of access to information of this infologic database implementation. Infological components are logical objects and connections, representing logical generalizations of conceptual components. Figuratively speaking, the conceptual components are symbols, and the infologic components correspond to logical words and expressions constructed using conceptual symbols.

Datalogical analysis and design of PM.

Datalogical database design is performed taking into account the environment of a particular selected DBMS. Strictly speaking, it is the data base of the database that is a relational schema. Datalogical designing is carried out on the basis of the accepted infologic scheme and consists in performance of the following operations:

- selection of tables for realization of logical objects schemes;

- definition of the physical formats of the attribute description of the properties of logical objects based on the types of the corresponding conceptual symbols;

- selection of external, primary and potential table keys;

- definition of indexed fields and fields for implementing logical relationships between tables;

- designing views for organizing stored results of intermediate access to the database;

- definition of procedures for processing changes in attributive values ​​for relationships between tables, etc.

Thus, the datalogical design performs the decomposition of logical words and expressions into the circuit elements that the relational schema operates on. In other words, at the stage of the datum design, logical expressions are coded in terms of the language of the relational model. Datalogical design finally forms the universe.

The most important procedure at the stage of datum design is the normalization of relational schemes [3, 19, 23]. However,

if we consider the full technological cycle of database design, it turns out that normalization is nothing more than postclassification of the representation of domain data in PM. Let's consider the basic operations performed during the normalization of database schemes.

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