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Define paragraph parameters

One of the main elements of processing a document in a word processor Word is a paragraph. A paragraph for a text editor program is a text fragment located between two characters of the end of the paragraph. The end-of-paragraph character is entered when the Enter key is pressed. A paragraph can consist of several lines of text, and can only contain the end-of-paragraph character itself (an empty paragraph). All the characteristics of the paragraph are encoded in the symbol of the end of a particular paragraph.

Normally, when you press the Enter key, a paragraph is created with the characteristics that copy the parameters of the previous paragraph. When you delete the end-of-paragraph character, all the characteristics of the subsequent paragraph are rearranged to the characteristics of the previous paragraph.

You can set paragraph parameters by selecting commands from the Home tab group, either before typing, or by reformatting the previously typed text. When changing paragraph parameters, the cursor must be within the paragraph. To reformat several paragraphs, they must be highlighted.

The technology for determining the main parameters of a paragraph includes specifying the actual paragraph geometry, the intervals before and after the paragraph, the line spacing for the text inside the paragraph, the type of alignment of the paragraph text, the paragraph's position on the page, the special paragraph margins, and the background color of the paragraph.

Paragraph geometry

Paragraph indents are set in the paragraph group of the Home tab, then the Indent and Spacing tab. In the Indent category, the field values ​​on the left and right determine the position of the text relative to the left and right margins of the page. The First line specifies the type of indentation of the first line of each selected paragraph. The No in this field aligns the first line of each selected paragraph by the left indent. The Indent option shifts the beginning of the first line of each selected paragraph to the right by the amount specified in the Go To ... Variant The Leader shifts all the lines except the first one to the right by the amount specified in the Go to field ... In Fig. 11.3 schematically shows all the parameters of the paragraph geometry.

Parameters of paragraph geometry

Fig. 11.3. Paragraph geometry options

If you want the text to be on the left or right of the page, you must specify a negative number of indents.

The Level field is used if it is only intended to work with the document in the Structure mode.

Switch Do not add an interval between paragraphs of the same style allows you to use the same heading styles in paragraphs that are one by one, but in the next paragraph of the same style, the indent before the paragraph corresponding to this style will not be applied.

It's also important to remember that paragraph indents can be set using a vertical measuring ruler. To do this, move the indentation markers along the measuring ruler in the desired direction (the cursor must be in the variable paragraph).

Intervals before and after the paragraph

Parameters Intervals before and after paragraph are used to determine the size of the indent before or after the paragraph. Such settings are most often used for paragraph headers to separate them from the main text. On the Indents and Spacing tab, you can set the intervals that determine the amount of line spacing and the spacing between paragraphs. The Before field specifies the distance before the first line for each selected paragraph. This value must have a positive decimal value. The After field specifies the interval value after each selected paragraph. This value must also have a positive decimal value.

Line spacing

The Interline spacing option is used if you want to change the spacing between lines within a paragraph. The Line spacing parameter defines the vertical distance between lines of text. Line spacing Single sets the line spacing for each line according to the largest character of the font used. You can set intervals of 1.5 lines, Double. Selecting an interval parameter The minimum specifies the minimum line spacing that can set Word, given various situations, for example, upper-case symbols; interval Specifies a fixed line spacing, which Word does not reconfigure, this option specifies the same line spacing between all lines; interval The multiplier sets the spacing of the line spacing to a single interval. Typically, when mocking the text with the optimal line spacing, the value of the line spacing is equal to 1.5. It should be remembered that when setting the value of the Line spacing exactly, it is necessary to be especially careful, since when you select a font size larger than the interval size, the text will be trimmed altogether.

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