Preface - Innovative technologies in commerce and business


The textbook examines such innovative information technologies as corporate mobility, virtualization and cloud computing, large amounts of data, as well as mobile information systems used in various sectors of the economy and industry. And a special emphasis is placed on their application in the sphere of trade. The content of the textbook corresponds to:

- the program of discipline Innovations in trading activities Variable part of the professional cycle of the exemplary curriculum of the Federal State Educational Standard for Higher Professional Education (GEF VPO) in the direction of "100700.62-Commercial Business" for Profiles Commerce & Marketing in Trading Activities & quot ;;

- the program of the discipline "E-commerce"; Variable part of the professional cycle of the exemplary curriculum of the GEF HPE in the direction of "100700.62- Trading business". for Profiles Logistics in Trading Activities & quot ;;

- the discipline program "Modern Information Management Systems in Commerce" Variable part of the professional cycle of the exemplary curriculum of the GEF HPE in the direction of "100700.68-Trade business" for the master's program "Commercial activity in the market of goods and services";

- the program of the discipline "Innovations in the management of commercial activities"; Variable part of the professional cycle of the exemplary curriculum of the GEF HPE in the direction of "100700.68-Trade business" for the master's program "Strategy and innovation in commerce."

Training course Innovations in trading activities consists of theoretical and practical parts. Theoretical is based on the material of this training manual, and practical help will help students to form the competencies necessary for specialists of a modern trade enterprise as a result of performing work using the products listed below.

• My Warehouse companies Lognex - A system that provides management of trade and warehouse accounting. Internet service MySklad is a virtual trading platform, operating on the model SaaS (soft as a service - software as a service);

• Amiro CMS - an online service for managing a website and creating an online store without programming;

• Project Expert - an information system for strategic planning and development of business projects, as well as choosing their optimal options;

• The BaseGroup Deductor is an analytical platform for business solutions.

The textbook consists of 12 chapters and an Appendix. The information technologies presented in it allow using mobile terminals and applications installed on them to make sales transactions, carry out financial transactions (mobile banking, mobile trading, mobile payments through the "Mobile Wallet", etc.). With the help of mobile trading information systems, mobile sales representatives can implement the main business processes of the trading company (ordering, creating reports, printing documents, etc.) while outside the central office, and the navigation systems of these trading systems are able to track routes and employee time.

The application of mobile terminals in logistics, in warehouses of retail trade and in systems of management of transport logistics is considered.

The distribution of mobile content as a set of services provided in wireless networks when selling media products consumed by a user through mobile devices is shown.

The description of modern mobile operating systems and equipment based on them, which made the use of mobile information technology easy and convenient. One of the main components of corporate mobility is the high-speed broadband information networks of the new generation of 3G, 3.5G, 3.75G, 4G standards that promote the wide application of mobile solutions in the management and operation of enterprises, as well as in everyday life.

In addition, this tutorial will help to get an idea of ​​such innovations in retail trade, such as hardware-software self-service devices in the sales area, a personal assistant to the buyer, a software and hardware payment acceptance device, electronic price tags. The application of information management systems for master data (MDM systems) and their implementation by domestic companies X5 Retail Group, "Vester", "Turn" is considered. International projects of MDM class and standards of electronic logistics are presented.

The annex to the textbook is a workshop on working with the virtual trading system "MySklad". In the course of assignments, students will get acquainted with the theoretical provisions relating to working with this system, and then use it to realize the sale transaction and draw up the relevant documents.

As a result of studying the theoretical material of the textbook and the fulfillment of practical tasks, the student must:


• about achievements in the field of information and telecommunication technologies of enterprise management;

• Technologies for managing the production processes of a commercial enterprise based on corporate mobility;

• information systems for the management of trade enterprises;

• mobile information platforms of the world's leading software manufacturers (software)

• Innovations in the creation of the information infrastructure of a trading enterprise;

• methods of virtualization and cloud computing;

• Intelligent information systems and computer technologies for intellectual support of management decisions;

• prospects for the development of information management systems in the economy;

• systems for ensuring the information security of mobile devices;

be able to

• make proposals to the company's management on the introduction of corporate mobility, virtualization and cloud computing, as well as mobile information systems in domestic trade enterprises;

• assess the applicability of new information technologies and management systems in specific circumstances;

• to realize the information model of a wholesale trading company using the information system "MySoklad", provided as a service via the Internet,

• Analyze the economic efficiency of the trading company using the information system "MySklad";

• create an economically justified project of a trading company, its branch or division using the means of the Project Expert information system;

• apply analytical information systems for the preparation of analytical reports using technologies for forecasting and monitoring the activities of a trading enterprise using the Deductor program;

• organize an online store using templates, using the Amiro CMS information system or having similar capabilities;


• theoretical knowledge and skills of working with the modern information infrastructure of advanced trading enterprises;

• Ability and skills to work with innovative information support for the commercial, marketing, logistics, advertising and merchandising activities of the organization.

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