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Raster image processing

In general, processing raster graphics reduces to changing the color of the points of the image entirely or its individual area. Even a simple scaling operation of a raster document requires certain calculations, as the size of the raster point increases with increasing the image, which leads to a deterioration in quality.

Bitmap images can be:

crop - cut out the necessary part of the image;

collage - merge multiple images with each other, add details of some images to others, add text, etc.

retouch - fix image defects, change details;

• Transform, deform (possible loss in quality), mirror, deploy;

• change the color, tone, contrast, saturation of the whole image or its parts;

• Change by special processing - filters, effects , texture mapping , shadows, lights,

There are many other options that correspond to the capabilities of the graphical editor.

The advantages of raster graphics

A raster graphic description type has the following advantages:

• any image can be represented in a raster image;

• Raster graphics allow you to create almost any drawing, regardless of complexity, in contrast to, for example, vector, where it is impossible to accurately convey the transition effect from one color to another without loss in the size of the file;

• prevalence - raster graphics are used now almost everywhere: from small icons to posters;

• High speed processing of complex images, if you do not need scaling.

Raster image representation is natural for most graphics I/O devices, such as monitors (excluding vector output devices), matrix and inkjet printers, digital cameras, scanners, and cell phones.

Disadvantages of raster graphics

The raster view of the graphics view has the following drawbacks:

• More memory required for working with images, high demands on computer resources;

• large file sizes, the dependence of the file size on the quality and size of the image;

• The complexity of processing, the loss of editing, the impossibility of an ideal scaling. In the process of converting a bitmap image, only the description of a set of pixels is the initial data, so there is the problem of replacing a smaller number of pixels by a larger (increasing) or larger by a smaller (with decreasing);

• impossibility of printing to a vector plotter.

Due to these drawbacks, it is recommended to use vector graphics instead of even compressed raster graphics for storing simple drawings.

Raster graphic editors, storing raster graphics files

Bitmap images are processed using specialized programs - raster graphic editors.

The easiest program for processing raster graphics is the program Microsoft Paint, which is part of the standard programs in the operating system Windows. This program has a minimal set of drawing tools and a small amount of functionality for processing raster graphics.

The most powerful graphical editor is Adobe Photoshop .

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