Processor devices for multiplying binary numbers...

Processors for multiplying binary numbers

The principle of microprogram control. The functions of performing operations on information in digital systems (devices) are assigned to the processor. The construction of processors is based on the principles of microprogram control, according to which:

• Any operation on words (binary codes) realized by the processor is considered as a complex action, which is divided into a sequence of elementary actions, called micro-operations ;

logical conditions are used to control the sequence of micro-operations, which reflect the state of the processor after the micro-operations performed in the form of a logical zero or one;

• The process of executing operations in the processor is described in the form of an algorithm, represented in terms of microoperations and logical conditions, and is called the firmware;

The microprogram is used as a form of representation of the processor function, on the basis of which its structure and order of operation in time are determined.

Processor structure

In the structurally functional sense, the processor is divided into operating and control automata (Figure 4.19) [17].

The operating machine is designed for:

• processing the set of input words D to obtain the result R. The processing is controlled by micro-commands Y, each of which initiates execution of some

Processor structure

Fig. 4.19. Processor structure

the set of micro-operations from the complete set of (y v ..., y N ), prescribed for this operating machine;

• the formation of a set of informative signals X, each of which is identified with a certain logical condition;

• storing the set of input words D, as well as the internal 5 and output R logical words obtained during processing of the logical conditions X,

Therefore, the operating machine contains memory and combinational circuits that implement micro-operations and calculate the values ​​of logical conditions.

The control automaton generates a sequence of control signals from the set Y, prescribed by the firmware and corresponding to the logical conditions X. When the processor executes a set of microprograms (programs), its inputs are sequentially supplied with codes The operations that correspond to one or another firmware. External inputs of logic conditions can be input to the processor inputs, and signals for controlling external devices can be removed from the outputs.

The structure of the control automaton largely depends on the principle of its construction. In control automata built on the principle of circuit logic, the necessary sequence of control signals Y is generated by means of certain connected logic elements (usually in the form of integrated microcircuits with small and medium integration). When using the principle of programmable logic, the control signals U are generated on the basis of a firmware permanently stored in memory.

Let's consider the principles of constructing processors designed for multiplying binary numbers (0111 × 0101) with both types of control automata.

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