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The main idea of ​​OLAP is to build multidimensional tables that will be available for user requests. To date, the world has developed many products that implement OLAP-technologies. To make it easier to navigate among them, there are several classifications of OLAP products: the way data is stored, the location of the OLAP machine, the degree of readiness for use. Multidimensional tables (multidimensional cubes) are built on the basis of the source and aggregate data. Both the source and aggregate data for multidimensional tables can be stored both in relational, hack and in multidimensional databases. Therefore, currently three methods of data storage are used: MOLAP (multidimensional OLAP), ROLAP (relational OLAP), and HOLAP (hybrid OLAP). OLAP technology is used in applications of the Analytical CRM class. It allows you to look at data from different sides, basically providing the possibility of analyzing aggregated data.

SPSS is a widely used brand of computer software for statistical data analysis. Very popular with sociologists thanks to the "friendly" user interface and the presence of a large number of modules that allow performing almost all types of statistical analysis of not only quantitative but also categorical data. Developed since 1967. The first version for personal computers appeared in 1983, for the Windows operating system - in 1994. SPSS is an integrated data analysis system. Can use data from almost all types of files and generate table reports, graphs, patterns of distributions and trends, descriptive statistics and conduct complex types of statistical analysis.

Meta Stock Program

There is a large number of special computer programs, from simple to very complex, which allow technical analysis and forecasting of the situation in the securities market, including in the foreign exchange market. Of the most famous programs, one should mention packages Meta Stock, Omega Research, etc. The basis of analytical techniques is integrated and differential indicators, which allow to detect differences in the behavior of specific characteristics of the yen. The Meta Stock program is one of the most accessible and best information and analytical systems and is built from several specialized programs with extremely broad capabilities. When using the current information, which is supplied by the well-known information agency Reuter, the program can automatically update the data every 10 minutes. As a result, the user is able to quickly build the figures of technical analysis and implement forecasts using a variety of indicators (oscillators). If necessary, it is possible to build the corresponding figures directly on the screen of the monitor. The appearance of the graphs can be changed at will of the user: it is possible to analyze histograms, Japanese candles, line charts and tic-tac-toe. It is interesting that the latest version of this program allows not only to use the diversity of existing market indicators, but also to create own indicators of the market with their further verification based on the results of trading on the market.


Analytical System Project Expert is a program that allows you to live planned investment decisions without loss of financial resources, provide the necessary financial statements to potential investors and creditors, justify for them the effectiveness of participation in the project. Project Expert is indispensable for creating and selecting the optimal business development plan, developing the financial part of the business plan, evaluating investment projects. Project Expert allows you to model the activities of various industries and scales - from small venture companies to holding structures. The program is widely used for business planning of production and rendering services in the banking business, telecom, construction, retail, processing and light industries, engineering, aerospace, oil production and refining, chemistry, transport, energy.

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