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Providing modeling.

The experiment with the simulation model requires serious preparation, therefore the imitation system is characterized by the presence of mathematical, software, information, technical, ergonomic and other types of support.

The mathematical support of the simulation system includes a set of mathematical relationships describing the behavior of a real object, a set of algorithms that provide both training and work with the model. This can include algorithms for input data input, simulation, output, processing.

Software in its content includes a set of programs: an experiment planning, a simulation model, an experiment, processing and interpretation of the results. In addition, the software of the simulation system should provide synchronization of processes in the model, that is, a block is needed that organizes the pseudo-parallel execution of processes in the model. Machine experiments with imitation models can not take place without well-designed and implemented information support.

Information support includes tools and technology for organizing and reorganizing the modeling database, methods of logical and physical organization of arrays, forms of documents describing the modeling process and its results. Information support for the simulation system is the least developed part, because only now there is a transition to the creation of complex simulation models and a methodology is being developed for their use in the analysis and synthesis of complex systems using the concept of a database and knowledge.

The technical support of the simulation system includes, first of all, the means of computer technology, communication and exchange between the operator and the computer network, input and output of information, control of the experiment. The technical requirements are very serious requirements for reliability of operation, as failures and failures of technical means, errors of the computer operator can dramatically increase the operating time with the simulation model and even lead to incorrect final results.

The ergonomic provision of the simulation system is a set of scientific and applied methods and methods, as well as regulatory and organizational and methodological documents used at all stages of the interaction of the human experimenter with the tools (computers, hybrid complexes, etc.). . These documents, used at all stages of development and operation of simulation systems and their elements, are designed to create and maintain ergonomic quality by justifying and selecting organizational and design solutions that create optimal conditions for highly effective human activity in interaction with the modeling complex.

Thus, the simulation system can be considered as a machine analog of a complex real process. It allows replacing the experiment with the actual process of functioning of the system by experimenting with a mathematical model of this process in a computer. At present, simulation experiments are widely used in the practice of designing complex systems when a real experiment is impossible.

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