Server storage and data processing systems, Server-based tasks...

3.3. Server Storage and Processing Systems

3.3.1. Tasks solved with the help of servers

Using servers allows you to solve a number of basic tasks.

• Ensure the collaboration of employees through the use of, for example, the information systems of Exchange Server Standard 2010, SharePoint Products and Technologies, Lync of Microsoft.

• Management of enterprise business processes using ERP, CRM, OLTP classes installed on the server of information systems, for example, SAP Business Suite, Oracle Fusion Middleware, etc.

• Support for decision making, improve data management and database management. To do this, the server can be installed systems SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse company Microsoft, and Oracle Data Warehouse.

• Development, research and analysis of information systems. To this end, the server can be installed, in particular, products such as the universal software system of finite element analysis (FEA) - Ansys or a scalable, flexible, fully automated and integrated Unicenter solution of Computer Associates management of enterprise computing resources (networks, servers, databases, applications, etc.).

• Virtualization and cloud computing.

Recently, the requirements for enterprise servers, as well as for servers of primary and secondary level, used in local networks of small and medium enterprises have increased. In particular, they include servers of the company Depo Computers, designed for small and medium-sized businesses, which solves various tasks from web hosting to support the Internet/intranet structure. Produced series 1000, 2000, 3000, capable of supporting up to 16 disks. The Depo Strom 1250N5 server allows you to install up to five hard drives and store up to 5 terabytes of data. It can be used as: file server, print server, domain name server (DNS), caching server, e-mail server, firewall server, virtual private network (VPN) server, proxy server, firewall, secondary domain controller (BDC) , an IP address management server (DHCP), a WMS server.

3.3.2. Requirements for modern servers

A modern server should be high-performance, fault-free and well-managed. To do this, it should be at least two-processor based on dedicated server boards. In addition, it must be installed high-speed RAID controllers, SAS- and SATA-drives, SSD-drives and dual-power sources with the option "hot" replacements.

Solid-state disks store critical data for the enterprise, to which you need to provide the maximum speed of access.

The company DEPO Computers has released a new dual-processor server DEPO Race using SSD-drives. DEPO Race workstations increase the performance of resource-intensive applications that use disk subsystems intensively. This is achieved as a result of a more even load of all hardware resources.

The universal purpose model is recommended for solutions that require efficient scalability for companies with more than 200 workstations. These include DBMS, mail systems, file services, video surveillance systems, virtualization solutions. The subsystem based on SSD-drives works up to 5 times faster than traditional hard disks.

This is not just increasing the speed of reading/writing information, but increasing the productivity of the entire workstation as a whole. Stable read/write performance is in the range of 550-600 MB/s. The disk subsystem based on SSD-drives is a single compact device that includes a RAID controller and four SSD-drives. Additional advantages of such a disk subsystem are low power consumption and heat dissipation.

Information stored on hard drives is less demanding for processing speed, and on magnetic tapes - data that does not require high access speed (access within a few minutes). In addition, it is much cheaper than storing data on disks.

Server performance is determined by the speed and consistency of the three main subsystems of the processor, hard drives and network.

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