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2.4.1. Server Virtualization

Virtualization helps to increase the efficiency of using server processing power. From the analysis of statistical data it follows that the average level of CPU utilization for servers running Windows does not exceed 10%, and for systems operating under Unix management, 20%. The low efficiency of computing server capacity is explained by the approach adopted at many enterprises: "one application - one server". It has a number of negative consequences, in particular, the costs of administration, power supply and cooling increase, the requirements for premises and areas increase, and funds for the purchase of servers and licensed software are required.

Server virtualization can also help here, providing:

- increase the efficiency of using the computing power of servers to 80%, and the concept of "one server - several applications", without reducing the performance, availability and security of server programs,

- Simplify the decision of tasks of scaling and redistribution of load between servers;

- reduction of service interruptions;

- Facilitate disaster recovery;

- transfer in a few seconds of server applications from one physical server to another in emergency situations

- saving energy and reducing the space occupied by servers.

Server virtualization is efficiently used in data centers (data centers) and data centers (CDs). The use of virtualization is cost-effective for large data centers as well as for enterprises with two or three servers. With virtualization on each server of the data center, several virtual machines can be created and installed, and each application will have its own application installed. However, at the same time, the costs of managing virtual environments increase and new problems arise, including planning and monitoring the performance of data center servers to ensure their good basic performance and high availability.

To increase the efficiency of servers, you need:

• Use a fault-tolerant storage system, such as DEPO Storage 4212 with two FC/iSCSI/JBOD controllers, which is an entry-level enterprise solution. It provides data consolidation, and can also be used as a virtualization platform;

• Use a RAID array of SSDs managed by a RAID controller. Thanks to this, the server's performance can be increased 5 times. RAID (reduntant array of independent discs) is an array of several disks that are controlled by the controller. External environment, it is perceived as a single whole. SSD (Solid State Drive) - solid-state data storage device that does not contain rotating parts;

• Use special software, namely:

- NetApp products, such as OnCommand Management Software, that improve the storage and efficiency of data services by automating the monitoring and analysis of a common information storage infrastructure;

- The virtualization software feature - IBM PowerVM Active Memory Sharing, offered by IBM. It allows the RAM to automatically flow from one virtual server (or logical partition) to another for more flexible memory usage and optimization application of computing resources in general. With IBM PovverVM Active Memory Sharing, you can combine memory resources into a single managed block and automatically distribute them according to the current workload needs.

The virtualization of servers operating in the IT infrastructure of state-owned companies in our country will save about 90 billion rubles in three years. only on electricity costs.

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