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Service Software

Service software is an extension of the core software and may be part of the operating system or may be separate software products. As part of the service programs, file managers, utilities and archivers are selected.

File Managers

File Managers are programs that provide convenient access to files and folders. In Windows, the file manager class includes the Explorer program to manage the file structure on the computer's disks.

The Windows Start, Programs, Accessories, Explorer command brings up the overview window, divided into two wings (Figure 4.13). The left Folders allows you to navigate through the tree whose branches lead to the usual folders on the disks, the system folder My Documents , and the device folders: drives, printers, control panel, etc.

Explorer Window

Fig. 4.13. Explorer window

If you select a folder in the left pane of the window and press Enter or click the mouse, the right pane of the window will show the contents of this folder.

The sliders of the scroll bars are moved in the window but vertically and horizontally. Clicking the plus near the folder in the window opens the subordinate branches, and the square "minus" they are closed. Move through the Explorer tree with the arrow keys (up, down, sideways). In the right window of the Explorer, you can go to the folder up one level by pressing Backspace.

The menu at the top of the Explorer window opens commands that depend on whether objects are selected in the window. The File, Edit, View menu contains the same commands as the same menu in the folder windows.

To copy in Explorer, select the source folder in the left window, select the desired file in the right window, give the command Copy. Then return to the left Explorer window, select the destination folder, in the right window its contents, give the command Paste.

Other file managers - Total Commander, Free Commander PowerDesk, FAR - are installed on the computer additionally.


Utilities for Windows include the following programs:

Diagnostic programs - check the properties (parameters) and operation of computer devices, run tests for troubleshooting.

Disk Utilities provide faster access to data by optimizing the placement, compressing data, backup (duplicate) information from a disk to another drive: a tape or another network drive, and fix registry errors.

Windows Menu Start, All Programs. Standard, Service opens the disk maintenance utilities (defragmenting, checking and eliminating errors in data placement on the disk, cleaning up unnecessary files) and diagnosing the system. Analogues: Auslogics Disk Defrag, Diskeeper, Registry Mechanics.

Defragmentation is the process of detecting and fixing fragmented file and folder locations on

Disk Defragmentation Window

Fig. 4.14. Disk Defragmenter Window

the hard drive. The utility performs disk space analysis and defragmentation. The program window (Figure 4.14) shows a list of available disks, the distribution of data on the selected disk before and after defragmentation.

Different colors denote areas of fragmented files occupying a continuous area of ​​disk space, system files that the defragmenter can not move, and unallocated disk space (white color).

Periodic analysis of the disk state and, if necessary, defragmentation is performed at the time when application programs are not running.

Disk Checker fixes file system errors, identifies bad sectors, can restore their information.

Disk Cleanup is designed to remove temporary elements (temporary files, cached Internet files and unused programs). In addition, the utility can delete the contents of the Recycle Bin.

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