Social Networking Sites Analysis

Social Networking Sites are increasingly becoming popular, attracting the attention of millions of users by performing like an network. These sites are web based services that allow individuals to make a public/private profile using one or even more sites. Users once listed can type their personal data including images and videos. This then allows those to connect to other users with whom they want to share one common interest or view point. Presently there are a large number of different interpersonal networking sites working worldwide that give a variety of features targeted at a variety of different subject groupings.

Therefore the cultural networking sites works by collecting profiles of users who are registered. Once they acquire information, this data is open to other associates of the group or community for which an individual is registered.


Internet is recognized as an integral part of our life in today's world. Through internet, people can connect to other person from anywhere in the world. You can find no divisional and setbacks to prevent people from interacting. Social networking websites are incredibly popular nowadays especially within young adults. Millions of users incorporate these sites to their daily lives by verifying their profile many times every day and getting changes from friends and individuals time to time. Almost all the online users are members of either one or more social networking websites. In my words, I would describe these sites as a web based utility that allows users to converse actively with other users and friends by allowing individuals to create a merchant account and describing his/her own passions. Once the consideration is established, users are then in a position to post personal information including photographs, videos and blog entries in their profile. The way customer interacts with other person depends upon features that each networks offer. Some of these features include instant messaging, training video calling, chatting, e-mail, blogging, group conversations, file sharing and so forth.

The networks are grouped into different categories. While almost all of the sites derive from general purpose, some of the sites are based on specific theme. A few of these categories are talked about below.

Category 1 - Standard Interest

These sites are for general purpose in which a user will keep contact with old good friend, or make a new friend. These websites also enable consumer to comment on other member text messages/views. Here are some of the top general goal sites.

Facebook: This web site allows users to obtain contact with friends, family around them. Currently facebook is most popular networking site among teenagers.

Orkut: Similar to facebook, Orkut also provides its users to meet new friends and maintain existing relationships. This site is managed by Yahoo Inc.

Twitter: This website permits its users to send and read other user information called tweets. This web site is sometimes referred to as the "SMS of the internet".

Category 2 - Specific Interest

These sites derive from specific themes which are targeted at certain kinds of groups. Below are some of the theme centered network sites.

LinkedIn: It is a business-oriented network where participants invite visitors to be "connections" instead of "friends. " This is mainly utilized for professional networking. The purpose of this site is to allow its users to keep up a list of contact details of folks they know and trust in business. It could then be utilized to find careers, people and business opportunities suggested by someone in one's contact network. Employers use these sites to post job vacancies in their companies.

Last. fm: This networking site is dependant on Music. NEW USERS will be able to post within the last. fm forums, receive and send private information and use the Last. fm client very good music player.

Flixster: This is a sociable movie site allowing users to share movie ratings, discover new films and meet others with similar movie preference.

Benefits of SOCIAL MEDIA Websites

Using sociable networking sites, we can form companionship with people online all over the world. Not only we can make new friends but we are certain to get an opportunity to find out about new languages, ethnicities of other countries. Networks mostly will involve either specific individuals or organizations mutually. For individuals, these websites provide better ways to talk to friends, young families. Also you can increase their band of connections that can go beyond geographical and ethnic dissimilarities as they can meet people who promote your hobbies from virtually all sides of world. We are able to share messages within seconds with the individual sitting at distant places. You can also create and share weblogs with friends and individuals by giving links to them.

Thus, public networking sites have been quite effective in facilitating making new friends or permitting old good friend after years of lack of marketing communications. Hence communal networking sites can be smart way in which to stay touch with large groups of people.

On the other aspect, businesses and organizations may use these sites to market their websites, products and services extensively. News stations provide changes to public with recent and up-to-date information about events and activities throughout the world.

Disadvantages of Social Networking Websites

Even though there are great deal of benefits of these sites, there are potential issues also associated with this. The primary outcome will be personality theft and scam of personal data which is on climb. The labels, addresses, email id's, era etc are private information that a customer can give out and fraudsters utilize this information in carrying out illegal activities. There are also many people who pretend to be another person and are using these sites to produce a business deal. Nevertheless, you that they can rob money out of another consumer.

Another danger would be meeting strangers online. The primary concern from these folks is online harassment. They use the information on user's account.

Some fake advertisements can invite users to unwanted trojans to their computers.

Nowadays, professional companies are referring online account while judging people during interviews.


Social networking sites are an online community that has users documented from all around the world. As seen above there are both pros and cons from using this sites.

Therefore one must be very careful while providing personal data online. Nowadays all the networks are offering an option of privacy. Employing this option, you can restrict the entrance of unwanted users and unidentified users.

We gets many demands for adding as friends or joining different communities. It is always easier to know up to information about them before adding anyone as good friend or signing up for any community. Usually there's a possibility that people may become a victim of fake personal information which may ruin your image.

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