Software for the automation of the work of the tour operator...

Software for the automation of the work of the tour operator and travel agent

V-PRICE program

This program is designed to automate the calculation of prices of tour packages and registration of price lists.

The program is a macro Excel, which automatically recalculates the cost of one day of stay at the hotel (confidential tariffs of the receiving party) to the cost of the finished package.

The cost calculation is carried out according to the following formula: the cost of the air ticket + the cost of the transfer + the cost of the day of stay entered in the cell, & x; the number of days of the tour (in version 1.1 the possibility of calculating the price of a voucher when the cost of a hotel is changed during the tour is added) + the cost of insurance per day & number of tour days + overhead + desired profit.

The program can automatically bring any currency to the dollar and round off the results of calculations. In addition, the program provides opportunities to quickly increase or decrease all prices of the price list, which allows you to quickly respond to the dynamics of the tourist market by instant price changes, without resorting to tedious calculations.

The advantage of the program is also the fact that when reviewing the price list by other companies, they will not be able to determine any confidential data, since the price list created by the V-PRICE program does not contain formulas.

In contrast to version 1.1, there are the following innovations in V-PRICE version 1.2:

1. Fixed calculation of insurance. Now the insurance is considered by the day, not at night, as the cost of the hotel.

2. Since the cost of the transfer is usually sent by the receiving party in local currency, there is the possibility of entering without conversion into dollars. To do this, you need to tick the tick near the transfer near the inscription "local currency".

3. There was an opportunity of recalculation of price-lists in other currency, for example from dollars to rubles or euro. To do this, one more tab "currency conversion" has been introduced. To recalculate price lists, you need to select cells and enter a cross-rate.

The single price base of Toursoft tour operators includes:

• Tour prices (free software (from English free software, also software libre or libre software ) and directories);

• hotels (descriptions and photos);

• Stop Sale;

• Flight schedule.

The main goal of the project is to facilitate marketing for travel agencies. You can forget about the large number of faxes and e-mails that have to be viewed by tour agency managers every day. Using the base of Toursoft, agencies receive all offers of operators by pressing just one button. TourSoft allows not only to increase the speed and sales volumes, but also affects the image as a whole. The travel agency can book a tour directly from the program.

All prices that the manager sees on the computer screen can be accessed by the client on the company's website. Updating prices on the site occurs automatically as changes are made. For tour operators, this program is interesting in order to get acquainted with the price proposals of competitors, increase the agency network and obtain statistics on major tourist destinations.

The Toursoft program is offline and does not require a permanent connection to the Internet. The receipt of new offers from tour operators takes place continuously from 9.00 to 22.00.

The advantages of TourSoft include:

• User-friendly interface;

• clear tracking of short-lists;

• a large selection of tour operators in mass directions;

• speed of processing requests for customers;

• Reduce the cost of maintaining a website;

• Possibility of booking;

• flexible pricing policy.

Turwin MultiPro. The value of Turwin MultiPro for the travel agency lies in the fact that through the integration with the office suite of MS Office programs, the efficiency of using personal computers in your company's LAN increases several times. Main features:

• creating directories for any segment of the tourist product;

• the formation of tours by one country or by country;

• automatic generation of tour packages and printing of price-list;

• Order registration;

• Control of loading of flights and hotels;

• unlimited number of output documents, built-in report generator;

• strict accounting of cash flow, printing of basic accounting documents (invoices, invoices, incoming cash orders, cash reports, etc.);

• reliable work in the local network (the number of workplaces is not limited);

• Organic use in conjunction with the programs included in the Microsoft Office suite.

The Turwin MultiPro program is both a network and a single-user program. It is enough to specify in which mode of access to open data files and where they are physically located (on any computer disk or on the network server disk), and the program itself will take advantage of single-user or network data exchange. The cost of the program does not depend on the number of computers on the network.

Users are entitled to an unlimited number of free telephone consultations, free elimination of all detected errors during the first six months of work, as well as to order upgrades and modification of the program (for an additional fee).

The clients of the company are such tour companies as: "Cross Tourism Olympia", "Respect", "Baltic Service", Viplan Travel, "SK-Intour" (Rostov-on-Don), Three desires (Nizhnevartovsk), Valida (Perm), Surgut-Intour and others

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