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As a result of mastering the materials of this chapter, students must:


- Fundamental provisions for the classification of software tools

- the basic principles of the construction and operation of operating systems, their purpose and functions;

be able to

- to take part in the selection of modern operating environments and information and communication technologies for informatization and automation of the solution of applied problems and the creation of information systems;

- analyze the market of software and hardware for solving applied problems and creating information systems;

- clearly formulate their requirements as users to information systems;


- skills to determine the composition of the software needed to organize work on the computer.

Software Classification

Software is a collection of programs with the appropriate documentation intended for solving tasks on a PC. Computer program is one of the components of the software; it is a sequence of instructions designed to be executed by the computer management device. Computer programs as an object of intellectual property are classified as intangible assets. The term software is actually identified with a more general concept - "software product". software means a program that, independently of its developers, can be used for specified purposes on different computers, provided they meet its system requirements. The formulated definition is true not only for a single program, but also for a software package. At the same time, when we talk about the possibility of using, we mean several things at once:

• The program is able to function normally not only on the author's computer, but also within any suitable system:

• the author (or other rightholder) allows to distribute and use the program under certain conditions;

• A person who has received a distribution program, can independently install and fully use it.

The last paragraph is directly related to the technical documentation.

Software is often called software from the English word software, first applied by mathematician John Tuke in 1958. The software is included in the comprehensive PC support along with technical (hardware), mathematical, information, linguistic, organizational and other types of support.

The software (110) is usually divided into the system, application, and instrumental (see Figure 5.1).

System Software coordinates the operation of various computer components and acts as an intermediary between applications and PC hardware. The main component of the system software that controls the operation of the computer is the operating system - OS {operating system - OS ) .

Applications ( application software ) are computer programs written for users or by users and implementing specific application tasks. An example of application software are text editing programs, creating drawings or graphics, processing information arrays, etc.

Instrumental software (software development tools) is software that is used in the design, development and maintenance of programs. This class includes systems

Software Classification

Fig. 5.1. Software classification

programming, as well as database management systems (DBMS), which have an official purpose. Instrumental software can be considered a subset of application software.

Let's take a closer look at these three types of software.

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