Study About The Micros Opera Booking System

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group established fact as an owner and operator of renowned hotels in Asia and around the world. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Singapore is a global leader in terms of technology services provided as part of its first-class hospitality. Mandarin Oriental (1), it compensates special focus on systems because there guests demand the most advanced technology services at the hotel. The hotel is planning to introduce new functions in the future while keeping a close watch on the latest IT movements. Mandarin oriental Singapore gets the latest and the most advance information technology being found in the hotel industry.

According to the study and the info gathered which was not an easy job also to clearly mention the proper information about the info technology being utilized by Mandarin Oriental hotel are Opera booking system which helps Mandarin Oriental to have a competitive advantage due to its key features and help them to be a key player in the booking system in the hotel and on the other side Mandarin oriental is using Micros Point of deal which helps those to be very near to the clients as Point of deal offers a fully included solution for Restaurants, Pubs, Night clubs and Cafes with tools to help you target more on customers and with technology, from desk management through to fast cash deals.

The other it used by the hotel is Open up Desk Restaurant and Guest management software, Open Table allows us to give customers the sensation that, these folks know who I am and they value what I want and what I like and do not like. The Open Stand System really helps us because it allows us to keep track of every customer that comes in. All these information technology utilized by Mandarin oriental helps those to have good competitive advantages and have an improved customer oriented hotel and cater all the customers' needs, using latest it.

All the info gathered, the suggestion would be Micros Opera Reservation System as it is the advance central reservation system and has a lot of key features which will make it to truly have a competitive benefits.

2. Introduction

Mandarin Oriental Hotel is one of the leading 5 star brands popular for its prestigious hotel in Singapore and around the world. It includes personalized service which is based on two key features "Legendary Service, " and "Sense of Place". Mandarin Oriental is also a technology leader in 5 star hospitality industries, with the latest information technology to achieve a larger degree of service. Mandarin Oriental (1).

The goal of Mandarin oriental hotel is to totally delight and satisfy our guests, these are focused on making a difference every day; continuously getting better and become the best. Mandarin Oriental (1), Keep carefully the visitor happy and satisfied by using the best it in the hotel service is the bars, restaurants, in room services, and check in to check out services, all to make visitor feel at home, to provide an improved offer of service and satisfaction by putting into action latest it. Mandarin Oriental (1)

Mandarin Oriental Hotel one of leaders in conditions of information technology services. You will find three varieties of it which were concentrating on which helps the hotel to have a competitive advantages.

Opera booking system used in verifying in and looking into the guest even though this is advance system which really helps to provide an improved service to the friends, has its own key features which helps it to possess competitive gain.

The restaurant (Dolce Vita) is using Micros Point of sales (POS) this technology helps the restaurant to perform smooth and within an sorted out manner even helps them to target more on customers and with technology. The other system that they are employing is Open Table restaurant, this technology helps these to focus on the customers and their needs, needs. It's an Open Desk restaurant and Visitor management software.

These varieties of technology really helps to pay special attention to the demands and needs, even although visitor may be from the financial or entertainment industry, as well as guests who are seeking leisure activities. Whichever kind of guest each is looking for a much better it service they can get.

Micros Opera Booking System (ORS)

The Opera Reservation System (ORS) is one of the very most advance reservation system which helps easy check in and check out of the visitor. It is major technology used in front line of the hotel. ORS easily handles all sorts of reservations specific, group, party, company, travel agent, and waitlisted According to the research and research done they are the key top features of Opera Reservation System. Opera (2)

Global Perspective: Opera Booking system supports a myriad of currency and various dialects. Room rates and profits can be easily turned from the local currency to any other currency to make it possible for the visitor. ORS can support any vocabulary depends upon the guest account. Everything needed such as property, room rate can be exhibited in different vocabulary.

Automatic Rate and Inventory Handles: Opera booking system lets you set up rate of an individual and for organizations. Helps to control inventory and makes inventory management easy which increases profit. Room rates can be made on the ratio occupancy. Agencies are allowed to use the hotel booking system to access the best rates for the quantity of amount of stay order to increase property income.

Full Reservation Efficiency: When real estate agents are making a scheduling on the Opera reservation system they can simply do multiple businesses such as routing instructions, split charges, shared reservations, regular flyer and loyalty program memberships, negotiated rates, and discounts. Deposit ventures are used in room.

Efficient Searching: Opera booking system really helps to check for supply on other properties and other chain of hotel. ORS makes the search easier just with some criteria such as property name, location, deal, attractions and attractions.

Group and Stop Features: Managing group and blocking reservations is simple in the Opera reservation system. Room blocking, rooming lists, room sharing, deposits, head to series are managed by Opera booking system.

Multi-Property Rate Screen: Opera reservation system can show rates, room types, and plans for one property as well as for multiple properties at exactly the same time agents can simply query for different times when the wanted dates are not available.

Benefits: Simple to learn and user-friendly with a good search engine and really helps to enhance revenue. Opera reservation system manages deposits and room blocking. Multi-Property itinerary reservations are treated easily.

Global Distribution Program: Opera reservation system could work together with GDS (Global Circulation System) interface that allows travel agencies to confirm bookings and send the info.

These secrets features help Opera reservation system to acquire competitive gain and make it certainly progress software technology used in hotels.


Even though Opera Reservation System is one of the advance reservation system it still has its draw back, while doing evening audit ORS is bit poor. ORS can take in time doing the night time audit on the other palm Fidelio is faster.

Micros Point of Deal (POS)

Point of sale is among the finest and better information technology solution which a restaurants, Pubs, Night clubs and Cafes can have and with tools to help you concentrate more on customers and with technology, from handling all the furniture to fast trades. Point of sale is helpful to your retail, bar, concierge and snack bars.

Point of deal system software will help you to have a much better level of control over your business procedures, increasing efficiency, profits. Mandarin oriental restaurant are using the point of sales (Dolce Vita) POS (3)

The most elementary Point of sale system consists of


Cash drawer

Receipt printer



According to all or any the study and review done POS has its competitive edge and key features which helps it to be always a more efficient than check out. POS (3)

Requires little training time for the staff

Full-colour touchscreen provides fast and easy order entry and visitor check features

Built-in multi-language

Personal IDs or magnetic credit cards, set to regulate access for folks that can make changes quickly

Restaurant managers can change menus and prices

Add or edit employee information and perform other administrative functions.

Quick and easy to set up.

Minimum disruption to your business move.

Reduces labor costs Prevents reduction, Inaccurate orders, resulting in waste and income loss, no order excepted until devote Micros POS.

Eliminate manual problems and really helps to see which person did the miscalculation so the next time he is able to fix the manual problem.

Serve guests effectively and therefore creates come back customers.

Allows you to definitely make quick price changes and menu changes from any work place.

Accepts major bank cards.


Micros Point of deal is among the finest it software, it's really user friendly and easy to learn on the other side it has its drawbacks.

Point of sales a while hangs the machine so there exists have to be restarting the machine and takes time.

Problem in reading ruined magnetic strips

Some times not compatible for some debit cards even they are Visa or MasterCard, from different part of world.

Micros Point of sale

Open Stand Restaurant and Visitor management.

Open Stand give customers the sensation that, these people know who I am and they care about what I want and what I love and don't like. The Start Stand System really helps us since it allows us to observe every customer that comes.

A customer might not have been in for eight calendar months but we can still say, "Hello, Mr. Johnson. It's so nice to see you again. It really helps to have personal service on the guest and the visitor feels appreciated towards that kind of service rendered towards him, Open table software really helps to do good service by using technology women customer. With Start Table you don't have to keep it in your mind, it's all there in front of you and makes your service clean.

Guests are always impressed that we're able to recognize them. Start Table improves our visitor reservation management process. No matter who can take the reservation, we is now able to quickly identify regulars. Mandarin Oriental is using Open up table as it offers a customized service to its visitor.

According to the study done by available table the most booked available desk restaurants are: Open table (4)

Morton's The Steakhouse - Singapore


Cherry Garden

Dolce Vita

These restaurants are functioning in Mandarin oriental. Open table (5)

The key features that makes Open table have a competitive advantage and makes them a better it are

Reservation Management

Easily enter in or change reservations while taking a look at guest histories

Phone volumes, email and mailing addresses

Allow blocking and VIP (seating blocking)

Reduce no-shows with customer monitoring (by phoning)

Take reservations from your website or Open up Table a day a day

Table Management

Maximize capacity management in seating with walk-in and waitlist.

Instantly track addresses for more efficient kitchen and server management

Increase table move corresponding to group resting choice

Store multiple reservation and special events

Hold and incorporate desks for large parties

Record and view transfer notes for each day

Guest Management

Identify regulars and VIP guests

Customer choices to meet special requests

View customer reservation histories

Track special occasions such as visitor birthdays and anniversaries

Marketing Management

Track and prize concierge business

Accept auto parking coupons


Open Desk restaurant and Guest Management has its key features but has its own drawbacks as well, Start desk sometimes hangs the machine, when there are large functions table assorting is to be done each and every time to allocate the right furniture to the guest. Changes need to be done before every function in line with the covers in the Open Stand software.

6. Recommendations

According to all the research and review done about the information technology used in Mandarin Oriental, the most successful technology utilized by them is Micros Opera Reservation system as it gives them a competitive advantages and has major key features which help to be the most progress reservation software, OPERA Reservation System a genuine centrally been able central reservation system. Even hard it offers some sketch backs but in long run it's a vital i. t employed by the hotel.

7. Conclusions

Micros plays a significant role in the info technology today as it gets the best and move forward it and software which helps hotels to be better, be more advance, provide good service that your guest likes to have.

Micros have competitive edge gained through use of it and implementations of it system in the hospitality industry make sure they are market that caters all the various needs of each kind of customer, who needs to be taken health care of his / her needs. The technology used by the hotel helps then to get gain over their rivals and make them a better place for leisure and business for every person who can relate themselves and their needs.

Even though this information technology has sketch backs however in long run they support and control well and help them to get good customer response.

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