Study Of Episodes On ECOMMERCE Systems Computer Technology Essay

Electronic commerce (e-commerce) services nowadays have grown to be a core component and more popular on Internet and Web environment. Electronic business, Internet and Web environment have empowered businesses to lessen costs and offer benefits both to the buyer and to the business. According to Forrester Research the online retail sales in the United stated for 2003 exceeded $100 billion. As the info Technology and the using of internet are increasing every day, the demand for secure information and electric services keeps growing. Every online deal in the internet can be checked and stored in a variety of locations, since the Internet is a public network it creates very important for businesses to understand possible security risks and vulnerabilities with their business. The key factor that influences the success of e-commerce is to switch security on network. In this newspaper we will summarize some of the security hazards and vulnerabilities regarding the e-commerce security.

Keywords: e-Commerce security, hazards, vulnerability, attacks

1. Introduction

The improvements that Internet has made in the past couple of years have changed the way people see and use the Internet itself. The greater their use grows, the more disorders purpose these systems and the quantity of security risks rises. Security is becoming one of most important issues and significant matter for e-commerce that must be fixed [1]. Every private and general public firm is taking computer and e-commerce security significantly more than before because any possible invasion directly comes with an effect in E-commerce business [5]. The Internet and Web environment can provide as much security hazards and vulnerabilities as opportunities for a company.

The low priced and high option of the globally Internet for businesses and customers has made a revolution in e-commerce [1]. This revolution in e-commerce subsequently increases the requirement for security, as well as the number of on-line cheats and scams as it is shown in the Figure 1. Although there's been investments and put in a very large amount of time and money to provide secures networks, still there is always the possibility of the breach of security [5]. Matching to IC3 2007 annual report, the total dollar damage from all referred complaints of fraud was $239. 09 million [3]. The majority of these frauds and cheats were dedicated over the Internet or similar online services. Security continues to be a significant concern for e-commerce and an effort for each and every company. Mitigate security threats and vulnerability continues to be a battle for every company [5]. Good security infrastructure means good productivity for the business.

Figure 1: Occurrences of Internet fraud [15]

In this paper in the first section we gives a brief describe of e-commerce and the types of e-commerce, and then in second section we will express the security issues plus some of the threats and vulnerabilities- attacks in e-commerce. Previous section discuss various defence mechanism uses to safeguard e-commerce security which continues to be high concerns of business.

2. E-commerce Background

Information and communication technology has become more and more essential and crucial part of businesses. This highly uses of information technology have changed the original way to do business. This new way to do business is recognized as Electronic Business (E-Commerce) or Electronic Business (E-Business) [12]. Electronic commerce or e-commerce means buying and selling of products or services over the part of internet called World Wide Web. Regarding to Verisign [2004] electric business is a "strategic imperative for most competitive organisations today as it is an integral to finding new sources of revenue, widening into new market segments, reducing costs, and creating breakaway business strategies". E-commerce includes electronic trading, trading of securities, banking, hotel booking, purchases of flight tickets etc [2]. There are different types of e-commerce, but we will encompass the e-commerce on there types of business exchange:

B2B ( business to business);

B2C ( business to consumer);

C2C (consumer to consumer) [4].

Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce- is simply defined as business orders among and between businesses, such as connection between two companies, betwe