The choice of system definition - System theory and system analysis

Selecting the system definition

Considering the various definitions of the system and their evolution and not singling out either of them as the main one, the authors tried not only to show the complexity of the short definition of such (usually intuitively comprehended) concepts as system, but also to help student, future specialist, to realize the fact that different definitions can be used in different stages of the object representation in the form of a system, in different specific situations. And as the ideas about the system are clarified or when moving to another stratum of its research, the definition of the system not only can, but must be clarified.

A more complete definition that includes both elements, and connections, and target, and observer, and sometimes and its language " display system, helps to set the task, outline the main steps of the methodology of system analysis. So, in organizational systems, if you do not determine the person competent to make decisions, then you can not achieve the purpose for which the system is created. But there are systems for which the observer is obvious. Sometimes you do not even need to explicitly use the concept of a goal.

In particular, the version of the theory of systems Yu. A. Urmantsev [84], created by him for research on lowly developed biological objects such as plants, does not include the concept of the goal as uncharacteristic for this class of objects, and the concept of expediency of development reflects in the form of a special kind of relationship - laws of composition.

Thus, when carrying out system analysis, you first need to display the situation using as complete a definition of the system, and then, highlighting the most significant components that affect the decision, formulate the "working" a definition that can be refined, expanded or narrowed depending on the course of the analysis.

Working The definition of the system helps the researcher (developer) to begin its description. Next, in order to correctly select the necessary elements, links, their properties and other components included in the accepted "working" definition of the system, it is necessary that the persons forming this initial, verbal representation of the system, in the same sense, use these concepts.

The choice of the definition of the system reflects the adopted concept and is actually the beginning of the simulation. Therefore, from the very beginning it is advisable to present definitions in a symbolic form that facilitates an unambiguous understanding by all participants of the development or research of the system.

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