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The Basic Steps of Creating a Document

Creates a new document. The concept of a template

Creating a new document involves opening a clean window for Word for Windows , where you can enter the text of the document, the parameters of the created document are defined by default and depend on the template on which the document is based.

Template is a special file that encodes all the parameters of the newly created document. The template defines the following parameters:

• page settings;

• style sheets;

• Interface elements;

• AutoText Elements;

• macros;

• Basic text.

By default, all new documents are based on a template whose file is named Normal.dotx. The document created on the Normal.dotx consists of one page and has one character - the end of the paragraph character.

Receptions for creating a new document

To create a new document, you can use the following methods:

1) By default, a clean window opens at the start of the program, in which you can create a document based on the Normal.dotx template.

2) use the Create new standard toolbar button, which allows you to create a new document based on the Normal.dotx template while the program is running (you can add the New button to the panel tools in the way described above);

3) you can create a new document based on another template using the New command from the File menu. In the dialog that opens, select the desired template.

In order to use the parameters of the created document (template), you need to select the right to save the template correctly. This folder is called the Template, to save the document you need to go to it. To navigate to a folder, use the following path:


The parameters of the created documents depend on the Template on which the document is based.

A set of font and paragraph parameters is called the document style. By default, when creating a new document based on the Normal.dotx template the style of the first paragraph is called Normal. When formatting a document, you can change all the parameters of the page, paragraph and font.

Creating a document necessarily ends with saving the document. The newly created document does not have a name, but is defined by the standard name Document No. ... To save the document, you need to determine the name of the disk, the directory and the file in which the document will be saved.

Typing rules

When typing in the word processor Word , remember that:

• the text is typed continuously, the passage to the next paragraph line is performed automatically by the program;

• the document is formatted automatically when typing, taking into account the page and paragraph boundaries set;

• at the end of the logical paragraph, the Enter key is pressed to start typing a new paragraph;

• the transition to a new line without ending the paragraph is performed by pressing the key combination Shift + Enter;

• the non-breaking hyphen is inserted into the text by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + (-);

• the non-breaking space is inserted into the text by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + Space;

• the symbol optional transfer is inserted into the text by pressing the key combination Ctrl + (-);

• Switching text input modes Insert/Replace is performed when you press the Insert key (if you do not select the Use Ins to insert button in the Tools - Options - Edit menu)

• typing text is entered where the cursor is flashing;

• To position the cursor, click the mouse in the desired location or use the cursor keys;

• To delete a character, use the Delete key (the character behind the cursor is deleted) or the Backspace key (the character is deleted before the cursor).

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