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The program "Sail-Insurance"

SAIL-Insurance allows to build a corporate SD IC uniting the central office and remote branches of the insurance company.

The program has a modular structure, allows you to configure and configure functional components in accordance with the characteristics of the company's activities, the organizational structure of management. SAIL-Insurance completely corresponds to the insurance legislation and the established practice of the United States insurance business.

The distinctive features of the program for integrated automation of insurance activities are:

1. Support for a variety of insurance and reinsurance business processes.

2. Multivariate implementation of management functions (various algorithms and models for calculating reserves under direct insurance contracts and reinsurance contracts, facultative and obligatory contracts).

3. Compliance with the requirements of external reporting (accounting, tax, statistical).

4. Unified architecture database client-server with the provision of efficient storage, access and processing of large arrays of stored data.

SAIL-Insurance implemented in the architecture "client-server database", uses the Oracle database, runs on UNIX operating systems, MS Windows NT, Netware, OS/2, etc.

Typical function modules "SAIL-insurance":

1. Personnel Accounting and Staffing: Staffing Accounting & quot ;, Generating Staff Schedule Reporting and others

2. Calculation of wages of regular and non-staff employees on the basis of information on worked time, calculation of time wages, formation of payroll documents for salaries and reporting for external organizations (IMNS, PF RF).

3. Accounting: Accounting of cash, Accounting of fixed assets, Accounting for the movement of materials, Accounting of mutual settlements with counterparties, Accounting of costs, Formation of accounting reports, etc.

4. Financial management: financial planning, budgeting, management of accounts receivable and accounts payable, operational planning and management of payments, financial analysis of the company's activities.

5. Property and liability insurance, MTPL insurance:

• Maintenance of system-wide vocabulary registers (counterparts, types of passports, geographical concepts, types of settlements, currency names, currency rates, types of documents);

• maintaining the vocabulary registers of insurance records (types of insurance, types of objects and risks, types of policies, types of insurance events, types of commission, premium payment modes, network agents, units, posts, additional characteristics);

• setting up the system for specific insurance rules (determining the moment of the beginning of responsibility for cash and non-cash receipt of premiums, setting up accounting for different types of objects, for each type of object setting the chronological structure of the tariff rate, setting the correspondence of the object type and the object description form, setting risks, registration of various types of risks: simple, batch, included in the package);

• registration and accounting of the use of forms of strict accountability (policy forms, receipts, control of the state of policy forms, obtaining reports);

• registration and support of insurance contracts with the issuance of policies (details of insurance amounts, bonuses, bonuses, benefits, deductibles and premiums received for each insured object and risk, accounting for several underwriters under the policy with the scope of each of them, accounting for beneficiaries under the policy with a share of each of them);

• Accounting of the schedule of payment of insurance premium and real cash flow under the insurance agreement (policy)

• Tracking the validity period of the insurance contract, depending on the amount of the premium received;

• Accounting of insurance events and losses. Registration of information on insurance events and losses on policies. Detailing and review of losses on risks. Automatic formation of the alleged operations of payment of reimbursements for the policy in the settlement of a loss. Automatic calculation of the amount of liability that is subject to insurance coverage after the loss is settled;

• Registration of brokers and agents. Accounting for brokers and agents for each operation of receipt of premiums on the policy;

• account of commission. Accounting in the policies of the commission of agents and brokers on an accrual basis, as well as actual data. Automatic calculation of commission for a custom algorithm. Commission fee is considered for each receipt of the award, each commission amount is linked to the document of the foundation;

• Forming reports on types of insurance related to property and liability insurance.

6. Insurance of persons traveling abroad.

7. Reinsurance.

8. Analysis and Reporting, Consolidated Reporting.

9. Management of business processes.

10. Administering AND WITH SD.

SAIL-Insurance created as open a system capable of integration and development at the functional, information, software and technical levels, it is possible to use office software products.

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