Tools for creating applications - Informatics

Tools for creating applications

represent a collection of languages ​​and programming systems, as well as various software packages for debugging and supporting the created programs. These funds are divided:

Essential Software Tools

Fig. 11.1. Basic software tools

• to local software development tools that ensure the execution of individual work to create programs;

• Integrated software development environments that ensure the implementation of a set of interrelated works on the creation of programs.

Local tools program development includes languages ​​and programming systems, as well as a user's tool environment.

A programming language is a formalized language for describing the algorithm for solving a problem on a computer. Among the programming languages ​​are:

• Machine languages ​​that are perceived by the hardware of the computer;

• machine-oriented languages ​​(assemblers) that reflect the structure of a particular type of computer;

algorithmic languages ​​(BASIC, Pascal, FORTRAN, etc.) that are intended to describe the algorithm and are independent of the computer architecture;

• problem-oriented languages ​​designed to solve the problems of a particular class.

The programming system is a set of tools that allows a program prepared in a programming language to be converted to a bootable module ready for execution of the program. The process of creating the boot module is shown in Fig. 11.2.

Programming systems include a compiler, an integrated software development environment, a debugger, program optimization tools, a set of libraries, a communications editor, library utilities, help systems, source code documentation, a project management and project management system.

Using the translator , the source code of the program is converted to object code in the machine language. As a compiler, compilers are used that translate the entire program without performing it; interpreters that perform the processing of the whole program.

Boot module creation technology

Fig. 11.2. Boot module creation technology

The object code is processed by the links editor, representing the program for building the boot module.

There are special programs - debuggers, designed for tracing and analyzing the execution of the program being developed. Tracing is the debugging method of the program, consisting in the execution of the program, displaying the contents of the processor registers on the screen.

A modern integrated programming system contains a specialized text editor, a compiler, a communications editor, a function library and a debugger. Almost all stages of creating a program in it are automated. After the introduction of the source text, its compilation and assembly does not require manual configuration of many parameters for running the compiler and the connection editor, specifying the necessary files, and so on. During compilation, the screen shows how many lines of source code have been compiled, and also messages about the errors found. The debugger allows you to analyze the operation of the program during its execution. Using it, you can sequentially execute individual source code statements in steps, while observing how the values ​​of different variables change.

The user's tool environment is a special tool built into application packages, such as libraries of functions, procedures, objects, and processing methods; macro commands; keyboard macros; language macros, program modules-inserts, designers of screen forms and reports, high-level query languages, etc.

Integrated environments software development is a set of tools for their integrated application in all the technological stages of creating programs. Their main purpose is to increase the productivity of programmers, automate the creation of code programs that provide a graphical user interface, develop applications for the client-server architecture, queries, reports.

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