Translation by means of sites on the Internet, Correlation of...

Translation by means of sites on the Internet

Network Translation - services of sites on the Internet using automated, machine or statistical translation in a specified pair of languages ​​to translate individual phrases, paragraphs, document, entire web page, e-mail. To translate a web page, specify its URL, for example, copy it from the address bar of the browser.

Google's translation services ( are as follows:

a) dictionaries for many pairs of languages;

b) entering text and translating in the form window with the indication of a pair of languages ​​from the list;

c) Translate the web page to the specified URL;

d) search the Internet with translation of the search string into the specified languages ​​and translation of the search results.

The Google search site can be switched to multilingual search mode, if after receiving the results, select the Translation of results command in the system parameters and specify the languages. In the search box you enter a query in your language (for example, United States), the site automatically translates it into the specified languages, and returns the results in a translated form. For example, to the query in United States, "The Economic Crisis in Greece"; You can order languages: English, French, Greek - and get the results of links to sources in these languages, but translated into United States. Documents on the links are also opened in translation, and if you hover over the translated sentence, the original is visible in the pop-up label.

The translated web page preserves layout, formatting, drawings, links to other pages. Going through the links of the translated page opens new pages again in the translation mode.

The Google Chrome browser contains the Translate button for translating using the Google server.

On the site of (on PROMT technology) and the Socrates website (, enter the address of the translated web page or copy the text. In Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint), you can embed the communication button with the company's server and, if you have Internet access, translate documents opened in the program using the company's server.

On the search site, go to Advanced, Translator, enter the text or URL of the page.

Correlation of professional and computer translation

For a professional translator, translation is thinking with images. S. Averintsev said that the profession of interpreter is built on the principle of similar triangles, should ensure the adequacy of associations. An interpreter who accompanies an important person always has a strained face. Translation, and artistic prose and poetry especially - a high level of internal culture, erudition, talent. To choose the most suitable synonym, you need a huge vocabulary, associativity of thinking.

Unfortunately, even complex software can not achieve freedom of language skills and professional translator skills. Automatic translation is complicated, since it requires understanding only the structure and rules of the language, but the dependence of the meaning of words on the context in which they are used. Although programmers and linguists work on this problem, a quick and adequate translation solution will take time.

The quality of computer translation is low, but for someone who does not know the language or knows it badly, the translation will help to understand the general meaning of the text, to perform the selection of documents, to evaluate the importance of information for further study. For a user who speaks a foreign language, machine translation is useful in that he takes on routine operations, translates simple phrases, and provides a substring for finalization to high-quality translation.

Specialists sometimes compare the translation of Shakespeare's most famous 66th sonnet from two poets to the last couplet:

William Shakespeare, Sonet LXVI Tired with all of these, from these would I be gone,

Save that, to die, I leave my love alone.

Translation of Boris Pasternak

If I'm exhausted, I would not live a day.

I'm having a hard time without a friend.

Translation by S. Marshak

All is filthy, that I see around ...

But how can I leave you, dear friend!

Two translators, both great masters and poets. But in the lines of Pasternak, a more penetrating, humane, piercing regret is not that he himself will lose by dying, but about how hard the loss will be to his native person.

Do not blame the computer program for translating words and phrases, but you need to have thoughts and feelings.

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