Understanding Mobile Technology Development

The world becomes ever more interconnected technologically. The use of mobile data is continuing to grow interestingly with the increasing use of the smart phones. Therefore, mobile iphone app plays an important role for the today's business.

There are three different approaches for expanding mobile apps

Native Apps:

The Android and iOS will be the two widely used app websites. The Native programs are developed for a specific platform. Therefore the native apps that are developed for Android devices will not focus on iOS devices and vice versa. The native apps are built using native encoding dialects like Objective C, Java, etc. Each mobile platform offers their proprietary development tools for developing the native apps. (Swift, 2015)

The native software may use the recourses of the devices effectively like camera, audio system, graphics, etc. Because of make the local programs for specific device, it works very fast and reliable to the users. The local programs offer best end user experience. The primary drawback of the local apps is that they will not focus on a myriad of devices. So the organization needs to develop different versions of native programs for multiple platforms. That's why it is costly to build and maintain.

Web Apps:

The web apps will be the mobile version of websites. They are the mobile optimized programs that load within a mobile web browser like Mozilla, stainless-, etc. The users don't need to install the web apps to their mobile devices. So the web apps don't require any space in the devices. Several development dialects like CSS, HTML5, CSS, etc are used to develop the net apps. A web app is straightforward to develop and can be very simple. A regular internet connection must access the web apps. It could work sluggish and difficult to engage with users. The financial times has a good mobile web app. (Iversen and Eierman, 2013)

Hybrid Apps:

The Hybrid programs are the combo of indigenous and web apps. It is written by HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then warp by PhoneGap or Cordova. The performance of Cross types software may be reduced scheduled to add an extra layer between the native code and targeted program.

This iphone app is relatively cheaper than indigenous application and easy to develop. It is faster than web app and easy to maintain. Only the native part of the hybrid applications needs to be rewritten to work it on multiple systems. So a business doesn't need to manage a hybrid software in different systems. So developing cross app is inexpensive solution. (Swift, 2015)

The Cheswick GARDEN GREENHOUSE (CGH) desires to unveiling their own mobile iphone app due develop their business and even more engagement to their customer. A cross types app is suited to this kind of business because the Cheswick GARDEN GREENHOUSE needs a huge acceptability mobile iphone app for growing their business. From the above discussion, we have seen that the cross types apps have the capability of operating on different types of cellular devices. Moreover, this application has more end user engagement capability. It is also easy to build up and economical. So I think a hybrid app is suited to the Cheswick Green House. (McCallister, 2014)

The main task for the mobile app development is to make it greatly acceptable such that it can reach to the perfect range of users. The performance of the app may be reduced while programmers make an effort to make the app widely acceptable. So it's a big concern for the creator to keep the software simple, clear and reactive. Since most applications run on cellular devices, it is necessary to build up an iphone app with minimum ability consumption and tool utilization. Network security is an important area of the today's network. So that it is also a key challenge to help make the application secure and reliable to the users. (McCallister, 2014)

Basically, the mobile iphone app development is a program that works on the mobile devices like tablet, Smartphone, etc; whereas, the desktop or laptop program is a creation of computer programs that operates on a desktop or laptop devices. A lot of the software for standard computer are developed by HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript. On the other hand, the mobile iphone app development depends on a lot of factors. Different programming languages are used to develop different types of mobile apps. For instance, Java can be used to generate Android software and swift is employed for iOS apps. (McCallister, 2014)

In this task, we have identified three different methods for producing mobile apps, discovered their benefits and drawbacks, selected a suitable strategy for the Cheswick GARDEN GREENHOUSE and finally justified my decision based on the business operation of the company. We have identified some key challenges for the mobile software development also and made a comparison between mobile and desktop apps.


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