Vending, Payment terminals - Innovative technologies in commerce and business

8.7. Vending

Sale of goods (services) by vending machines - vending - refers to retail trade. Thus, piece goods, coffee, drinking water, sandwiches, etc. are sold. A vending machine is a device that operates according to a specified program. It makes life easier and makes the purchase process more convenient. Vending machines often serve as carriers of advertising. Payment for goods or services can be carried out either directly with the help of the machine or through the information network, in which case the buyer dials the phone number indicated on the machine on the mobile device. A tray with a product is pushed out, and its cost is written off from the buyer's account with the mobile provider. The principle of payment for services through a cellular operator is based on the work of a number of automata for the provision of services. For example, it is used to receive and pay parking space in the parking lot, to clean the car. The invoice for payment is included in the phone bill.

The merits of trading through vending machines include their small size, the ability to work in automatic mode without human intervention, high stability and profitability. The turnover of trade through vending machines in Japan for the period from 2004 to 2009 increased by 2.5 times and in 2009 amounted to $ 100 billion. A variety of vending machines are payment terminals for accepting payments for all kinds of services.

8.8. Payment terminals

Payment terminal is a hardware and software package that allows you to accept payment by the paying agent from the payer of funds in the self-service mode without the participation of the authorized agent of the paying agent. It is characterized by full automation and the ability to monitor work through the Internet or cellular network. Payment terminals allow you to pay for mobile communications, television, the Internet, to enter funds into other payment systems, etc. The advantages of self-service terminals include:

- low cost - about 100-150 thousand rubles.

- no special knowledge and skills are required;

- Technical support from the manufacturer of the terminal.

Payment terminals are of the following types:

- machines for the implementation of various lotteries, circulation and abrasive, combined with the system of accepting payments and issuing small winnings;

- ATM machines for selling tickets of various types - theaters, cinemas, concerts, as well as travel cards, tickets for buses, airplanes, trains, for rides and excursions built on the basis of the payment system software;

- information-payment kiosks.

Until 2007, only the registration of IP was required to install a payment terminal. It was not necessary to have a license, and the control of the use of the received money resources from the state was not carried out. Beginning with Instruction No. 1843-U of the Central Bank of the United States of June 20, 2007, "On the Limit Amount of Cash Settlements and Cash Disbursements Received to the Cashier of a Legal Entity or Individual Entrepreneur"; the requirements for the use of payment terminals by the state are becoming tougher.

The use of payment terminals for accepting payments is currently regulated by the Federal Laws establishing additional requirements for cash register equipment included in the payment terminal. In accordance with Art. 11 of Federal Law No. 162, the paying agent, when accepting payments, must use cash register equipment with fiscal memory and control tape, and also comply with the requirements of the legislation of the United States on the use of cash registers in the execution of cash payments.

In accordance with the letter of 24.02.2011 No. AS-4-2/​​2888 @ "On the registration with the tax authorities after January 1, 2011 of cash register equipment included in the payment terminals registration of fiscal registrars is required.

The payment agent, when accepting payments, must have an appropriate agreement on the implementation of activities for receiving payments by individuals. The activity of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur in accepting monetary funds from an individual without entering into a specified contract that complies with the requirements of Federal Law No. 162-FZ or an agreement on the performance of activities for accepting payments by individuals provided for by the Federal Law "On Banks and Banking Activities" is prohibited . In accordance with the Federal Law No. 162-FZ of June 27, 2011, the paying agent is required to deposit cash funds received from payers when accepting payments for crediting them in full to their special bank account (s). The payment agent must provide the payers with the following information when accepting payments.

• Addresses of the place where payments are received.

• Names and locations of the operator for receiving payments and payment subagent in the event of payment by the payment subagent, and their taxpayer identification numbers.

• Provider names.

• Requisites of the agreement on the implementation of activities for the receipt of payments by individuals between the operator for the reception of payments and the supplier, as well as the details of the agreement on the implementation of activities for the receipt of payments by individuals between the operator for receiving payments and the payment subagent in the event of payment by the payment subagent.

• The amount of remuneration paid by the payer to the operator for receiving payments and the payment subagent in the event of receipt of payment by the payment subagent, in the event of collection of fees.

• Ways of filing claims.

• Contact phone numbers of the provider and the operator for receiving payments, as well as the payment subagent in the event of payment by the payment subagent.

• Addresses and numbers of contact phones of federal executive bodies authorized by the Government of the United States to conduct state control (supervision) over accepting payments.

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