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What is information

The term and the concept of "information". The term information comes from the Latin word informatio, meaning clarification, knowledge, presentation, exposition, and is used in everyday life, in natural, humanitarian and technical sciences, in engineering and economics, in biology, medicine and physiology, in art and other spheres of human activity.

The concept of information belong to one of the fundamental essences of the world around us, along with matter and energy. This concept is so multifaceted and capacious that to date there is no strict, universally accepted formulation. Each scientific discipline gives its formulations and definitions of the concept "information", highlighting as the main those components that best fit its subject and tasks. In the literature on computer science, you can also find different definitions:

• Information in a broad sense is a general scientific concept, including the exchange of information between people, the exchange of signals between living and non-living nature, people and devices [15];

• Information in a broad sense is a reflection of the real world, in the narrow sense - any information that is the object of storage, transfer and transformation [23];

• Information is a specific attribute of the real world, which is its objective reflection in the form of a set of signals and is manifested when interacting with a receiver of information, allowing to identify, record these signals from the surrounding world and identify them by one criterion [3];

• Information is not just any data or information about objects and phenomena of the environment, their parameters, properties and state, but only those that reduce the degree of uncertainty and incompleteness of knowledge about them [26];

• information - information about objects and phenomena of the environment, their parameters, properties and state, which reduce the degree of uncertainty, incompleteness of knowledge available about them [15];

• Information - a wide variety of information, messages, messages, knowledge and skills [9];

• information is the product of the interaction of data and the methods appropriate to it [7];

• Information - information about people, objects, facts, events and processes, regardless of the form of their presentation. [10]

Often the specific meaning of the information is determined by the context and depends on what objects, phenomena, processes, messages, and so on. it is used.

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