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Work in Mail mode

The Mail folder is used to create, edit, and manage e-mail messages. In this case, the transmission of electronic messages is possible only when the computer is connected to a local or global network with the corresponding setting of the e-mail account. An e-mail account is a collection of server settings that is targeted at working with a specific client. If the user account is configured, then the process of receiving and transmitting electronic messages is reduced to pressing the corresponding buttons. All email messages are stored in folders displayed in the navigation area (Figure 11.3).

The Inbox contains the received e-mail (s). Emails that are ready to be sent or are in the process of sending, after the sending process is completed, are automatically moved to the Sent items folder. In the Junk mail folder, messages that are caught by the filter are placed

Mail folder items displayed in the navigation pane

Fig. 11.3. Mail folder items displayed in the navigation pane

Junk email MS Outlook. Emails that require additional editing or postponement can be saved in the Drafts folder. The mail Deleted moves mail from other mail folders to be deleted.

In order to organize messages in each of the mail folders, subfolders can be created.

The program allows you to create and send electronic messages in the corporate network in a manner similar to the Internet mail service. The form for filling the message, caused by the corresponding command, is shown in Fig. 11.4.

Window for preparing a message

Fig. 11.4. The window for the preparation of the message

The recipient's address is entered in the To field or selected from the address book. The Copy field is populated if you want to send copies of this letter to other recipients. The name entered in the Theme, field later becomes the name of the message. The message itself can include text and graphic elements with formatting, as well as an attachment in the form of files.

For electronic messages, you can specify a template for their design (some form that is the basis of the message) and font options, and create an automatic signature. The creation of the message text and its formatting are similar to the way Word works.

The prepared message is sent by the appropriate interface command, but if the message is postponed for some reason (for example, additional clarifications are required), the unsent message is stored in the Drafts folder.

Activated and connected to the mail server, MS Outlook automatically checks accounts for new messages at certain intervals. When new messages are detected, they are placed in the Inbox folder, the content of which is displayed in the viewport as a description table with fields (sender, subject, time of receipt, etc.). To read the message, just click on it. At the same time, the sender's name and address, subject and message text, as well as information about the attached files are automatically displayed in the reading area.

The address book is used to automate the use of subscriber names that are often sent to messages.

To send a reply, you need to enter the required text in the message field and start the sending process by clicking the send button in the window, if you want to reply to several recipients at the same time, then in the To field it is necessary enter the required e-mail addresses; then, if necessary, add your comments to the email and click the send button.

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