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Working with document lists

Document List View

The list of documents is a search result and is displayed in the main window (Figure 7.27). Elements of the list are links that allow you to access the text of the document. In order to open the document, click on it with the left mouse button or press the key Enter .

Document List View

Fig. 7.27. List view of documents

Lists of documents in the Guarantor system have a hierarchical structure. If the found document completely matches the search conditions, then the name of the document is listed in the list. If a given subject is satisfied by one or more document units, the document is displayed in the list not by one but by several links. In this case, the icon " appears before the name of the document, and under the name there are links to corresponding entries in the document.

In the nerve case, the transition to the name of the document occurs at the beginning of the document, in the second case, when you go to the title of the document - at the beginning of the first occurrence, in the transition to the title of the section - to the beginning of the corresponding section.

For quick viewing and reading the text of the document, you can use the Synchronous view by clicking the tab. The text of the document in this case is displayed in the additional window (Figure 7.28).

In the synchronous view mode, information about the current document is available: its text , , legal information , correspondence lists of this document. To switch between the displayed information, use the corresponding toolbar button of the additional window.

View the list of documents in synchronous viewing mode

Fig. 7.28. View the list of documents in synchronous viewing mode

Sorting the list of documents

The documents presented in the current list can be sorted by legal force, publication date, the date of the last update and the degree of compliance. You can sort documents by executing the menu command of the main window (or the context menu) Documents/Sort List. The sort direction is set by the switch that is present in the ( Documents ) and the context menu. Sorting the list can be done using the Sort List section of the List section of the task pane.

Refinement of the received list

To refine the list, you can perform a contextual search in the current list using the Context Search (Ctrl + F) command. You can also specify a list of found documents, performing a search by requisites or searching by the source of publication in the current list. To do this, you can use the corresponding items in the context menu (Figure 7.29).

Refining the list of documents

Fig. 7.29. Updating the list of documents

You can also refine the list by using the Refine list, Search for details in the current list, and Apply filter from the List section of the task pane.

Saving and copying the received list

The current list or part of it can be saved in a folder located on the My Documents tab. In this case, it is possible to form a hierarchical folder structure similar to the file system.

To save documents in the user's folder, use the command Save to My Documents ... .

To access the saved list, click the list icon on the My Documents tab.

Lists in the Guarantor system can be edited by copying list items to the clipboard, pasting them from the buffer, and deleting them from the list.

Copy and delete operations are performed on the selected list items - one (current) or several. Selecting multiple items is done with the left mouse button and holding down the keys Ctrl , Shift . To edit the lists, use the following commands:

- removes one or more selected list items;

- copies the selected items to the clipboard of the command;

- inserts documents stored in the clipboard into another list.

The selected documents can be opened as a separate list in a new window of the system "Guarantor" Copy to a new list or copy the current list to a new window in its entirety, using the command Open the current list in a new window.

After any change of the list, the icon appears - Warning about the changed list.

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