Zas Hostel Management System Is The System Computer Science Essay

The current system is dependant on manual work and a variety of the task are performed manually. Therefore, they maintain all the record manually utilizing the paper and you will be stored in specific folders and using file system. Hostel Management system is unquestionably the system that manages and handles the student details and information's. In this technique, the staff can simply manage the student details, hostel details. While student can use as students account to join up their room for every new semester and make complaint.

According to Stein (2006), an organization can't be successful or competitive in today's business community without computer systems that provide the tools needed to sustain and scale business efficiency. Consequently, it can be said computer-based automated system can help to reduce the workload and can reduce the use of manual paper-based system. Therefore, it is clear that the computer systems are had a need to create efficiency and convergence in the growing organization. It also can improve customer service without raising operational risks (Stein, 2006).

Objective for creating this hostel management system is to make it possible for the community for making any business without leaving their residences. Initially, it can facilitate the work of staff to record the info. Second, it can facilitate ordinary users to cope with the management team via the internet in their own house and never have to go out from home. According to Beam & McFadden (1998), a major advantage of the internet is the fact employees can be allowed access from home or while there are travelling.

Background of Study

ZAS Hostel Management System is the system for manage the whole management of hostel. The primary point of developing this system is to help the staff to easily manage the hostel details and helps student for online registering and retrieve their information via online.

The project is developing because, ZAS hostel previously used manual paper based system to record the entire information of hostel and it have a lot of difficult to keep track of the details of students residing in hostel, hostel details such as blocks number and room number, equipment details such as bed, table, chair and other furniture. Through the use of manual system which is paper based system, it is difficult to control the complete hostel details and maybe it is simple to loss the info.

Therefore, ZAS hostel management system will develop to aid the staff to manage the hostel management and for student they can make online registering and retrieve their information via online. Apart from that, this project is developing to upgrade the manual paper based system to computerize system and make the business enterprise easily to access and systematic.

Initial problem statement

Despite the advancement in technology, there are some organizations that remain utilizing a manual system. To help expand strengthen this statement, Griffin (2011) has stated that, many small organizations still function quite well with a manual system using paper documents. This is considered very high-risk and inaccurate. Therefore, the organization that used manual system need to shift their manual systems to automated systems. Warford (1998) explained that, the major difference between computer and human execution of a job would be that the computer can perform its tasks faster. O'Connor (2000) describe that the accuracy of the computer helps to reduce mistakes, which leads to increase guest satisfaction and better control over operations. The usage of computer systems brings benefits in comparison to manual procedures (O'Connor, 2000). Hence, it is clear that, the computer can do work very well than human.

The difficulties encountered by current system are identified as the following

Security issue

Micropalsystems. com (n. d. ) explained that, paper documents are often managed with minimal security control. Since they are using manual system, which is paper based-system. The likelihood to lose the data is very high.

Poor data storage

All the data is stored in filing cabinets. Wischhusen, Snell, and Johnson (2006) claim that, whenever a paper is removed from the file, it is easily mislaid, filed in the wrong place or lost or damaged. Therefore, paper-based system is very weak in storing information.

Slow retrieval of data

Searching for information can be quite slow (Wischhusen, Snell, and Johnson, 2006). It will require period to retrieve back data or information that is stored. Because the worker needs to find the actual folder where the data is has been stored previously.

Research questions

How we can ensure that the proposed system will meets certain requirements specified by clients?

What is the best methodology to be used to develop the machine?

What is the suitable requirement gathering technique to be used to gather the necessity for the machine?

What are the suitable tools to be used to develop the machine?

What is the suitable programing language to be used to design the machine?

Research objectives

To design and develop hostel management system that can save the records of the students about their rooms and other activities.

To allow the staff to allocate student information and manage them.

To provide the convenience to an individual and easy to control the information.

To provide user-friendly interface and user-friendly system. Where the entire user can easily communicate to the machine.

To enable accuracy and proficiently of security, update, and searching the details on the database system.


To develop hostel management system that can store all student information and enables the management team to retrieve back the info that contain been stored also to maintain all activities in managing a hostel.


This project is focused at building a hostel management system for ZAS organization. This hostel management system will have an alternative task management compared to the manual system which is paper-based system. This part are made up of three components which is target user, target area and project deliverables.

Target User

Target user is the types of person that has been recognized to utilize the system as an employee and student.


Staffs who are also the user of the system should login as an employee account by using staff ID and password to interact with the machine. After successfully login into the system, staff can manage hostel information.


Students who are also the user of this system should login as a student account by using the student ID and password. After successfully login in to the system, students can be able to use the machine as student account.


Administrators who are also an individual of this system should login as a student account by using the student ID and password. After successfully login in to the system, administrators can have the ability to use the system as administrators account they can delete student account, add new staff and delete staff.

Target Area

This system is likely to be put at hostel.

Project Deliverable

Relating to the module which have been identified, the flow of a task will be described in term of registration module, user account login, hostel settings, report and feedback module.

Registration module

Registration module contains student's information such as student personal information and other information related compared to that student. Then, all this information recorded into database.

User account login

User must login into the system to make use of the entire system.

Hostel settings module

Hostel settings module contains most of hostel information. Here, staff can assign hostel for student, update hostel, view hostel and student details.

Report and feedback module

Feedback Module based on all facility that the organization provides to the hostel, student can send any recommendation or view to the hostel department with feedback form. From this form, sides of hostel department are able to know their weaknesses and strengths.


The development of this system is to provide this organization a well-improved system that would make it possible for them to confidently save and keep information safe and sound. Anderson (2002) claims that a Management Information System (MIS) is something of processing data in an organization to gather information, which is later communicated to various departments to facilitate solid decision making. Because the organization is still using the manual paper-based system, it's very good arrange for the business to shift from manual paper-based system to computerized system. The advantage of use computerized or automated systems is user be capable of make quick, well-timed and informed decisions (Dutta, 1994).

Therefore, the primary goal of creating this hostel management system is to facilitate both student and management team for a dealing process. To be able to meet up with the goal, the throwaway prototyping methodology will be selected and used in this project and the various tools like Dreamweaver CSS6, Adobe Photoshop and Xampp are also required.


In summary, the project is discussed in conditions of the current system operations, objectives, goals, and rationale. The writer in addition has defined the exact reasons why this project have to be initiated that address the problem of the existing system to find out what exactly are the actual problems encountered by the company and what are the most effective requirements and methods that could be utilized to apply what method exactly needed to increased in current systems.

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