Commercial Management And Task Management Structure Essay

Kalifomatos Consultants is a Variety Surveying firm with an array of services provided for the Client. One of the fields KCQS specializes in is Job Management. Project Management aims to deliver any given Job ensuring the desired balance between Time, Cost and Quality.

Feasibility reports, according to Douglas (1999), test if the requirements initially lay out can be actually achieved or not. Boyle (2003) shows that feasibility reports may take different forms. Functional feasibility amidst others refers to physical requirements as well as land conditions. Complex feasibility identifies the statutory consents as well as the time constraints whereas financial feasibility handles the expenses of the development and in essence creates a cover the Client to select whether he is able to abide by it or not. As well as the above, business feasibility handles the strategic quick analysis indicating if the qualitative areas of the development match the business enterprise model of your client.

In this level, the initial assertion of requirements is developed into the design quick on behalf of the Client confirming the main element requirements and constraints for the development, following feasibility analysis used earlier. The next step that follows is the recognition of which procurement method is better for use which sufficiently fulfills the customers requirements; the Project Manager could do that. The final step of the Design brief is to assemble the individuals who have to be mixed up in development process which comprise of Architects, Volume Surveyors etc. (Boyle 2003)

According to the information our organization has been given, the borehole details the Client is thought to have in his possession are of a neighboring site to the proposed one. The fact a neighboring site has recently undergone a site investigation does not guarantee that including the soil conditions for the suggested one would be the same. The strata could vary as well as the depth of this particular table; maybe a new site inspection for the suggested site shows that the site has been bombed through the war, resulting to a distortion of earth conditions in the website. This could be regarded as a possible constrain which would have been recognized if a site investigation have been undertaken.

Another activity that has been undertaken was the acquiring of the site. Following the previous point, as well as the actual fact our company is not presented with a genuine investigation for the suggested site, the site could be rendered as completely inadequate for the purposes its needed. Taking into consideration the fact that the Client's directors have prior development experience for some years, the acquiring of the website without site investigation been subject to could be observed as a very naЇve move.

According to Hacket (2007), Management Contracting and Building Management are incredibly similar in many aspects, nevertheless, there is certainly one essential distinguishing feature which is fundamental to the understanding of both systems; the contractual agreements between the people involved. IN GENERAL MANAGEMENT Contracting, the subcontractors are in touch with the Management Builder whereas in Construction Management they are in direct connection with the employer; none of the subcontracts are got into into by the Engineering Supervisor. The difference is illustrated by evaluating both diagrams provided.

The most important requirement your client has set out was that the quality level is to be prestige. The best quality is offered from traditional procurement method. Another need set out by your client is the flexibility of the design; also traditional procurement is the best suited for this but Design and Manage offers a high utility for this section as well. However, when it comes to high intricacy of the look, Traditional procurement will not best suit the information whereas the rest of the methods do. Another requirement lay out is asap conclusion; Traditional Procurement does not offer that whereas again, all the other methods do. Furthermore, Design and Manage supplies the solo point responsibility the Client is looking for as well as Design and Build. This feature would not be available with Traditional Procurement method nor with the Design and Build or the Management Contracting as illustrated in the last schematics. Furthermore, two of HRD2010's directors have prior development experience, therefore the fact that in order to make use of Design and Manage one needs previous experience is seen as a drawback, is easily someone to overcome here. The main reason Engineering Management has been rejected even though it is very similar to Design and Manage, was the solo point of responsibility required by your client; thus total utility offered in the graph is 450. And finally, the Client welcomes the sharing of risks; Design and Manage can also meet that requirement.

Based on the RIBA process allocation, your client has not performed properly the Planning stage. Vital factors have been left out that could have major effects on the project's development. KCQS has provided your client with some recommendations for the successful progression of the development. These is the immediate conduction of a site inspection for the suggested development's site to become able to move forward accordingly. YOUR CLIENT has didn't provide a proper feasibility survey (advised) which is vital in assessing the quality of the suggested development, its costs as well as the need to meet statutory consents. Following the above, your client should be able to talk about to possible constraints based on the development and triumph over them in scheduled time. Additionally it is recommended that the people who are to be involved in the development process should be identified.

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