Developing A Five Star Hotel In Maldives Construction Essay

"Expedition Maldives Pvt. Ltd", this is leading construction company in Maldives, A CORPORATION is a expand hard with the ability to meet its clients' building needs through wide selection of contracting and company with a staffs of professionals skilled in architectural design and construction management, Atlanta divorce attorneys movement, the company's priority is helping its clients achieve their construction and developmental objectives. Our goal is to make the most expertly designed structure as economically as it can be.

During days gone by 07 years, Expedition Maldives Pvt. Ltd, a company, has successfully completed a wide range of construction projects for the private sector, hotels building, and government projects.


Developing a 5 star hotel in Maldives. The project environment "Mendhoo" island is located in (BAA-Atoll) which can be an individual standalone island. That is an investment of Blue line corporation, Netherland. The project commenced on 2011 February. The island is plan and design for 200 bed rooms with other necessary building in a five hotel. The first phase of the project is going to complete 100 bed rooms and required other buildings, such as restaurants, bars, sport centers and etc. The full total investment of first phase is Eight million US$ (Eight million dollars), and the duration of the this phase is three years, after finishing the first phase the resort will be opened and connect the tourism industry. The remaining project phase of 100 bed room will start after analysis of performance.

Project goals

1- To complete the project within the agreed timeframe of 3 years from January 2011 to January 2014, and handover to who owns "Mendhoo International"

2- To complete the all the project works within agreed budget of US$ Eight Million (United State Dollars), that includes goods, materials, food, accommodation, transportation and labor cost.

3- To keep the project quality according to the plan, without omitting any single part of project work and give the project after revising entire the project work, to make ensure the dog owner are content with the project work.

4- To make sure the client is satisfy, by finishing the project with the specification the client provided and the customer want.

5- To make use of the best methods and ways, to complete the project in a hard situation such as strong weather it normally faced in the united states like Maldives.

Project objectives

1- To monitor the project works day-by-day and how the project team performance to avoid the issues that are facing on the project activities to complete project on time.

2- Adopt an effect monitoring system to handle goods, materials and other services which are used in the project to regulate the budget.

3- Supervise the all the project works, to ensure that the works are carryout according to the plan provided, to maintain the grade of the work.

4- Get the continuous feedback from owner or consultant that the owner has selected, to supply the product the customer actually wants.

5- Continuous monitoring of weather forecast, to arrange the task schedules, suppliers' transportation, to mitigate the obstacle facing on the project performance.


Stakeholders of this project thought as all internal and external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders who involved in this project are Investors, investing for the project, Board of Directors, Managing director, Organizational staffs, Project manager, Project associates, Contractor and Suppliers. External stakeholders are government agencies, Architectures, Consultants, Competitors, Tourists and banks.

Project Scope and Time Management

Scope is creating a five star hotel in Maldives, to provide top quality accommodation for the clients and also to deliver owners acceptable quality works within given budget and timeframe and project time is managed buy based on the work breakdown structure (WBS) attached in this plan.

Human resources management

This looks on the procedure which required and exactly how these folks effectively involved in the project. This may includes all the stakeholders. In the organizational planning it was mentioned roles and responsibility of each member, whom they ought to report and offer the best resources to the staffs, that includes provide the best training which required for the project and good standard of food, accommodation, health insurance and safety.

Financial Management

Required funding is provided by the investors for part payments from Blue Line Corporation, Netherland. They may be paying in many different phases, based on the ongoing project works.

Internally project will be audit; according to the audit management system will monitor and order the mandatory good and materials for the project and made the payment for contractors and suppliers.

Stakeholders Roles and responsibilities

1- The project investors will oversee the research of the business and finalized the budget for the project and investing on project.

2- Project board of directors will establishing the organization mission and vision, establish the program and provide resources required for the project.

3- Managing director will establish the organization strategic plan in an efficient manner and accountable for efficiency of organization. Managing day-to-day activities of the business enterprise, authority delegated from board and implementing board policies and strategy, allocating resources necessary to achieved the objectives.

4- Project Manager responsibility is completing the project promptly, within the provided or given budget, and keep maintaining the quality requirements provide training for the project staffs, keep up with the project quality, identify the project procurement, develop and approve project charter, define the goals and objectives.

5- Project Teams members responsible are performing the project activities. In addition they help obtaining commitments to complete the project within schedule and limited budget.

6- Contractors will perform the duty handover based on the design and plan and contract they may be a construction or electrical.

7- A Supplier will give good and material in line with the contract, which are necessary for the project and really should maintain the quality standard of the based on the contract.

Project Management Information System PMIS

Project Management Information System adopts because of this project, collect, combine and distributes the info through electronically and manually. This used for upper management to communicate with lower management. It will provide the resources for planning, evaluating, monitoring, and controlling to a project through both formal and informal channels.

Risks management

In the risk identification of the project, all determined risks will be stored in a risk register which list will be determine which risk is most danger to the project and can give more priority to attend the high risks first likewise resolving one after another.

Tools and Techniques consider are Documentation Reviews, Information Gathering Techniques, Checklist, Assumption Analysis and Diagramming Techniques such as Cause and effect, and fishbone Ishikawa diagrams, Process flow charts, Influence diagram

Risk treatment solution is a part of risk and and yes it is a part of risk management plan. This plan will show the way the risk will be managed either that is high, medium or low. According to the project the first create risk management plan that will guide the associates and stakeholders, how they react on the chance.

Communication Plan

Maintain the communication on the list of stakeholders, according to the communication matrix given below.

Communication type

Project Objectives




Project Audience

Project Owner



Project Kick-off

Introducing the project team and review objectives and management approach




Board of Directors


Project Team

Project Manager


Meeting Minutes

Project Team Meetings

Review project status within project team.


Call Conferencing


Project Team

Project Manager


Meeting Minutes

Technical Design Meetings

Develop a technical design and solution for the project.


As needed

Technical staff

Technical Leader


Meeting Minutes

Status Meetings of Project

Project status are accountable to management






Project Manager

Status Reports of Project

Project status report of the activities, progress, costs and issues




Board of directors

Project Team



Project Manager

Status Report of Project

Quality management

To manage the quality of the project, the firm will adopt ISO 14000 for "Environmental issues" and ISO 12006 for "Building construction issues". Both these two families have many other series of standards that are one of them project. That is a five star hotel, therefore the quality management system of the project conduct according to the ISO approved standard. The firm staffs will be trained the standard of ISO approved level. The project is running with international standard, than these agencies provide required knowledge for particular issues, so adopting ISO standard is vital for this full project.

The main reason of adopt ISO standard is to meet or exceed stakeholders' needs and expectation. The project team will develop a good relationship with key stakeholders, specially the supporter and the recipient of the project, to comprehend what quality means to them. The project team will need to make adjustment to scope, schedule and budget to meet the recipient s' needs and expectation.

Procurement Management

Procurement planning of this project, the firm will use twelve-monthly procurement planning.

This planning encourages the firm management to take care of the available resources as well as deliveries according plans and strategies.

1- To recognize the amount of good and materials required for the project, according to the plan other requirements.

2- Always materials should be available for the project works.

3- Giving special attention to good, material and resources prices.

4- Minimize the procurement time, cost and improve the production.

5- Mitigating the level of risk associate with the project.

6- Equally perform the production and procurement plan.

7- A trusted understanding between business partners and suppliers.

The firm management will consider on following stages of total annual procurement planning.

1- Supporting service of delivering the products

2- Assessing company expenses on goods, materials and services

3- Improving the project procurement process

4- Improving the project performance of goals and events

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