Importance Of Structure Planning

Construction planning and preparation play a very important role in today's construction. The effectiveness of the planning and preparation lead to the success of a project like the quality and time consumed in concluding the project. A good and properly prepared engineering site can increase the efficiency and even the security of the construction operation. Therefore, to construct a good building, the step of planning can't be eradicated or skipped in order to save the construction time and money.

A 20 storeys of high-rise building is to be built on the proposed site at Jalan Universiti Utama. It is planned to be used as the best building of condominium. Before the construction is started, a several stages of planning have been conducted in order to really have the most efficient building operation.



First and foremost, a site analysis on the suggested site is conducted. Desktop analysis is conducted where in fact the initial study is done using the available data and information distributed by JKR. Time and money can be kept due to desktop review on the proposed site. Based on the historical data, no extreme weather is expected. Then, the site investigation is conducted to decide whether the site is normally suitable to make the 20 storeys building as different location has different kinds of geology and geography. Prior data may not be exact as the properties of soil keep changing because of the environment. Boring method has been done to recognize the soil account. The problem and details of proposed site ground can be identified. Laboratory tests are conducted to look for the soil bearing strength. Predicated on the results, dirt on the suggested site is strong enough to support the 20 storeys building. However, special dewatering equipment and blasting are necessary for the planning of site.

Analysis of site data is as below

- Site is within metropolitan area = no carry and labor problems

- Subsoil = stable sandy clay; dewatering and sheeting are needed as the stand is high

- Based on historical data, no extreme weather expected

- Amount of earthwork needed = normal

- 3 resident clerk of works; 15 employees normal; 75 personnel maximum (estimated)

- 1 site office; 1 store; 2 toilets; 1 canteen; 1 car park

- Fencing

- Officer house

- Normal water, electricity, telephone

- Warning and sign boards


Firstly, site clearing and demolition activities are conducted where tree, stump and everything vegetation are removed and exist structures are demolished. This is followed by earthworks activity, where a massive levels of soil need to be moved. Amounts of slices and fills are determined properly to be able to minimize the motion distance besides determine the mass haul cost and distance. Money and time can be saved. Bulldozer and backhoe are used through the earthworks. After all of the earthworks activity have been done, fences are designed around the proposed site perimeter. Perimeter fencing is important to ensure that the development can be handled carefully. Dewatering is then conducted in order to drain the ground water because of the high location of drinking water table. Next, short-term complexes included site office, canteen, shield house, store, toilets and carpark are designed to improve the efficiency of development operation. Temporary access road, normal water, electricity, telephone and air-con are ensured available to optimize the efficiency of development works. Finally, indication boards and alert boards are located at the certain places to ensure that no intruder breaks in to the construction site besides to guarantee the safety during the construction procedure.


Periodic inspection will be carried out by the Expert during further engineering. A report of every inspection will be prepared in duplicate and a copy of the same statement authorized by the Expert shall be provided to the owner or even to his Architect/Engineer/Supervisor. Besides, owner shall post a notice of conclusion of the building to the Specialist. It could also submitted by the dog owner through his Architect/Engineer/Supervisor, combined with three copies of conclusion plan and the required documents.


In a final result, a construction levels are included site preparations, build of sub-structures, construct of super-structures and external works. Each one of these stages are similarly important to be able to optimize the efficiency of the construction operation in any industries area.


One of the purposes of a site lay-out is to regulate and to improve the site efficiency. Time wastage need to be avoided by reducing the walking distance within facilities and complexes. Alternatively, strategic material storage area and utilization are had a need to decrease rehandling cost, breakage and wastage. Site lay-out is also needed to be able to maximize the site and space usage. Besides that, appropriate materials monitoring and security can increase the efficiency of engineering operation. Lastly, the goal of the site lay-out is to guarantee the safety of staff and tourists.

Based on the above lay-out, there are several weaknesses of the website lay-out need to be improved. First of all, there is merely one access/exit in this web site, which can cause negative effects to the building operation. Construction operation may be postponed due to the traffic congestion at the access/exit. Two gates should be made where is for entrance while the other is for exit. Second of all, store in the above mentioned site lay-out is located near the entrance. This might also cause traffic congestion when launching/unloading of creating materials is operated. Besides, toilets that located next to the store can lead to air pollution to the material when there is water seeping or overflowing in the toilet. Thirdly, the project signboard should be located near to the entrance instead of inside the website. That is to ensure that visitors can find the destination and move on to know the information of the suggested building easily. Furthermore, the shield house should situate near the entrance and leave in order to control the security of the website. No intruder should break right into the site for the safe practices of site visitors and also workers. Lastly, car park is located too far away from the entry where tourists need to pass by the engineering building in order to park their vehicles. Their lives may be threatened as incidents rate in engineering site is extremely high. Safety first!

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