Recycled Cement Aggregate And Implementation Problem

Aggregate is one of the most quite crucial materials used for creation as it profoundly influences concrete properties and performances. In terms of volume level, aggregate is now one of the very most widely used materials in the structure industry and, subsequently, its treatment at the idea of demolition is attracting mush interest. This is to stand for total aggregate production, including consumption in concrete and road base. Aggregate use in concrete constitutes perhaps between 25 and 35 % of the full total aggregate development. The sheer almost all global aggregate use is staggering.

The above inevitably impacts on the environment because of the great huge level of general and construction waste materials or from building demolition site produced in developed countries. The removal of all this waste has become a harsh interpersonal and environmental problem. This is a sizable burden on the worlds natural resources and an increasingly expensive problem for solid misuse management. Therefore, a possible choice aggregate solution to overcome this problem may be using recycled concrete aggregate rather than natural aggregate in engineering task. The perfect solution is not only helps protect and grow the natural resources, but also can reduce waste disposal costs as well as removing waste material at landfills requirements. With this task, the order most significant issue is to determine the best solution to make the recycled concrete aggregate economical for some infrastructure jobs especially in structural concrete. The degree of potential recycling of construction misuse will show the way the changes to become a new source or production, and discover whether it applies to, or less in Malaysia. Therefore, it may become a research of implementation to the coders and contractors or increase recycling ratio of construction throw away of their construction project.


1. 2. 1 TITLE

The use of recycled concrete aggregate and execution problem recycle in Malaysia.

1. 2. 2 AIM

The research is to study how the recycled cement aggregate be produced and its own software. Besides that, the study also to examine the execution problem for recycling cement or aggregate in Malaysia structure industry.


1) To determine the technique of recycling aggregate for use in concrete

2) To learn the application of recycled concrete aggregate

3) To determine the implementation issue of recycling concrete or aggregate in Malaysia.


Although the concrete or aggregate waste products in Malaysia increasing, but Malaysia will not recycling concrete or aggregate rather than other country, such as Japan.


What are the factors impacting on recycling cement aggregate?

How the implementation of recycling concrete aggregate in Malaysia compare with other country.


The recycled cement aggregate can be defined as crushed concrete composed of aggregate fragments covered with cement paste or concrete mortar from the demolition of the old buildings or pavements that has been processed to create aggregates suitable for used in new concrete. (Environmental Council of Cement Organizations, 1999)The control, as with many natural aggregates, generally includes crushing, grading and cleaning. This takes away contaminant materials such as reinforcing steel, remnants of formwork, gypsum plank, and other international materials. (G. D. Taylor, 1991)

The software of Recycled Aggregate is mainly presently in low quality/strength cement, for example, pavement bottom part and slab somewhat than found in structural concrete. The most common software of Recycled Concrete Aggregate is the utilization in concrete sub-base in highway construction, bank coverage, noise barriers and embankments, various kinds of general large fills and complete materials for drainage structures. After the removal of impurities through selective demolition, screening, and/or air parting and size decrease in a crusher to aggregate sizes, smashed concrete can be used as new cement for pavements, shoulders, median obstacles, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, and bridge foundations; structural grade concrete; soil-cement pavement bases; moulded concrete bricks and blocks, such as bituminous concrete. (Environmental Council of Cement Organizations, 1999)


This research will identify about the recycle collection method, specialized and process of aggregate has been research. Besides that, is to review the application of recycled concrete aggregate in development industry. Last but not least is the factor which may impacting on the recycling potential such as, monetary benefit, environment concern and carry out the recycle service of concrete aggregate also a course of scope of study. The data and information were collected through books reviews, questionnaires, and research study, many of these are facts and no assumptions have been made.


In this research paper, information and data will be collected by 3 major strategies, the primary data source which will be postal questionnaire and interview. Extra data source is literature review. These research methods are being chosen other than the case study since it is more suitable to be utilized in the research and can be carried out in a larger scope.

Literature study

Reference Books and Article

In this research, I will get the info from library source of information and reference literature. Literature review on the topic of this research can find out from Collection College. I've also refers the senior dissertation as a personal references or guideline to be able to get some system to complete my research.

Electronic information

For the digital information, I'll search the info from websites for example www. google. com, www. yahoo. com, emerald are being used to find the relevant information regarding to my purpose and conclusion for article.


For the questionnaire is ready in order to achieve the objectives. I'd like to utilize postal questionnaires method, which can gather broader understanding and data for research analysis and facilitate the results of this study. The questionnaires is designed to answers the target that is specified. The questionnaire is distributed to selected building firm company and experience staff such as main company. In order to obtain a high accuracy and reliability of review, 30 models of questionnaire are mailing out. The next phase after the data collection would be data examination. This technique includes compiling all the data collected. The review is carried out to help expand look deep into the implementation problem and its own factor of recycling in Malaysia structure industry.


I wish to use interview as my study. I decided on this methodology since it is face to face communication and can buy immediate respond. Interview methodology would be the framework interview. The interviewees for my survey will be the experience service provider or recycling company. Form the interview, interviewees provides the right information, valuable point of view, and experience about the factor and implementation problem may have an impact on the recycling probable in Malaysia



Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2. 1: Recycling and reuse concrete aggregate

- recycling method for aggregate, designed to use as concrete

- Requirements and technical specs of recycled concrete aggregate

Chapter 2. 2: Advantages or down sides of reuse the recycled material waste

- Cost, quality and properties

- Source and environment

Chapter 2. 3: The use of recycled cement aggregate

- The use of recycled concrete materials in engineering industry

Chapter 2. 4: The implementation problem recycling concrete aggregate in Malaysia

- The position of execution to recycling concrete aggregate

- The factor of execution problem recycling concrete aggregate

Chapter 5: Developing the research study and research methodology

Chapter 6: Research and analyzing the research study evidence

Chapter 7: Suggestion and conclusion

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