Risk Assessment Survey For Cinema Organic Construction Essay

The reason for this statement is to perform a thorough risk diagnosis of the premises and identify potential work area hazards. The risk evaluation was conducted by using a specially designed Risk Analysis Framework which gauges the potential risk of a threat by assessing the likelihood of the hazard occurring against the severity of outcome of the risk.

Through performing a risk assessment of the service, seven unaddressed dangers have been revealed. The identified hazards whilst mainly low-to-medium risk in nature still present the to cause injury to guests and employees, well as leading to damage to the company's property, plant and equipment which could ultimately have a poor impact on the business's real human, financial and physical belongings.

The risks associated with the identified hazards are; the potential for the popcorn maker to catch hearth, too little protective foot ware, filling the popcorn dispenser, tiling in the front-of-house area, hot oil and kernels spitting from the popcorn maker, electrical cord checking procedures and the positioning of emergency mapping.

In order to lessen the risk the discovered hazards create, several recommendations have been made. The potential for a popcorn manufacturer fire that occurs can be reduced through sufficient training and positioning signage detailing the right food preparation method on the popcorn manufacturer. The prospect of olive oil to seep into employees shoes can be reduced significantly be upgrading the current fabric centered Converse All Superstars with leather shoes. If this isn't a financially practical option the role of producing popcorn can be transferred to kitchen staff that are required to wear leather shoes. The prospect of slips that occurs on tiling can be reduced by applying a non-slip covering or putting anti-slip grip above the most vulnerable areas. Adding personal protective clothing will certainly reduce the chance of burns caused by spitting from the popcorn manufacturer. Monitoring electrical cords on the quarterly basis as opposed to annually will detect a power risk before it occurs. Repositioning the facilities crisis map and putting in a battery run touch light above it will increase its presence in an emergency situation.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

The BAG OF CHIPS, being a main revenue centre, takes on a vital role in the procedure of a cinema complex. The Candy Bar being assessed because of this report is situated within a movie theater complex at Bondi Junction, Sydney. Alongside the Candy Bar the multi-level movie theater complex also contains seven traditional auditoriums, two V-max cinemas, two Gold Course auditoriums and a caf and club.

The primary concentration of this record is to recognize workplace risks located within the BAG OF CHIPS and provide advice to reduce the risk that they pose. A risk evaluation has been developed to examine the level of risk an identified risk poses. The examination structure determines the amount of risk from the hazards by calculating the likelihood of the threat to ____ against the severe nature of the harm caused.

2. Background to the facility

The Candy Bar is an 18-meter by 10-meter facility located within the main foyer of the multi-level cinema sophisticated located at Bondi Junction, Sydney. The BAG OF CHIPS offers customers both hot and wintry food and drink options and is also staffed by up to six employees during busy periods. The Candy Bar has been designed with the intention to be a self-service facility and thus consists of a variety of special equipment to meet this goal. The service contains three primary useful portions; back-of-house, front-of-house and the cash registers. Physique 1 shows a design of the service.

The back again of house area is where all hot and wintry food is well prepared on the market and where all packaged goods are stored before being transferred to the home service section of the Candy Bar on the market.

The Candy Bar is entirely self service possesses a number of specialized equipment made to meet this need.

The registers section of the BAG OF CHIPS involves five touch screen, computer managed, registers, which operate using the Vista POS (Point Of Sales) system. Attached to each computer are hand held scanners which are being used to process all items with barcodes.

In June of 2010 the bag of chips was closed for several weeks whilst it was rebranded and refurbished. The recent reconstruction means that a huge portion of the equipment in the center is less than six months old. Apart from one ice machine all equipment is in good working order. During reporting the carpet which protected a lot of the front-of-house floor has been removed and is also in the process of being changed with tiles.

Fig. 1 Design of the Candy Bar

3. Research of the facilities safeness equipment and procedures

3. 1. Hazard identification and reporting procedures

The company has comprehensive hazard recognition and reporting methods similar compared to that defined by O'Donnell (1993). As well as actively stimulating employees to report potential risks. A formal Occupational Health and Security (OH&S) audit of the premises is carried out each quarter by the Place of work Safety Coordinator (see Appendix __ for job description). Whenever a hazard is identified it is immediately reported to the work Supervisor and the WSC, who suppose responsibility for taking care of the risk. They then assess the amount of risk from the hazard by completing a mandatory 'Fixing a Workplace Hazard' form, which is then stored on the firms intranet and on the OH&S plank so that employees are aware of the risk. The management team then apply internal controls targeted at eliminating or reducing the risk to a satisfactory level. In case the hazard cannot be fixed by the management team and WSC it must be referred to the correct Regional Director or the National Operations Exec (OH&S) who will provide assistance in resolving the issue.

In addition to interacting with hazards on a site-by-site basis a National Workplace Health and Protection Committee also convenes quarterly. The committee which consists of six representatives from various divisions within the business meets to go over OH&S issues which allows for the sharing of information across sites, as a threat recognized at one venue is likely to be present at others.

3. 2. Training

The movie theater has set up a solid OH&S training program. For employees, threat identification training starts at their induction. Aswell as taking part in workshops employees are also necessary to fill in a series of workbooks relating to OH&S during their first weeks of work. As advised by ____ ___, the business also schedules two formal and compulsory hearth and armed robbery training sessions each year to ensure that employees are capable of responding efficiently to fires, evacuations, equipped holdups and bomb risks.

3. 3. Crisis equipment







Fire blanket


Gasoline generator


Back of house

6 years

15 years


http://www. safework. sa. gov. au/contentPages/docs/hospSafeDesignComKitchen. pdf

Emergency equipment located within the BAG OF CHIPS includes __ flame extinguishers, __ flame blankets, __ flame hoses __ first aid kits, __ crisis evacuation indications, __ dangerous product information sheets and gas generator.

4. Risk Assessment

4. 1 Risk analysis structure methodology

Risk estimation can be quantitative, semi quantitative or qualitative in conditions of the probability of incident and the possible outcome (IRM Risk Management Standard 2002). To be able to identify and measure the potential risk associated with discovered risks within the theatre a qualitative risk analysis structure has been developed. The framework takes the proper execution of a two-dimesional matrix (see stand 1) measures the severe nature of the chance against the likelihood of the hazard happening. The probability of the hazard developing is split into four categories; improbable, possible, likely and certain as recommended by SafeWork SA (2010). An 'unlikely' hazard is one which could occur but only in rare cases. A 'possible' threat could arise but it would be unlikely for this to eventuate. A 'likely' hazard will probably arise at some point in time and a 'certain' risk poses an imminent threat.

Likelihood ratings




Almost certain


75% potential for occurrence.



Will probably occur 25% to 75% chance of occurrence in ten-year



Might occur sooner or later in time



May arise in exceptional circumstances likelihood of occurrence are significantly less than 2% in ten-year period.

Risk effect descriptions

The aim of risk information is to show identified hazards in a organized format, for example by utilizing a table. The chance description and examination of risks. The usage of a well-designed structure is necessary to ensure a thorough risk identification, information and examination process. By taking into consideration the consequence and possibility of each risks set out in the stand, it ought to be possible to prioritise the main element risks that require to be analysed in more detail (IRM Risk Management Standard 2002).

1. Name of risk

Minimal, Serious, Major &Catastrophic.

2. Scope of risk

Qualitative explanation of the event, its size, type,

number and dependencies.

3. Characteristics of risk

Operational, Structural

4. Risk tolerance/ Appetite

Value at risk

Probability and size of potential loss/gains

Objective(s) for control of the chance and desired level ofperformance

5. Risk treatment &control mechanisms

Primary means where the risk happens to be managed

Levels of assurance in existing control

Identification of protocols for monitoring and review.

Risk assessment matrix









Minimal:bruising, minor cuts, mild chemical irritation of sight or skin

Low risk

Low risk

Low risk

Medium risk

Serious:lack of consciousness, melts away, electric shock, damaged bones, injury leading to absence from work with more than 3 times, other non-permanent chemical effects

Low risk

Medium risk

Medium risk

High risk

Major:permanent harm will end result, major harm to property, flower and equipment or financial assets

Low risk

Medium risk

High risk

High risk

Catastrophic:lack of life, severe constraints in the procedure of the facility

Medium risk

High risk

High risk

High risk


Severity of injury:


(Amount Risk Assessment composition provided in a table)

4. 2 Recognized Hazards

A thorough threat identification examination of the center has determined six unaddressed risks within the BAG OF CHIPS.

4. 2. 1. Popcorn machine fires

It is essential when coming up with popcorn that the correct popcorn making techniques are used. If petrol is entered in to the kettle before the corn kernels it can very easily combust and get of hearth when the seed visits the hot petrol. Whilst personnel are trained in how to make popcorn this risk is not highlighted and employees could easily load the kettle with oil before adding the corn seed, thinking that the order of adding the elements does not affect the making of the popcorn.

4. 2. 2 Lack of protective footwear

Currently BAG OF CHIPS employees are required to wear Converse All Celebrity shoes. Whilst the shoes complement the even the fabric they are made of presents a risk. It's possible that whilst making popcorn petrol and hot seeds can spit from the popcorn machine or olive oil can drip from fryers that will seep through the shoes cloth and melt away employees.

4. 2. 3. Filling up the popcorn dispenser

The BAG OF CHIPS features a big self-service popcorn dispenser, which is taken care of by employees from the back-of-house. To be able to load the dispenser employees must tip the popcorn in from the most notable of the unit. As the warmer stands at ___cm this requires employees to stand on a stool in order to do so. To accomplish this task safely and securely a round stool has been provided nevertheless the stool is fixed with wheels that could lead it to slip if put on a wet floor or together with popcorn which has been spilt on the floor. It is also common for the stool to be studied and found in other parts of the theatre with personnel resorting to using milk crates to stand on when filling the dispenser. This has the potential to cause serious harm as the crates are not designed to hold up against the weight of any human and possess no nonslip features.

4. 2. 4 Tiling in the front-of-house area

As part of recent refurbishments carpet that used to cover the ground in the ques to the cash registers have been substituted with tiles. The tiles present a hazard to customers as they become highly slippery when moist which happens often as customers often spill refreshments.

4. 2. 5. Hot petrol and kernels spitting from the popcorn maker

The popcorn machine presents a threat to employees as it's possible for hot olive oil and popcorn seed products to spit out of the machine and shed employees.

4. 2. 6. Electrical cable checking procedures

It is company policy that all electronic cords located within a "hostile work environment" are inspected on a twelve regular basis and they are tagged with the inspection day (see fig. ). The company defines a hostile work environment as 'a working environment where in fact the electrical equipment is normally subjected to situations or operating conditions more likely to ruin equipment i. e. contact with moisture, warmth, vibration, dust particles and fumes and wire flexing (Greater Union, Birch, Caroll and Coyle 2008). Relative to company policy the Maintenance Officer who also works as the SWC inspects the cords on an gross annual basis. However only inspecting the cords with an gross annual basis leaves employees vulnerable to electric great shock if the cords are to be frayed or ruined during the year.

4. 2. 7. Location of complex map

6. Recommendations

Listed below are some practical and reasonable recommendations for lessening the risk of the five recognized hazards.

6. 1. Popcorn manufacturer fires

To decrease the likelihood of an employee incorrectly entering elements into the popcorn maker it's advocated that beneficial signage is mounted on the popcorn maker. The signage should warn of the potential issues associated with incorrectly making popcorn and should also demonstrate the correct popcorn making method. The signage could easily be attached to underneath of the center portion of the popcorn machine (see body _ for exemplory case of where you can place signage).

6. 2. Insufficient protective footwear

Two possible options have been recognized for reducing the chance of this hazard. This threat could be eliminated by removing the Converse shoes and swapping them with similar leather shoes which still match the theme of the standard and which would stop spilt olive oil from burning up employee's toes. This however is actually a costly solution as the shoes which can be less than six months old would need to be replaced. Additionally it is suggested that the job of making popcorn could be moved from those who are employed in generally in the Candy Bar to employees who are working specifically in the kitchen. Employees employed in the kitchen must wear protecting leather shoes and having them put together the popcorn would significantly reduce the chance of olive oil seeping through shoes.

6. 3. Filling up the popcorn dispenser

It is preferred that the stool that is currently used as an aid when filling the popcorn warmer is changed with a little step ladder. Updating the stool with a ladder similar to that in amount _ will provide a sturdy platform for employees to work with. The ladder is built in with non-slip steps and non-slip stoppers on its feet which can only help to prevent the ladder from becoming unsteady and sliding.

6. 4. Tiles in the front-of-house area

To decrease the threat of customers sliding on damp tiles it is recommended that the tiles are covered with a non-slip tile finish. Several companies offer non-slip coatings which are simply washed onto the tiles. The coatings are invisible, do not result in a sticky feeling and can easily be mopped away by the end of service and reapplied the very next day.

6. 5. Hot oil and popcorn spitting from the popcorn maker

It is recommended that in order to reduce the chance of damage from spitting essential oil and popcorn kernels, new protective clothing is introduced. It is suggested that employees making popcorn should be asked to wear protective eyeglasses and apron that may reduce the probability of spits from the popcorn machine from injuring personnel. Methods such as they are already essential conditions over the UK (Joyce 2010).

6. 6. Electricity checking procedures

As part of a standard strategy of risk control, there are a number of general safeguards that needs to be observed when working with electrical power equipment such as computer systems or printers at the front office.

Always turn off and disconnect the computer from the power point before moving it or doing any electrical work on it. Remember, some type of computer carries at rent 240V and needs to be treated with esteem.

Become acquainted with digital equipment before operating or servicing it.

Try to avoid focusing on live equipment but when it is inevitable never work only.

When servicing electro-mechanical equipment never leave it turned on when unattended.

Observe indicators or stickers on computer equipment.

Due to its public aspect, the establishment must maintain disaster system to work with in the event of a power failure. The system includes gasoline-powered generators to provide sufficient ability for lighting computers, corridors and limited elevators service. Frequently this emergency system is computerized. Although in a few instance the staff have to switch the main electric plug. The staff should be informed and prepared for such instances to avoid panicking situation. (Dittmer 2002)

6. 7. Appropriate Emergency Planning

The staff at the BAG OF CHIPS should be trained according to the guidelines of Emergency Planning Committee. The management should ensure that appropriate people are given to specific tasks on each move and their obligations in disaster situations are clarified. (Vehicle der Wagen & Goonetilleke 2004).

7. 0 Conclusion

The Risk Analysis Report has analysed present and potential risks at the Candy Bar of Event Cinema Bondi Junction. It had been found that the premises were encircled by various dangers such as pop-corn machine fires, lack of defensive footwear, tilling in-front of the house-area and Hot essential oil and kernels spitting from the popcorn maker. Due to it's Public nature offering hospitality to a big number of men and women everyday even though the management implemented OH&S plans and techniques for risk prevention. The identified hazards are then "analyzed to establish the exposure for every single risk and determine which risk items are the most important ones to handle. The record also provides effective tips about how to put into practice risk prevention strategies and risk treatments such as establishing a three-day employee-training workshop to ensure worker and customer basic safety at the premises. Also appropriate disaster planning should be put in place relating specific people assigned to specific roles in crisis situations.

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