Roles and Tasks in Structure Project

Task 1. Describe the tasks and responsibilities of all parties mixed up in planning and design phases.


An owner is the individual who is the owner of the job and has full authority to control the complete project. He's mainly involved in the process for aiding the financial matter for the structure project to go through easily. He must pay for fees and charges from the work. Besides, he must work together with architect and other consultants to attain the goal of the development project


Architect monitors the building of the task to assure that building is in accordance with the strategies and specifications prepared by the architect and approved by the dog owner and Contractor. He has to take part in inspection and completion of the building process for the designing and supervising of the building work that your architect has full control of the proceedings.


The person or entity employed by the lending company to independently check and validate that the progress of construction conforms to the programs, specifications and Deal Documents to be able to permit development loan repayments to the service provider. His responsibility is not to the Owner but to the lending company to assure the lending company that the lender is spending money on true construction costs also to assure lender top priority.

Facility Manager

Facility Manager is principally involving in the introduction of master ideas for facilities and properties as well as budget projections for proposed jobs. He frequently will serve as lease managers for the owner's rental properties and is also recharged with tenant relationships. His responsibility might include space planning, utilization studies, and space inventory and allocations. Furthermore, he might maintain charge of trivial capital tasks in the same location as contracted work and services.

Estimating Engineer

Estimating engineer has the responsibility for rates building work in accordance with tender documents and to assist management in their submission of a tender to the client or architect. This consists of a written report on the project at hand and a summary of project details and an email of any things of matter.


The builder's planner is accountable for selecting the most cost and time effective method of carrying out the work, encoding each activities of work in a coordinate order so as to provide continuity of work primary for the builder's businesses establishing labour and flower requirements providing details of site requirements such as staffing and the suggested layout of the site.

Ref > CSI Engineering Contract Administration Practice Guide

Task 2 Describe the functions and responsibilities of most parties mixed up in construction phases.

Project Manager

Project Administrator is the person who gets the responsibility for making certain the Task Team completes the job. The Project Manager develops the Task Plan with the team and manages the team's performance of project tasks. Additionally it is the responsibility of the Task Director to secure popularity and agreement of deliverables from the Project Sponsor and Stakeholders. The Job Manager is accountable for communication, including status reporting, risk management, escalation of issues that cannot be settled in the team, and, in general, ensuring the project is shipped in budget, on program, and within scope.

The Variety Surveyor

The Volume Surveyor supplies the client with advice on building costs and contractual matters throughout the building process, in addition, works as a specialist to the architect. He also supports for the organizing the tender records, receiving and analyzing tenders and organizing the tender record for the client and suggestions for agreement.

Consulting engineer

Consulting engineer is sensible to the architect for the design of certain parts of the project and provide information that will assist the number surveyor along with his financial reporting. He is involved in the work completed by nominated sub-contractor.

Health and Protection Inspector

Health and Basic safety Inspector is employed by medical and safety law enforcement firm to ensure that the building project site has to follow the safeness regulations and codes of practice relating to medical and Safety at Work act are observed on the building sites.

Construction Workers

Construction workers will vary according to their different fields. They can be an extremely special variety of staff member. They own their specific careers, duties and tasks in the structure sites. They need to follow your client to achieve their functions.

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Task 3(a) Describe the corporate and personal duties of all functions in construction.

Construction Company with shareholders is to make up an important decision they have to hold a meeting with associates. For important projects, the companions vote for your choice and the results is completed by the project manager. Project administrator performs an important role in structure business because he's entrusted the purpose of project by the mother board of directors. He has to make small decisions on his own to reach the target and report the outcomes to the plank of director at regular meetings. As for the sole owner, every goals and decisions has to make by himself. And he must do all the work as a director. But the goals and strategies can be improved according to the situation by the dog owner.

(b) Evaluate the differences between these duties.


Owner is the one who owns the whole engineering site and supports money to make his building along with his desire firm. He settles the project completion date which governs the scheduling of work for both designer and contractor. He should arranged priorities for the components that make-up the project.

The Design Organization

The design business assists a design plan of the owner's routine. In the agenda, there is a prioritization of work relative to the owner's needs and should be developed with intensive type from all designers who will have principal functions in the look process.

The Engineering Contractor

The construction company must develop a schedule for many construction activities in accordance with the agreement documents. It should include procurement and delivery of materials to the job, coordination of labor and equipment face to face, and interface the task of all sub-contractors. The objective of the construction program ought to be to effectively manage the task to procedure the very best quality project for the owner. The purpose of construction scheduling should not be to settle disputes related to project work but to manage the project in the most efficient manner.

Project Manager

The role of the task director is the monitoring and controlling the all areas of a project and the determination of all those involved to achieve the project objectives on time also to cost, performance and quality. He also works on behalf of the Client to direct the Design Team and ensure they have the appropriate information and understanding to effectively do the project. Besides, he manages the building team performance of task tasks in line with the Task Plan.


The responsibility of an architect is to prepare structure drawings and specs. Sometimes, he lodges the look software and building warrants in co-ordination with all of those other team. He operates as the first choice of the rest of the design team to the client's requirements design. Furthermore, he will determine client's requirements, arrange site investigations, create the most well-liked solution, develop the design, prepare room data mattress sheets and advice on materials selection, etc.

Structural Engineer

The responsibility of the Structural Engineer is to create the building structure, like the drainage assembly. SE must co-ordinate their design to meet up with the architect's design and present advice to customer on the most appropriate form of structure for the building. Besides, he also facilitates cost advice to the Quantity Surveyor involving to all areas of the building composition.

Services Engineer (Mechanical and Electrical Services)

The responsibility of the assistance engineer is to designate and design all the assistance for mechanised and electrical in line with the client requirements. He must co-ordinate with the Architect and the Structural Engineer to meet up with the customer requirements. Besides, he also facilitates the cost advice to the Quantity Surveyor as necessary to allow cost planning and monitoring. In addition, he provides the advice your client to make best decisions in terms of energy use, sustainability, lifecycle costs and relevant "Green Issues".

The CDM Planner (Health insurance and Safety Adviser)

The role of the CDM Planner is to guide the execution of the CDM rules to your client for the project. Health and Basic safety Adviser co-ordinates the Health & Safety areas of the look work, and co-operate with the other consultants applied on the project. He prepares the Pre-Contract Health and Safety Plan and use all the other consultants to ensure that Protection is on top of the project plan.

Ref > Guide to Procuring Construction Project

Task 4. Discuss the modern technology(computer system) available to designers, organizers and builders

Project management Software

Project management software assists the group project in planning their usual job easier by taking over from the primary team members the drudgery of manual computation, insertion, modification, monitoring, controlling, and change management.

All of the task management software provides the complex dynamics of dependency of situations and activities and arranging of manpower for maximum utilization. Besides, it decides the dispensability for the sake of granting getaway and milestones and deadlines with the maintenance ways. In addition, it continues the an eye on critical way and shifting of criticality and generates the reports on project status for flow automatically.

Photorealistic Rendering

3D/4D model technology can be utilized for marketing purposes by constructor, developer and designer on private tasks or to involve in community on open public task. Specialist in this technology will offer clear pictures for their customers by wing 3D walkthrough short movie clip.

This kind of technology is used to clemonstrate complex geometic that can't be shown by two dimensions technologies. IT performs important role to increase the quality of getting together with between owner and task team since it helps the custom made to mention their idea perfectly.

Cost Estimating

The cost can be approximated by using 3D to create the quality bills. Moreover, it is possible to make an association automatically between 3D and cost estimation. Cost Estimating Software needs to update by the user.

Analyzing Structure Operations

In this technique, 4D and 3D can be employed by project manager to screen the improvement of work at particular time. This technology makes the collection and schedule of project engineering clear. Moreover, it increases the accuracy and reliability of construction businesses and reduces the mistakes.

3D and 4D Model Applications

3D and 4D model is one of the useful technologies that is used in construction as per researchers evaluation within educational or industrial settings. Additionally, these technologies play important role in task construction administration. The starting point for building is to comprehend how to use 3D/4D model technologies respectively.

Task 5(a) Describe the result of technological advancements on the many phases of construction projects.

Nowadays, solutions stand an important rule to help the job in construction assignments. The impact of technology supports to complete the task with low cost, avoid disputes between contractor and owner and without blunders. It also brings about improve the performance of staff member, increase the productivity and improve protection. The impact of systems on communication system will be covered in the study that results on the successful of completing tasks. The technology does not have any limit to avoid and daily new technology brings value to the term in several aspects. It can help to communication between your people in development, make the decision with increasing speed and automating functions.

(b) Analyze the utilization of computer system and the introduction of new materials in the construction projects.

Computer Systems

Computer systems stand as an incidental tool for the development. It supports the look and job management to obtain emphasized numerical computations and the use of pcs will rapidly move to the more prevalent and difficult problems of planning, communication, design and management. Besides, computerized transfer of information helps to avoid laborious and error-prone transcription of job information. Furthermore, CAD produces the drawings of the structure task by automating in drawings. It gives accurate the pulling to the point and saves the designers time.

Global Setting Systems

GPS surveying equipment steps in 3D (X, Y, and Z planes) which make it easy for the surveyor to have accurate measurements for any point of the area. It receives alerts from Gps unit satellites in conditions of longitude, latitude, and elevation (from sea level) along with some other information to give exact measurements. By using the Gps navigation, labor intensive can be reduced in terms of field strategies. GPS isn't only useful in surveying but also in setting up of the gear cutting blades and buckets for the right angel to lower and complete the businesses.

Total Station

A Total Train station is a light-weight tool, integrating the technology of an electronic or digital theodolite, an electric distance calculating device and a microprocessor in the same device. It can be used for distance and angular dimension, data control, digital screen of point details and data storage space in an electronic digital field booklet. The digital panel displays the distances, angles, levels and the coordinates of the recognized area. A microprocessor can be applied corrections for the Earth's curvature and refraction automatically.

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