The Role Of Amount Surveyor Engineering Essay

The name quantity surveyor conjures up a number of different images in people's imaginations. For a few, the term number surveyor can be an outmoded name from the past. It certainly no longer accurately describes the duties that are performed. When the word was first applied to the profession, the work of the Q. S. was vastly different to that now being completed and anticipated in the twenty-first century.

A Variety Surveyor (QS) is a professional which is essentially structure accountant who manages the financial costs and deals within structure industry. A Amount Surveyor is involved with four main areas of work in construction industry that are building work such as residential housing and professional developments, building engineering services such as lift services and more where primary cost sums should be contained in the bills of amounts, civil executive such as infrastructure construction tasks, and heavy and commercial engineering such as onshore and just offshore oil and gas and petrol-chemicals. (Yeaw, 2008)

Quantity surveyors deal with an amazing array of people including clients, architects, design engineers, construction managers, engineers, planners, estimators, dealer, lawyers and purchasers. As building work increased in amount and complexity, there are a great number of sectors accepted the benefit of using and independent volume surveyor to prepare an accurate bill of volumes, and strategy and value any variant during the improvement of work. (Seeley, 1997)

Today, amount surveyors are also being appointed as a project manager to take control of the task from inception to completion and to coordinate the task of the design team and the main service provider and subcontractor. (Seeley, 1997) They can find employment in a variety of areas such as property surveys for hidden defects with respect to potential purchasers, working estates, valuing the mineral deposits for mining companies, advertising property and even Leasehold Reform Action work.

The roles of Quantity Surveyor will change depending on his role either within the client's consultant or the builder.

Role of Private or Consumer Quantity Surveyor

The Volume Surveyor who works in private or open public sector is an important member of the design team. The role of QS includes:

Preliminary Cost Advise

The QS is an expert in expense appraisal. He/She provides useful advice on the likely cost of the scheme from the inception of a fresh job. Besides that, he also advises on the comparative costs of different layouts, materials, components and methods of construction.

Cost Planning through the design stage

The QS will make a practical budget and an expense plan exhibiting the distribution of cost for each and every element once the employer's brief is done. (Seeley, 1997)

Cost planning during the design stage of the project is to guarantee the client obtain the best possible value of his money including added value to his property advantage, preferably having respect to total costs using life pattern costing technique so that the costs are allocated in the most sensible way and the contract sum is maintained within the client's budget. Approximate estimation of the original costs of building are prepared using feasibility or conceptual estimating which are single price ways of estimating. (Seeley and Winfield, 1999)

When the budget and cost plan were appropriate to your client then the design originated by the architect.

Procurement Advice

The QS in design team has a duty to advice your client on the most likely form of building procurement based on the type of project, quality of building, speed of engineering, apportionment of risk and price certainty. (Seeley and Winfield, 1999)

There are amounts of procurement methods using in UK. For instance, traditional method is to discuss tenders with a single service provider and 'design and build' method is where in fact the contractor undertakes the whole job of design and building. (Seeley, 1997)

Documents Preparation (Tender and Expenses of Amounts)

The QS will need to prepare tender doc in the tendering stage and Costs of Volumes is a part of tender document. Dimension and quantification must provide a complete Bill of Quantities. (BQ) BQ translates the drawings, schedules and specification records made by designers into a record listing in detail all the components parts required for the job to allow all contractors to assess his sensitive prices in same quantities. (Seeley, 1997)

Selection of Contractor

The QS provides frank, acoustics and sensible advice on builder selection. QS will predicated on the industrial relations record, past performance in reaching standard, time concentrate on and the grade of management and then make advice to the workplace on the make up of the selection list. (Seeley, 1997)


During tendering, the private or open public QS will analysis of tenders and negotiate rates with contractors. Sometimes, QS will choose two of the greatest contractors and ask them price for the task again with special discounts.

Valuing work

The service provider is paid monthly in most development agreements. QS will value the work carried out each month based on the report of Clerk of Works and contractor's QS and then making advice as to repayment to be made to the company including advising on the financial aftereffect of variance or receipt of instructions from the architect. (Seeley, 1997)

Settlement of contractual claim

QS will make interim certificate to company every month predicated on the negotiate accepted statements with the contractor's QS.

Financial Statement

A QS prepares financial statement to employer during the building period and advice the workplace on anticipated liability for payment, supplying dates and amounts.

Preparation of Last Account

At the completion of the contract works, QS should prepare the ultimate account for the complete project and consent details and totals with the contractor's Number Surveyor.

Role of Contractor's Quantity Surveyor

The Volume Surveyors work in contractor's company and can be an important member of the engineering team. The duties of QS will change in line with the size of the organization. For smaller businesses, the jobs are tending to become more very large in opportunity. However, the roles are maintaining be more specified for large organizations. (Seeley and Winfield, 1999)It includes:

Preparation of Charges of Quantities

Commencing of any project, contractor's QS should put together BQ with appropriate dimension and estimating and then insert prices into the tender file which is provided by private or general population QS.

There are two types of agreement document which are lump sum agreement and BQ contract. Lump sum agreement is the contract document includes a BQ without volumes. So, the QS should do his own measurement predicated on the drawings and then come out with accurate quantities. BQ deal means the agreement doc comprise BQ with amounts. So, the QS simply need to do rates for those documents.

Cost Planning during the construction stage

Seeley (1997, pg63) wrote that "Cost planning is a specialist technique employed by the quantity surveyor. " It is employed to help all the participants of construction team to keep works within the budget. Once a realistic estimate is decided and everything follow relative to it, effective cost planning will ensure over-budget won't take place in the task from the successful contractor's sensitive to final job cost.

Constant monitoring of the price planning will reduce the risk of overspending at an early stage and prompt corrective action can be studied. Cost planning increases the better value of money.

The contractor's QS will try to secure maximum payment for the work done at the earliest possible time for you to avoid any possible cashflow problems. (Seeley, 1997) He will prepare cost ideas that list down all the expenditures through to the project's completion.


Contractor's QS is accountable to regulate the engineering cost during construction stage. To enhance the better value of money and keep maintaining the grade of the building, he'll negotiate the material price, machinery cost and labour cost with the provider and turn out with a most acceptable price and quality statement. Sometimes, he also needs to negotiate with the client's QS for the variation order and payment issue.

Comparison of cost

QS should gather information about the expense of various operations in order to give a better value of money and offer information for the company to prepare future estimates. He will do the comparison of the price of alternative ways of undertaking various operations so the most economical process can be implemented.

(Seeley, 1997)

Documents Preparation (Sub-contract and achieving report)

Preparation of the BQ for the sub-contract is performed by contractor's QS when a few of works are substituted to another specialist. QS will make a lump sum agreement or BQ deal bottom on the opportunity of work of the sub-contractor. Inside the sub-contract, QS will point out the contract sum, commencing date, completion date, range of work and etc.

Besides that, QS also have to prepare site conference report prior to the site meeting. He'll get a letter which state the time frame of site appointment one week before the assembly. The frequency of site reaching is depended on the architect. Normally, it is twice a month. The meeting article includes the task brief, contract information, doc register, quality article, work progress chart and improvement photos.

Making program to the architect or engineer for variant order

The QS requires assessing the price of choice designs of temporary works and other procedures in order to get ready cost and value reconciliations for internal purposes and forecast trends. He also makes request to the architect for deviation orders if drawings or site instructions vary the task and the agreeing the value of variations with client's QS. (Seeley, 1997)

Interim valuation and payments

QS will make interim costing to client's QS so that the contractor can ascertain of his financial position and make appropriate action used when necessary. (Seeley, 1997)

Contractor's QS is responsible for caring for the financial interest of the contractor and work in conjunction with private practice on the preparation of interim payments. (Ashworth and Hogg, 2007)

Final profile preparation

QS will assembling data for the final account from the start of the deal to ensure that it will be completed in every its aspects and to give the contractor his proper entitlement under the deal. (Seeley, 1997)

Other roles of Number Surveyor

Ashworth and Hogg (2007, pg9) write "In response to the actual demise of bills of quantities, number surveyors commenced exploring new potential roles for their services. " The evolved roles of Volume Surveyor are:

Whole life costing

The so this means of very existence costing is identified by the Ashworth and Hogg who refer to the "Construction Best Practice Programme 1998" (2007, pg146) write that "the systematic consideration of most relevant costs and revenues from the acquisition and ownership of a secured asset". All of the costs associated with various options for a project are added alongside one another to represent a complete cost. Future costs are discounted to a present day value.

The QS provides the expereince of living costing to the clients based on the original cost such as design and engineering costs and future cost such as rental and maintenance cost to provide an emphasis on a whole or total cost procedure undertaken during the acquisition of a capital cost task or asset alternatively than merely focusing on the initial capital costs together.

(Ashworth and Hogg, 2007)

Value Management

Value management is a specialist area. It's important to the success of jobs in providing the foundation for improving value for money in building. Clients are generally wanted top quality structures at lower prices and that have been produced more quickly.

QS requires in value management will examine a strategic problem that a company may face before the decision to build a building. He also uses the worthiness management knowledge to secure a reduction in engineering costs.

(Ashworth and Hogg, 2007)

Risk Analysis

Nowadays, almost all of the dedicated project manager has a variety surveying qualifications. Amongst all client advisors, QS is the most suited and encouraged toward the management of risk.

Sometimes, risk may impact an estimate. So, the QS should assess the possibility and scope of the result. The QS developed the risk research to control the occurrence and impact of risk factors and clients with better information upon which to make decision.

(Ashworth and Hogg, 2007)

Expert witness

The QS can also become an arbitrator nowadays. He often called upon to do something as expert witness according of a wide variety of building disputes credited to he gets the knowledge of the building deal. As a specialist witness, the QS need to produce a proof of proof covering all his planned evidence.

(Seeley, 1997)


The traditional roles of Quantity Surveyor can be categorized into private or general population Quantity Surveyor and contractor's Number Surveyor. The stand below shows the summation of the roles of Amount Surveyor in different working industries.

Private or General population Quantity Surveyor

Contractor's Volume Surveyor

Provide preliminary cost advise

Prepare Charges of Volumes during tendering

Prepare cost planning through the design stage

Prepare cost planning during the construction stage

Advice customer for different procurement method

Prepare tender report and Expenses of Quantities

Prepare sub-contract and appointment report

Select the best builder to do the work

Negotiate the rates rate with the contractor

Negotiate the material price and development cost with the supplier and the sub-contractor

Value the task done by contractor

Compare the price provided by distributor and sub-contractor.

Settlement of contractual claim

Make program to the architect or engineer for variance order

Prepare financial statement

Prepare interim valuation and payment

Prepare final Account

Prepare last account

Nowadays, the benefits of computerised systems for preparing BQ makes Volume Surveyor's routines become very nervous. The traditional roles of Quantity Surveyor aren't enough for QS to make it through in construction industry since it is now to dominate by technology. So, in these few years, QS are trying to evolve their roles in development industry. They become project managers, value managers, expert witness to provide very existence charging, value management, risk examination, a prove of evidence in building disputes etc to employers.

The QS still have a great deal of development spaces in construction industry. It'll never be finished up and substituted by others. As QS in the foreseeable future, I won't be concerned about the unemployment because it seems to be good in the economical turmoil at 2007. I usually assume that QS job is a "Quite Smart" job in the development industry and has a good future.

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