Illegal Immigrants Menace To Malaysian Security Criminology Essay

Malaysias economy expanded rapidly in recent years. Giant development jobs run smoothly. Because of this, there is a variety of employment opportunities and labor lack problems. Malaysia is among 10 countries posted as the most notable company of foreigners on the planet. Nowadays, we can meet with foreign employees from Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, India and China who will work in a variety of low-paying sectors such as laborers, manufacturer personnel and maids. The number of foreign employees in this country totaled to 1 1. 85 million people with Indonesia immigrants of 1 1. 2 million people accompanied by Nepal of 200, 000 people. All of them include those from Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and countries in Africa. The problem of unlawful immigrants is accepted in many growing countries and also in developed countries like the United Condition (U. S. ) and Australia. U. S. for example, is responding to the crisis of illegitimate immigrants of 12 million people without valid documents. Congress has approved legislation that outlines three key steps to handle the problem of unlawful immigrants: Repatriation of these local country, the structure of large-scale fence across the border of the United States and Mexico to obstruct the access and also more severe criminal penalties on employers who employ the service of them. Relating to economic experts, the U. S. current economic climate would be crippled if the law is enforced because the majority of workers are focused in the agricultural sector and the building of the immigrants. A recent study conducted by the North american National Bureau of Plantation demonstrates actions against against the law immigrants could have resulted in a reduction in the country's agricultural creation from $ 5 to U. S. $ 9 billion over the next three years and could reach U. S. $ 12 billion over another four years.

These foreign workers seek employments in countries with a lot of economic opportunities, particularly structure, farming, and business services. Foreign personnel could be grouped into two category; who emerged legally and against the law immigrants.


The kind of work for employees who come officially are generally determined for them, who their employer is, their host to house and has experienced various procedures to meet the qualifications as a worker. They may be then given a work permit which identify the length of time of their work in this country. This sort of category of employees has valid travel documents, free from contagious diseases, has a valid occupation contract and will not bring many problems to the general public. Employers are also more prone to provide shelter, food and medical services.


Immigrants who do not go through the same operations as the first category. In addition they don't have valid travel documents, has a high threat of infectious diseases such as TB (tuberculosis) and easily exploitable. Authorities have to carry the price tag on arrest and delivery of against the law immigrants with their home countries, since they were caught for various immigration violations and unlawful charges. The cases are more complicated as the image of negative implications on the united states of source of immigrants.


Malaysia has become the focus of foreign immigrants who want to seek profitable income. But the entry of unlawful immigrants has caused many problems. General public concern is not new immigrants. It comes up because of the negative conception of the country's society of the group is often associated with various communal problems. But dont worry it is not fundamentally.

During the olden days, in the villages, the existence of against the law immigrants especially Indonesian immigrants are said to contribute to the occurrence of loss of property and burglary. On the other hand, Bangladesh immigrants cause parents and husbands to dread for the safety with their daughters and wives who could easily get tangled in a love affair. The primary problem is the difficulty faced by the government to curb the entry of these illegitimate immigrants. Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN), the authorities and the Immigration Office have work hard to apprehend them. These are arrested and put in momentary detention camp. The entrance of immigrants, especially those without licenses triggers housing problems. They'll establish a home area illegally. Some migrant organizations also open up forest areas as casing areas. These slum areas are not arranged and lack basic services such as waste products disposal systems and wastewater. Thus, environmental air pollution will occur. Furthermore, the introduction of our country will be futile due to the emergence of the squatters. The image of our own country will be afflicted as this reflects the weakness of the federal government administration and distribution of economical imbalance. Gleam rich section of illegal settlements, complete with electricity, and water.

The right of the individuals in Malaysia will be affected. Employers prefer to hire illegitimate immigrants in the plantation sector, structure, and domestic helpers because their earnings are much lower. This would influence the occupations of our citizens even though not a lot are interested in this job. Furthermore, many of them engage in the business enterprise, such as food stalls, providing jewelry, decorative equipment and lighting, batik plus more. In fact, a few of them have become abundant, have large abode without paying large income tax. At the same time when our money dropped in value tremendously, the occupations become slim; this is unfair to the citizen of Malaysia.

The presence of those who is called unlawful immigrants do not only reside in the country's 'platinum mine' to find their income, but also harbor a variety of social problems, criminal offense and health and also other descendants in Malaysia. The problem of illegal immigrants is accepted in many producing countries as well as developed countries like U. S. and Australia. For example, laws has been applied in the U. S. , however, this regulation has many great opposition from those who fight for the protection under the law of this group. Demonstrations including thousands of tribes that support illegal immigrants on the very first of May that they called as "Each day without unlawful immigrants was associated with the owners of companies that are mainly unlawful immigrant labor. Owner of this great company says that the role of illegitimate immigrants should be regarded for their efforts in the U. S. current economic climate.


The same circumstance is also going on in this country, a complete of 2. 4 million reported (including unlawful immigrants) are now focused on the most important sectors in generating economic development; plantations, engineering and manufacturing. Visualize the impact that would be borne by the country's current economic climate if international labor is recinded suddenly out of the three industries?

We notice that the upsurge in crime rates lately is related to the influx of against the law immigrants. However, it isn't easily resolved, as most people think. As typical, the turmoil lifted involving illegal immigrants is due to the attitude of our own people. Few among us who are willing to do what's done by these overseas workers.

In the plantation sector, for example, hardly any of us who are prepared to sweating profusely under the hot sunshine set alongside the foreign employees. Even in the development sector, creators are complaining because of the lack of local individuals. In fact, the us government doesn't have much choice in inhibiting offense by illegitimate immigrants. In the end, hiring overseas labor is cheaper than domestic labor.

Sometimes the attitude of employers who would like a big income also plays a part in this problem. For example, the function of utilizing 1, 700 employees who possessed completed their work enables by the glove manufacturers who are listed on the Main Board of Bursa Malaysia's, which is Top Glove Corporation Bhd. There's a probability that we now have many more employers involved with such activities, but cannot be recognized by the government bodies.

In addressing the challenge of offense by illegal immigrants, the methods to be studied shouldn't be harmful to any party. We need to recognize that the services of international workers are had a need to generate our economy. What you can do now is to restrict the admittance of new immigrants, and at the same time ensure that existing illegitimate immigrants have legal status.

If the increasing crime rate is said to be linked to an influx of immigrants, other than to obstruct them in detention, a more drastic measure needs to be taken in the long run.

Research in Australia (a country which is flooded by immigrants from Asia) found that there is no increase in criminal offense rates associated with this group. This is contrary to past boasts that the incidence of criminal offenses in the country is due to Asian immigrants. The analysis found that contrary to the frame of mind of local residents to view with suspicion, resentment and dread (xenophobia) against Asian immigrants that contribute to crime. As a result of the attitudes of local residents who won't accept them in society, these immigrants feel isolated, frustrated then vent their anger by doing unlawful acts against the neighborhood populace. Thus, Australia's migrant offense involving the open public is more than a criminal offense against property. The analysis of the occurrence of offense and illegitimate immigrants in this country is to lessen negative perceptions and xenophobia against them and be more prudent to simply accept them in population.


Some of the against the law immigrants are scammers who are needed by the authorities in their house countries. They fled to Malaysia to flee the invasion of their house country authorities. Alas, they continue steadily to commit offences here. Circumstances of robbery, murder, and rape often take place. Trauma victims will have to bear it all enough time. Even some of the property areas are broken into every evening for a long period of your energy. This cause the neighborhood residents live in fear. A unlawful circumstance such as Indonesian individuals shot dead during a law enforcement raid is not different anymore.

In fact, we'd to deploy troops to Semporna, Sabah, to face the Filipino pirates who use sophisticated weapons to commit robbery in wide-ranging daylight. Sights for lucrative income in Malaysia will lure international workers to have the necessary actions to get here, whether it is legal or not. Some use "ant-lane" on the border for national security, cheat educational studies goes by, using a non permanent visit goes by and marry local citizens.

There are multiple reasons why a great deal of criminal instances involving foreign personnel. Among them were financial troubles. Living in a major city with a small income is a burden. It is not wrong if we expect that immigrants who are eager to get rich quickly without considering sin and the difficulties experienced by victims. Fighting among cultural groups from the same countries also happen anticipated to discontent and revenge. Sometimes little things can result in death, exactly like what happened recently where an immigrant passed on because fighting to find yourself in a toilet. This specific incident involved staff from Myanmar.

Demand in critical industries such as structure and farming is a explanation depends upon the extreme aspect of the building workforce. Immigrants total about 600, 000 people can only just give responses and negative open public perceptions of administration. Government initiatives, such as forgiveness, whipping and freezing of new recruitment of international workers never have prevented more against the law immigrants to produce a moving into this country.

In fact, a growing number of international workers, specifically immigrants who arrived to Malaysia show that there surely is failing of reduction and control program to suppress this problem. Brains agencies involved with enforcement actions never have been able to provide answers to reduce the existence of the immigrants. Do we have to await the influx of foreign staff and immigrants to generate chaos and get spread around diseases before finding a solution? Or is this phenomenon a side-effect before we turn into a fully developed country by 2020?

Similarly, situations of minor offences such as fraud, robbery, rape, take, proximity and adultery tend to be noticed. These additional activities have been troubling the harmony of Malaysian culture and motivate a little number of them to join alongside one another to accomplish a criminal offense. In Kedah, for example, a husband and wife imprisoned for conspiracy because these were helping a group of immigrants from Kuala Lumpur to commit offences, housebreaking and robbery. The consequence of these robberies and works are equally allocated and continue to repeat from time to time until they can be arrested.


Foreign embassies are not totally cooperating. Foreign embassies refuse to issue non permanent travel documents to people so they can be repaid. International embassies are also hesitant to finance the price of repatriation. A lot of energy, money, and time are thrown away in the government's work to avoid the access of illegal immigrants.

Some of those who've been employed in this country are recognized to take work at home opportunities from local people. These conditions give a go up to dissatisfaction of residents who cannot await authorities to research and to take action, whether it is merely a caution or thrashing the immigrants. Obviously, they have grounds such as no permit, troubling the local entrepreneurs who've business licenses and the sanitation of the food provided is not satisfactory. Eventually more international personnel and immigrants exposed their own village, send their children to authorities schools, using administration health services and creating new slum areas.

Infectious diseases will be distributed widely. Illegal international employees will be at the mercy of medical assessment. Instead, against the law immigrants do not do it. Many of them originated from rural areas in their home countries. Their health is less guaranteed. Some of them suffer from Helps, tuberculosis, venereal diseases, and so forth. Because of this, our people could be their victims. Statistics show that the number of people suffering from tuberculosis increased again. Many unlawful immigrants are located to be service providers of HIV and hepatitis virus. Their sexual human relationships with the neighborhood prostitutes will accelerate AIDS infections.


To solve interpersonal problems posed by the Immigrants and foreign workers involves co-operation of three parties, namely the federal government, private areas and the public. Listed below are the field, obligations and tasks

a. Federal government. As the past organization, guards and applying policy has an enormous role to guarantee the full addition of Immigrants barred. Government has the capacity to form and control laws and regulations but poor in implementation. Even though there are many avoidance programs being put in place, such as bleaching and amnesty programs, there a wide range of illegal immigrants still smuggling into this country. Enforcement companies have to work hard to curb the inflow of immigrants from all entrances to ensure nobody enters the country illegally.

b. Private sector. In charge of ensuring their workers are involved in the engineering and plantation areas have valid work permits and also to give concern of local personnel. If they ignore the legitimate passions of workers, the occurrence of the employer who received TB can be avoided. This event shows those who want to get cheap labor without a medical assessment, a migrant can propagate the disease silently.

c. Population and company. Society provides information also to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to assist in the eradication businesses every once in awhile. They should not think exactly what will be rewarded if indeed they cooperate because the duty of combating against the law immigration is also a part of their responsibility. The assistance of the workplace is required to assist the federal government for the common good. The government bodies should have a thorough database system of immigrants in this country. Migrants sent home to their home countries may reduce some criminal charges, but this move is bad for economic progress. Unless people in this country who are still unemployed fulfill this place.


The entrance of foreign employees in to the country is a global trend in todays era of the borderless world. We cannot prevent the entry of foreign employees because of their attractive offer such as cheap labor and the skills they possess. However, to curb the entrance of foreign staff who do not need to join up is a big challenge for us because they can bring about more serious cultural problems in the future. The three celebrations, namely the federal government, the private areas and the general public should collaborate and discover solutions such as recognition programs to enable the grassroots and at the same time increasing the role of police firms so that Malaysia is free from illegitimate immigrants.

Flood and overflow of unlawful immigrants is a common thing now. We as people of Malaysia should miss the atmosphere of the early 1980s when it's difficult for us to see any illegitimate immigrants. As a Malaysian we should reaffirm the soul of solidarity to protect our country from invasion no matter whether it is explicit or implicit.

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